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  1. 1. Trunk of Toxins Based on the market and industrydomains at the macro and micro level, ourboutique is feasible.Kailey AndersonNancy GonzalesMathew HarperAmanda Meeker
  2. 2. Macro-Market AttractivenessThis is a business venture for a diy rockabilly fashionboutique. It will carry alternative and pin-up apparel andcustom clothing along with edgy accessories. It has thepotential to be a huge chain store, but in the beginningthere will only be one store in order to see if itsworth expanding.Currently the sales per establishment in the womensclothing industry is 270,000 and it is projectedto grow 1.4% in 2012.In the year 2011, it was reported that there are 1,538boutiques with 1-4 employees. They are projected to growto 1,561 employees in 2012.
  3. 3. Macro-Industry AttractivenessIs it easy for companies to enter the retail clothing industry? It can be difficult for independent retailersa) Retail corporations have more market powerb) Chain stores have more ability to establish favorable supply contractsc) Vertical structure and centralized buying gives chain stores a competitive advantage
  4. 4. Micro-Market Target Segment BenefitsTarget market:Women between the agesof 16 to 30 who love rockmusic and pin-up stylesof clothing and accessories.Benefits to Customer:physical locationre-vamped specialty clothingBenefits to related industries:Our clothing ties into the punk, metal,and alternative scene. Therefore album salesand ticket sales have the potential to increase.Our physical location will helponline independent stores thatalso sell this type of clothing.
  5. 5. Micro-Industry Sustainable AdvantageOver the long term: Our company will dedicate resources to recruit, select, and trainour employees. We will select people who are passionate and knowledgeableabout the fashion and music industry. Our employees must be highly creative and possess uniqueskills such as sewing.