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Best Seat In The House is a joint project between BRANDBEAT and brandRapport which details their new corporate entertainment service focused on producing the best live music experiences in Asia.

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  • 1. Best Seat In The HouseBRANDBEAT & BRANDRAPPORT June 2013
  • 2. Asias entertainment industry is changing
  • 3. Sport has tradi>onally led the way in providing organisa>ons with opportuni>es to enhance their brand and bring people closer to the things they love Music is now more accessible than ever before which is driving increased demand for music among all demographics The music infrastructure in Asia is con>nuing to evolve and is notably dierent now to how it was 12 months ago Generation music
  • 4. Why music? Music is unique: Everyone has an opinion. It drives conversa>ons Music delivers memorable experiences that leave las>ng impressions on people Used correctly, music presents businesses with a very powerful brand and rela>onship building tool
  • 5. What we do
  • 6. We create experiences We u>lise our combined corporate brand exper>se and in-depth knowledge of the interna>onal and Asian music scene to create contemporary VIP music experiences We do this in the form of bespoke, private events or in conjunc>on with established large scale entertainment events We have the necessary contacts and capabili>es to create and deliver a corporate brand experience to match any brief
  • 7. How we do it Bespoke music event planning: vFrom private audience, to corporate event, to concert at AWE Ar>st bookings, appearances & rights management AV, produc>on, branding, venue sourcing and dressing Hospitality and guest experience management vGuest Informa>on Transport On-Event Post event Crea>on of VIP experiences at established events: vBest seats in the house VIP areas Back stage access Digital content crea>on and management
  • 8. Upcoming events The XX 31 June KITEC Eason Chen 6 July 2 August Coliseum One Piece (Live Orchestral) 30 July Asia-World Expo Air Supply 11 August Asia-World Expo The Smashing Pumpkins 13 August Asia-World Expo Linkin Park 15 August Asia-World Expo Owl City Live 22 August KITEC Rihanna 13 September Vene>an Macao The Killers September (tbc) Asia-World Expo Suede 29 September Asia-World Expo Or create something bespoke of your own
  • 9. The results We make your guests smile We provide you with an innova>ve and crea>ve solu>on to your brand enhancement and client entertainment needs We create an experience designed to build stronger rela>onships and happy memories We provide you with a credible and posi>ve associa>on with modern Hong Kong lifestyle
  • 10. About us brandRapport: Leading corporate communica>ons and brand events agency BRANDBEAT: Hong Kong based music specialist Providing a best in class live music experience +=
  • 11. Thank you Contact: Ross Colled e: t: 2815 9876 Charlie Toller e: t: 9070 1163 Kidy Wu e: t: 2815 9867Copyright brandRapport Group and BrandBeat