Desert multilevel car parking

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Desert Multilevel Car parking

Desert Multilevel Car parking

Desert Multilevel Car parking Hello Friends, Desert Multilevel Car parking is a realistic simulator game. Park The Car With a this Game.

Improve your ability to park backwards! Moter Parking Games that require high precision is an amazing automobile simulator game!

This game includes action-packed ride, great graphics and challenging game that was created for those who love, are incredibly well designed game.

Drive a real luxury wagon, try no to crash when racing around corners as it's pretty fast!

As a part of Luxury mote vehicle Park 2016 game your are in charge to park the car safely in the assigned place.

To complete levels, you must pass all the checkpoints and stop into the parking spot. In some levels there are reverse parking spots.

Sometimes driving too lagging is well again than letting you require the speed gets the best for you. Have fun and enjoy every new challenge in this newest game.

Desert Multilevel Car parking

Key Features:

Realistic Sounds- Best Real Crashes- Lots of Challenges to Complete- Addictive game play- Tap on right to take your shift reverse gear