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2. 1. A belief in what urban legend is said to have been strengthened by the first four shows, and then to have been destroyed by the next two? 3. SAFETY 4. The Seinfeld curse 5. 2. What is being decimated? 6. SAFETY 7. The Bamiyan Buddhas 8. 3. X is an annual day started by a club representing a minority in 1992; the club itself was founded in 1990. According to the club, one of the most commonly held events on the particular day (13th August) are sporting contests between members of the minority and its complementary majority. The ones who celebrate X are often said to have produced above-average intelligence and more success than the aforementioned complementary group. Id X. (Depending on who all are present, this could be a dedication question) 9. SAFETY 10. International left-handers day 11. 4. The eminently quotable Brian Clough onwhom: X is a handsome young man but he spends too much time looking in his mirror rather than at the ball. You cant keep goal with ____ like that. 12. SAFETY 13. David Seaman 14. 5. Thomas Lamb, based in New York, drew up plans for it in 1934 and it was inaugurated in 1935. It was built in the Art Deco style. According to its website, the first film screened here was Way of the West. When purported plans to convert it into a multiplex was announced around 1.5 years earlier, a newspaper report stated thus: This, for many, is yet another instance of the citys total indifference to its cultural heritage about which it never fails to boast. Many have stated that the heritage value of this establishment is augmented because of its hallowed location. Identify the theatre. 15. SAFETY 16. Metro Cinema 17. 6. X died in 1440 at the age of 35. X is of interest to some because of being considered as one of the earliest documented serial killers, thought to have been interested in children of both sexes. However, X is mostly renowned for two things; he was Ys famous companion-in-arms, and he is said to have inspired a famous fairytale Z that has been reproduced massively since it was first published. Id Y and Z. 18. SAFETY 19. Y- Joan of Arc Z- Bluebeard 20. 7. It took place in Bahawalpur on 17th August, 1988. It was officially announced by Ghulam Ishaq Khan. Mossad, the KGB, the CIA and plotting military generals have often been accused of being involved in it. Further research and investigations have proved largely inconclusive. It was beautifully fictionalised in Mohammed Hanifs 2008 book A Case of Exploding Mangoes. What is being talked about? 21. SAFETY 22. The death of Zia-Ul-Haq 23. 8. Connect to a song 24. SAFETY 25. Tomake Chai by Kabir Suman 26. 9. X is often considered the concerned countrys national dish by foreigners, but the people from the country merely consider it a local dish. Seafood and mixed are two of the three major kinds of X. X is generally thought to have originated from the Lake Albufera region to the countrys east. Biriyani, Risotto and Jambalaya are often considered similar dishes. Xs name derives from the Old French word for a pan. Saffron and olive oil are key ingredients of X. Id X. 27. SAFETY 28. Paella 29. 10. Criticism directed at which novel: Rushdie: A novel so bad that it gives bad novels a bad name. Fry: arse gravy of the worst kind King: Jokes for the John Eco (in reference to the author): I suspect XY might not even exist 30. SAFETY 31. The Da Vinci Code 32. 11. What is being advertised here? 33. SAFETY 34. The cricket match at the 1900 Paris Olympics between France and England 35. 12. 2013 print ad by? 36. SAFETY 37. IKEA 38. 13. Jonathan Briley and Norberto Hernandez have been suggested as possibilities as to the identity of X. X, a since immortalised work of art, was the handiwork of Richard Drew. Don DeLillos brilliant 2007 novel of nearly the same name is the most famous pop cultural representation of X, albeit DeLillos claims of not having known Xs title while writing the book. X has often been noted for its disturbing nature. A chilling quote about X from a concerned documentary goes: I hope we're not trying to figure out who he is and more figure out who we are through watching that. id X. 39. SAFETY 40. The Falling Man 41. 14. Minimalist poster for? 42. SAFETY 43. Hera Pheri 44. 15. This person became chief minister of his state for a second time in 2012. He achieved something rather unique upon having succeeded to the CMs post for the first time in 2000. He was the only one in his category till he was emulated very recently. For full points, id the person above/the concerned state and the one who emulated him. 45. SAFETY 46. Manohar Parikkar, the chief minister of Goa. He was recently emulated by Arvind Kejriwal; the two are the only two Indian chief ministers to have been IIT alumni. 47. 16. For whom is this table in Holsten's Brookdale Confectionery, an ice cream and candy shop, permanently reserved? 48. SAFETY 49. Tony Soprano 50. 17. The creators of which famous work of art were taken to task over the illegal use of an animal, as per the Wildlife Protection Act, in 1995, among other things? 51. SAFETY 52. The infamous Tuff ad 53. 18. The above is a parody of a scene from which iconic movie from the British sitcom Spaced? 54. SAFETY 55. Taxi Driver 56. 19. What is this the flag of? 57. SAFETY 58. Kosovo 59. 20. The map shows (Hint: Somebody died at the age of 74 in 1953) 60. SAFETY 61. People imprisoned in gulags by Stalin 62. 21. This person, who died in 1417, was inadvertently in the news around 11 months earlier because of a controversial decision. Put funda. 63. SAFETY 64. Gregory XII was the last pope to have resigned before Benedict XVI. 65. 22. Identify the movie and what the old guy is extraordinarily quoting. 66. SAFETY 67. Udaan and Break On Through by the Doors 68. 23. Which often used word was formed by Ben Jonson by joining two Greek roots meaning again and direction? 69. SAFETY 70. Palindrome 71. 24. It began under the name Dyer Breweries, assuming its current name in 1855. Lion Beer was one of its most famous early brands. Its website states that it is a multi-faceted business house with a turnover exceeding INR 400 croresstands for growth, innovation and care. It is also into glass, breakfast cereal and mineral water. For full points, identify both the brand and the concerned flagship product. 72. SAFETY 73. Mohan Meakin and Old Monk 74. 25. Identify this person at Trinity College, Cambridge. 75. SAFETY 76. Srinivasa Ramanujan 77. 26. Minimalist poster for which fabulous movie? 78. SAFETY 79. Jab We Met

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