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2. THE LUMIEREBROTHERS.(1895) The Lumiere brothers are an iconic figure in the world ofmedia today.They were the first people to have produced a story tellingsequence in one take of moving a image. People today canenjoy and appreciate the different types of genres such as;Entertainment, Documentaries and animation because of them.The Lumiere brothers films are most known for theirsignificance and memorable scenes. Any film director aroundtoday that uses long moving image shots/ dull lighting/ chirpymusic/ black and white visuals have originated and beenrecycled from the Lumiere brothers as they were the firstpeople ever to do so, therefore, any film with similarities to TheLumiere brothers films will always be classed and associatedwith them. 3. THE LUMIERE BROTHERSThis is a screenshot I captured from youtube of the Lumierebrothers films. In this picture we can see that everything had beenstage for the audiences entertainment and benefit. Throughout thevideo each of these scenes last around 1 3 minutes long! Incomparison to films around today I have noticed that shots aremuch more shorter keeping the audience intrigued and to keepthe suspense going, whereas, in this particular film the shots areextremely long and boring. 4. THE LUMIEREBROTHERS.Location/sceneryShot type: LongshotCharacteranalysisLong lastingshots 5. THE LUMIEREBROTHERSThis screen shot is a shot thatreally caught my eye whenwatching a clip on YouTube.The film the artist is a yearone year old and I personallybelieve is heavily influencedby the Lumiere brother films.This is one of hundreds ofpossible screenshots I couldhave used but this particularone stood out most for me.In comparison to the screenshot of the Lumiere brotherfilm clip I can see tons ofsimilarities between the two,this could beLighting to create and tell the audience whattime is it (day/night)?Audio There is no audio so the audience isrequired full attention to understand whats goingon.Mise en scene- generally everything thats in theshot makes it almost like one of the Lumierebrother films.Director:Michel Hazanavicius 6. D.W. GRIFFITHDavid Llewelyn Wark "D. W." Griffith was a premierpioneering American film director.Griffiths film The Birth of a Nation made pioneering use ofadvanced camera and narrative techniques.The film has been extremely controversial and criticisedclosely for its negative depiction of African Americans, whiteUnionists and Reconstruction and its positive portrayal ofslaveryand the Ku Klux Klan.D.W. Griffith is so important as his films have taughteveryone a lot of lessons about real life situation. And howits important not to portray people in the wrong way. 7. D. W. GRIFFITHFrom D. W.Griffiths films particularly the birth of anation the persuasive content of the filmmanipulates the audience into believing what we seeis good and right, almost as if hes trying to changethe audiences opinion on the matter.Some films still do exist like his today but nowadaysmany films show different sides of the story.One film that I personally feel that uses persuasivelanguage is Crash. The film completely changesyour opinion on the characters after watching themfor 90 minutes and you almost feel like you canunderstand the characters a lot more and haverespect for them. 8. SERGEI EISENSTEINSergie Eizenshtein, was a pioneering Soviet Russian filmdirector and film theorist, often considered to be the "Father ofMontage".From D.W. Griffith, Sergie Eienstein moved forward anddeveloped a whole new meaning to the filming industry bycreating new camera movements and shots and incorporatingthem into a film sequence.He established the montage and is known for the father ofmontage purely because he was the first person to come upwith this creation.His unique famous selling point montage is used in almostevery film today and is extremely entertaining to watch and iseye catching. 9. SERGEI EISENSTEINSergei had created history by making the ultimate filmingtechnique of a montage.Montages are tremendously effect and help tell a storythrough various camera shots which entertain the audience.Sergei Eisenstein will forever be known as the creator andinventor of the iconic filming technique of the montage. 10. DAVID FINCHERDavid Andrew Leo Fincher is an American film and musicvideo director who is known for his dark and stylish thrillers.He captures the suspenseful story of any sequence includingextended fight scenes and frenetic chases.His most popular films have all won several awards based onhis editing techniques. 11. DAVID FINCHERThe girl with the dragontattooThe social networkThe panic room 12. THE LUMIERE BROTHERD. W. GRIFFITHSERGEI EISENTIENDAVID FINCHEREditing styles andtechniques haveprogressed over theyears greatly and havedeveloped in manyways. Although theyhave all originated fromthe following above.The four directors allshare something incommon but have alsocreated their ownediting techniqueswhich most directorsnowadays useeverything of. 13. HOW EDITING STYLESHAVE DEVELOPED OVERTIMEEditing styles and techniques have changed over time andlength, how they have is by the inspiration from the fourdirectors.Pace of editing has transformed over the years as well asimagery, context etc.Editing techniques will always be changing but will neverlose the iconic features created by the original founders.