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Diablo 3 Advanced Strategy Guide, Diablo 3 Strategy Guide

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  • Diablo 3 Advanced Strategy GuideSeparate Builds for Bosses and Leveling ___________________ 3Adjusting to More Powerful Elite Enemies __________________ 4 Nightmare _________________________________________ 5 Hell ______________________________________________ 5Inferno ____________________________________________ 6 What to Expect _____________________________________ 6 The Different Acts ___________________________________ 7 Preparation ________________________________________ 7 Progression ________________________________________ 7 Understanding Nephalem Valor ________________________ 8 Farming Mechanics __________________________________ 8 Four Affixes ________________________________________ 9Boss Guide __________________________________________ 9 Diablo ___________________________________________ 15
  • The lower levels of Diablo 3 are pretty straightforward. With little to no knowledgeyou should be able to make your way through the normal part of the game andyou could probably even manage Nightmare with a little bit of skill testing andpractice. The real challenge starts when you make your way to Hell and itescalates dramatically from there to Inferno.Understanding what you have to do to be successful in those higher leveldifficulties will help you make it to the top levels and help guide you through thegame smoothly. While this guide isnt going to cover every aspect of the game, itwill teach you plenty of the advanced techniques that you should know about ifyou plan on playing the later levels of the game.When you make it to the end of the game it pays to know how to beat the InfernoBosses effectively, and understanding the more complex farming mechanics ofInferno will help you make the gold that you need to advance your characterthrough the last leg of the game. On top of that, understanding how to be flexibleas you play the game is going to help you handle any of the elite bosses that youencounter, because they become very challenging at the later levels (even moreso than the bosses).Separate Builds for Bosses and LevelingOne of the most important steps that you have to take as you make the transitionfrom a green player to a seasoned veteran is to get separate builds for bossesand leveling. Enemies outside of boss battles and bosses themselves representvery different fights, so it only makes sense that you should be approaching themdifferently.Your build while you are working through the quest line and fighting regular andelite enemies should focus more on area of effect damage and ways tomanipulate crowds of enemies. You will almost always be killing larger groups ofenemies, and the more effective you are at this the faster you will level up.While you are in a boss battle you have to think a lot more about how you aregoing to do a high amount of single target damage, and avoid his particular
  • special moves. This means that you should have at least one powerful attack thatis meant for a single target, and plenty of defense or evasion abilities.With your two separate builds you can switch from one to the other when youswitch to and from boss battles and you will be a much more effective playerbecause of it.Note Its important to note that you wont be able to have separate builds forbosses and normal groups of enemies when you make it to Inferno because ofthe Nephalem Valor buff (explained below). Instead you will have to come upwith a hybrid build that is going to be effective with both bosses and everyoneelse.That doesnt mean that you shouldnt take advantage of being able to have twodifferent builds up until that point, because the flexibility will make the game quitea bit easier to get through.Adjusting to More Powerful Elite EnemiesAs you progress through the game you will have to account for more powerfulelite enemies even more so than the bosses in the game. Surprising as it maybe, there are many instances where the elites are harder to kill than the bosses.With each new difficulty level you need to rethink how you are going to handlethe elites because they get a huge boost.More Affixes with each new difficultyAs you get to the new difficulty levels one of the first things you will notice is thatthe elites have more affixes than they did before. This can lead to some seriouslydevastating combinations that will make the game much more challenging than itwas on the first difficulty. The affixes are basically the little words underneath thename of the elite enemy that describes what special moves it has. An enemy withthe Waller affix will lock you into place with randomly spawning dirt walls. Thiscan lead to serious problems if you are a ranged class. The Mortar affix gives theelite enemy the ability to lob explosives directly at you and generate someserious damage.
  • When you get more than one of these abilities together you have to figure outhow to deal with the combination which can be pretty challenging.On top of gaining more than one special ability, they are smarter, they work moreto gang up on you and they are more aggressive than before meaning that youcant just run away from them and hope to survive that way. Even with a highamount of armor you are going to take more damage than before, if a single hittook away half your life in the last difficult there is a good chance that it will nearlykill you now.With each new difficulty you have to refine your play style a little more and reallythink about how you are going to handle the new obstacles being placed in frontof you.NightmareNightmare isnt much more difficult than Normal, but you will notice that it doesnttake as long for you to die if you play recklessly. Instead of being able to runheadlong into rooms without considering what will happen, you have to take yourtime a little bit more and plan out your attacks before you rush into things.The enemies do a noticeably higher amount of damage and the elite enemieshave two affixes instead of one. That means that they have two special abilitiesand you will start to run into a few combinations that are pretty dangerous, suchas mortar and wall together.In order to get ready for Nightmare you should buy a new set of gear when youmake it to the new difficulty. Other than updating your gear you just have to be alittle more cautious than you were before and you will probably have to go backthrough and repeat a few of the boss fights because you probably wont downthem all in the first try.HellThe transition from Nightmare to Hell is just as noticeable as from Normal toNightmare. The enemies were just starting to be able to kill you in Nightmare, inHell they will drop you pretty quickly. There are going to be more enemies out
  • there that will kill you in a single hit. The best way to get ready for Hell is to getthe best gear you can and start focusing on defensive skills and abilities more.While you could get away with an offensive build before, in Hell you will die muchquicker, so it only makes sense to do whatever you can to make yourself harderto kill. That means getting some shields and mobility abilities such as Teleportand Diamond Skin.You also need to think about getting resistances and vitality more than you did inthe past. The more vitality you have, the less likely that you will be killed with asingle hit. The same goes for resistance, and resistance will really help with theboss fights.Three AffixesOne of the things youll notice the most is that the elites have three affixes now.That means that nearly every pack that you run into will have an ability that isdifficult for you to handle. When they get a few different difficult abilities you willhave a very hard fight on your hands and will probably be killed very quickly.Change your skills around for specific purposes and do whatever it takes to stayalive in the more difficult level.InfernoWhat to ExpectInferno is what many of the Diablo 3 players are working toward, because itpromises to be the highest level challenge you will experience in the game. Itreally is a whole different game altogether when you make the transition fromHell to Inferno. Even the weak enemies at the beginning of the first act willprobably put you on the floor before you know it. Everything moves faster andhits much, much harder.The original plan for Inferno was for it to be a completely flat difficulty, where youcould farm any part of the game and still face the same level of challenge. Afterthinking about it for a little while Blizzard decided to scrap that plan and instead
  • the first act starts off with that difficulty and it quickly escalates to even higherlevels as you progress through the game.The Different ActsThe enemies in each of the four acts increase in difficult as you go. The first acthas monsters of level 61, the second has monsters of 62 and both three and fourfeature the same level of 63. Although going up one level doesnt seem like asignificant change, the monsters from one act to another feel very different whenyou are actually fighting them.PreparationIn order to prepare for the start of Inferno you have to get up to level 60, and earnas much gold as you can. The more money you have the easier it is going to beto transition to Inferno. As soon as you hit 60 upgrade your gear as much as youpossibly can. Focus on vitality and resistance as much as you can, dont worryabout boosting your damage until you are sure that you can survive at all inInferno.ProgressionUnlike in Diablo 2 your progression path really relies on your ability to gathergold. It doesnt matter how you get the gold; the more gold you have the bettergear you can obtain. For this reason many players prefer to go with gold findgear over m