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Example of several ways I Do Press and can Write About You or Your Project. Press Releases and Articles for 90Deep/$treet Noize Records (90deep.com) All Writing was done by $ilkUnlimited of $ilk-N-It Promotion$ Multi- Media


  • 1. Press Release 90 Deep/Street Noize Records Executive Producer $keet Montana is actually a better Rapper/Lyricist and more seasoned to the game than most Rappers Signed or Unsigned. Consistency counts being 1half of the Duo quot;Fear No Mobquot; with Byrd Pachino charting on the Billboard charts as well as taking the streets of Cleveland to stages all over the South as well as the West Coast and getting the New York stamp of approval. Taking his label to another level dropping 7

2. Mixed Cds and 7 more Major collaborations such as quot;Mob Dawgsquot;, quot;Mob Cityquot;, and quot;Ohio-Landersquot;. Proving why hes the C.E.O. quot;$keetquot; hits you hard with a little street game from a quot;Donquot; Status:quot;Hidden Rules to the Gamequot; C.E.O - quot;$keet Montanaquot; quot;Hidden Rules to the Gamequot; Street Noize/90Deep Records 12 Jewels on the Rules to the Game with Original Beats and National Producers (Yonni of Skeletunemuzik and Skitti Wheatstra) Debut solo Project. info@90deep.com 216.407.7518 (Interview) quot;Real Talk with the C.E.Oquot; (Interview with myspace.com/silknitpromos) 3. A few Rules and some Jewels from 90Deep/Street Noize Records Executive Producer quot;$keet Montanaquot;;quot;Dont get Mad or Frustrated on the next mans success or movement! People are gonna like what they like; being a True Lyricist that has never changed his style to cater to the trends that come and go; the business man with more skills and experience behind the mics all over the country Dirty South to the West Coast and East Coast for years focusing on his 90Deep/Street Noize RecordsNever Label doing it himself.threatened by what the next man is doing his consistency to keep his crew Always out here dropping hits and quot;Cleveland Undergroundquot; Anthems for years with 7 Major collaborations and also 7 Mixed Cds over the last 15 years to prove his Dynasty was always doing it on the next level with Classics before their time. With quot;Mob Cityquot;, quot;Mob Dawgsquot;, quot;Ohio-Landersquot; and others in stores and Hoods everywhere and being 1 half of the Billboard charting Duo quot;Fear No Mobquot; with partner Byrd Pachino its time for the C.E.O to hit you with a few rules as he only Raps when it counts and leaves you up and coming rappersWhy make 75 bullshit tracks if only 15 may be decent? And if you dont get a deal dont crowd the public with a double 4. disk on 1 Cd so people wont get tired of you and appreciate what you bring. So pick up quot;Hidden Rules to the Gamequot; and got to and request it in the Underground and Internet Radio Waves everywhere. quot;Hidden Rules to the Gamequot; 12 Jewels of $treet Knowledge for the 08 (Interview with $ilk-N-It Promotion$ www.myspace.com/silknitpromos) quot;Peep Gamequot; The 10th Ward or as they call it 14-0 (East 140th) and Lakeshore Blvd is where you will find the quot;Dons off the Lakequot; where $treet Noize/90Deep Records quot;$keet Montanaquot; parlays, signs checks and talks shit. But no one realized that in the last 15 years the C.E.O. never dropped a solo joint. The reason why is because of the consistency of keeping up with the majors as a Independent Record Label in a city with no pity or unity for the underground the DNA-LEVEL-C (cleveland backwards) not to mention the playa hata capitol of the world with a serious crab in the barrel syndrom. Realizing he had a Dynasty before its time he focused on his label touring the hoods across the nation touring like the major hitters in cities across the nation Alabama to Texas to L.A. to Harlem and many, many stages in between even hitting the Billboard Charts with partner n rhyme Byrd Pachino as the duo quot;Fear No Mobquot;. Opening up for the best like UGK to Too Short, Master P. as well as others; taking it to the streets as the Executive Producer to videos, 7 Mixed Cds and 7 Major projects the C.E.O. (Cash Equals Opportunity) has also been featured on over 100 tracks but only raps when it counts. Now its time for the quot;Captain of the $hipquot; to bless the world with a few jewels from the C.E.O. that not only has lyrics to go but street knowledge or college for those who are just RapN not RepN the streets 4Real. 5. Peep a few verses of the C.E.O.s smooth flow : My Name is Good- I got cars in my mamas name/ cause my money dirty/ I got houses in my mamas name/cause my money dirty/ Aint got sh*t in my f*ckin name/ cause my money dirty/ but my name is good in the streets you heard me. Guns and Grams- Came up off nicks and dimes/hit my licks with a nine/aint nobody sh*ttin on mineC.E.O.- talkin bout hes a fool/man that niggas a crook/ but it was all good when you were in his pocket bookGrown and Sexy- Pop your cork like a bottle of Cris/ leave your girl in a puddle of piss/90 Deep better get my drift/from the land of the hollow grips Pick up your copy quot;Hidden Rules to the Gamequot; 13 tracks of Street Heat from the Franchise Rapper who continues to duck the haters coming at youWWW.90DEEP.COMquot;Paying Duesquot;Written by $ilkUnlimited- (www.myspace.com/silknitpromos) 6. & ;nbs p; 15 years ago in the 10th Ward or shall I say the 14-0 (East 140th and Lakeshore) off Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio a Dynasty was launched to the streets. The dynamic duo of Byrd Pachino and $keet Montana formed the group quot;Fear No Mobquot; and never looked back. As the infamous label known to the world as Street Noize/90Deep Records made its mark in the Music Industry as Hip Hop was glorifying Gangsterism $keet took the streets to the studio as well. With no unity in his city of haters he rounded up his Dawgs and street soldiers to bring the street heat they knew the world was to seek and hit the road to get some Southern hospitality in Texas, Louisiana, 7. the ATL all the way to West Coast. To get the Thug Love stamp of approval from the Uptown Harlem scene was a major accomplishment as the Street Noize Record Label has heads bobbing to their street stories and banging beats made all those who heard of them on the lookout for the 90Deep Dawgs to be on B.E.T. or MTV but not yet. quot;Fear No Mobquot; did get the worldwide exposure everyone knew was coming making the Bill Board charts but a deal was not what he wanted; his goal was to just keep pumping em out with untimely classics 7 mixed Cds and 7 Major collaborations such as Mob Dawgs, Ohio-Landers, and Mob City. But he never put out a solo project, his focus was to move units and maintain the labels consistency knowing his duties the C.E.O. (Cash Equals Opportunity) as they stepped up their game with videos, more tours and a phatt website . www.90deep.com Being featured on over 100 tracks 8. tracks and never changed his smooth slow flow or his true to life street lyrics like the real G he is. Not since quot; Paycheckquot; formerly of the group quot;Brothers of the Strugglequot; dropped the jewel quot;Charge It To The Gamequot; has a Cleveland artist of Don status blessed the world with Jewels of the Rules to the Game. The time is right now as quot;Hidden Rules to the Gamequot; hit you with the Club Banger quot;Grown and Sexyquot; produced by National Producer Yonni made a real Street Noize to start the 08 off right. But dont let that track fool you as he continues to bang out street heat as he hired some of the hottest producers from Cleveland and all over like Skitti Wheatra and The C.E.O.s smooth others. versatility of street crimes and rhymes compared to the old school Ice Cube in his NWA days with tracks like quot;Broke 9. Bitchesquot; , quot;Guns and Gramsquot; will have the T.I. fans on his nuts and with quot;My Name is Goodquot; will have Jezzy feeling the 5feet 8inch giant. With only 13 tracks of fire we desire to blaze a blunt of Purple Haze to, only features a couple of his Dawgs showing that he may be surrounded by a talented artists but he shows he not only signs checks but has flows to go quot;Hidden Rules to the Gamequot;C.E.O. -quot;$keet Montanaquot;StreetNoize/90Deep Records 10. (Cash.Equals.Opportunity) 11. written by $ilkUnlimited - (www.myspace.com/silknitpromos)Street Noize/90Deep Records Executive Producer $keet Montana is no new jack to the game with a track record and a history of making it happen in a city with a underdeveloped 12. Underground of young B.E.T. wanna be rappers with no clue of the business. Just how does he do it? 15 years of consistency has his label of the future ready when Cleveland, Ohio or the Mid West will come together as the quot;Next Coastquot; they are already fully loaded with experience. Opening up for the industries top notch acts such as No Limit, UGK, Luke, Too $hort as well as others over the years; not to mention setting fire to mics all over the Dirty South to L.A. and even set a blazed the Harlem Underground scene. With 7 mixed cds and 7 major collaborations (Mob Dawgs, Mob City, Ohio-Landers) even making it to the Bill Board charts as half of the underground duo with partner Byrd Pachino as the group quot;Fear No Mobquot;. With all that under his belt and never putting out a solo Cd; now its time to drop a few rules to game with 13tracks from the quot;Don Off the Lakequot; titled quot;Hidden Rules to the Gamequot; by the C.E.O. This proves that after all these years and all the trends/fads that exploits Hip Hop and even made the majors switch their style $keet never did. Keeping ittrue always straight street as his smooth flow and versatility as a lyricist that never lacks the luster of reality in his rhymes as he believes you have to 13. have been through some things to rap about it. Whether its ballin out of control or giving game to the lames quot;Hidden Rulesquot; beats are banging as he gathered some of the Hottest National mainstream Producers like Yonni or the Underground legend Skitti Wheatstra has something for everyone who love the gutta or dont like commercial so pick it up or judge for yourself that 90 Deep Records is here and have been for more than a decade to bless the streets. So get your dose of street knowledge 24/7@ www.90deep.com.


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