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  • 1. Free Form BCN:A True Legend Never DiesCommunicating and Introducing BCNs Legacy Alex Danay, Nimisha Kashyap, Michael Love, Mariana Marshall, Natalia Novikova, & Tim Schickling

2. Table of Contents! Situation Analysis - 1! SWOT Analysis - 2! Competitors - 3! Inspiration - 4! Strategy Overview - 5! Targets - 6! Public Relations - 7 ! Media List - 8 ! Intern Application - 9! Social Media - 10 ! Twitter - 11 ! New Website - 12 ! Details on Social Media - 13-17 ! Intern Application - 18! Guerilla Marketing - 19 ! Outdoor Fun With BCN - 20 ! Air Guitar Contest - 21 ! Rock Record Scavenger Hunt - 22! Monetization - 23 ! Details on Monetization - 24 ! Microtransactions - 25! Measurement - 26 3. Situation AnalysisWithin the last decade traditional radio has seen a sharp decline in its listeners. With the continuous growth of other musicoutlets such as Pandora, iTunes, satellite radio and Sirius XM it has been a struggle for the classic form of radio to stay onthe air. As of 2009 Pandora has accumulated 40 million registered users and iTunes has sold 8.5 billion songs, whiletraditional radio continues to become less popular. The fact that these newer mediums have less commercials and a morepersonalized format has made them more popular among listeners.In August 2009, WBCN played its last show, ending an important era for rock music. However, WBCN is now utilizing newmedia as a way to continue bringing its audience the classic sound and style they have always been known for via an onlineformat. This transition provides WBCN with the chance to reinvigorate the Boston rock scene with more music because ofthe commercial free format. Using online streaming provides WBCN with the opportunity to provide a global reach, as wellas connect with a more tech savvy audiences. WBCN already has an established fan base that they can rely on to listen andsupport the new format. In addition to their loyal listeners, WBCN is confident in its sound and has various alumni to helpdeliver the shows rock sound. Despite these strengths and opportunities, WBCN still faces some weaknesses that need to beaddressed. The new format might be difficult for original and new fans to incorporate into their lives and it is also a difficulttransition due to WBCNs lack of budget and workspace.1 4. SWOT Analysis Strengths Weakness !Established fan base !Different format !Alumni !Soft launch/not live !Know their sound !No major budget !Commercial free!No facilities or workspace Opportunities Threats !New and tech savvy audiences !Satellite radio !Provides a global reach!Sirius XM !Reinvigorate the Boston Rock !Pandora scene !iTunes !Opportunity for more music !General decrease in radio because it is commercial free listeners 2 5. Competitors! The Hype Machine !MySpaceMusic! Fuzz !Pandora! Grooveshark!! Deezer !Radiolicious! Live365 !Slacker! iLike !Spotify! !Stitcher Radio! MeeMix !ShareTheMusic! Musicovery 3 6. InspirationOur recommended strategy is inspired by those who inspirited the original WBCN. Yousee, we noticed a denite parallel between the early demise of WBCN and the fallen starsof Rock & Roll. Both the rock station and these rock stars suffered premature deaths.They were tragically taken before their time, forever endearing them to their audiencesand leaving them craving more. The likes of: Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin,Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Buddy Holly, Freddie Mercury, John Lennon, Ian Curtis,Duane Allman, John Bonham, David Box, Cliff Burton, Steve Clark, Nick Drake, StevenGains, and Elliot Smith (to name a few) died young and in the midst of great popularity.A situation such as this can transform a star into a legend.We see WBCN in the same light. Free Form BCN is the reincarnation of a fallen star, givena second life. Just as the legends of Rock & Rock live on through continual releases ofnew rarities, alternative takes, and studio sessions WBCN lives on though Free FormBCN. Like the rock gods mentioned above "A True Legend Never Dies".4 7. Strategy Overview! Inspiration: Life and Times of Famous Artists! PR Tactics and Community Outreach! Social Media Marketing! Word of Mouth Marketing! Guerrilla Marketing! Monetization and Measurement5 8. Targets! Primary Target: Older Audience:Communicating BCNs Legacy! Men and Women ages 35-55! Secondary Target: Newer Audience:Introducing BCNs Legacy! Men and Women ages 18-346 9. Public Relations! Media advisory! Pitch to Press: College Radio Stations, Local Publications(See next page for media list)! Community Outreach! MIT- Math Music Challenges (winner wins "radiotakeover")! Jordans Furniture and local business partnerships! DJ Personalities at college reunions/school dances! Cater music to class graduation year! DJ campus events! Job listing for PR and press intern(s). 7 10. Media List 8 11. Intern Application: Public Relations! About WBCN ! Free Form BCN is a digital-only Rock radio station airing on WBZ-FMHD-2 in Boston, Massachusetts and owned by CBS Radio. Before switching to 98.5 HD-2 on August 12, 2009, WBCN ran its last rock format for 41 years as an analog radio on 104.1 MHz (now WBMX). WBCN became a legend in the Rock music industry for providing a breakthrough for many bands, most notable U2.! We are looking for an unpaid intern to work with us! Responsibilities ! Assists with administrative duties ! Drafts basic public relations materials including news releases, media alerts, fact sheets, meeting summaries, status reports and other materials as directed ! Outreach to local and college publications ! Carries out special and media even planning activities and arrangements Attends and participates in meetings, presentations, trafc meetings and brainstorming sessions as directed Measuring/evaluating coverage Develops and updates media lists and other databases Assists with the management of outside vendors to successfully complete outside work, including, but notlimited to printing of materials, renting of audio/visual equipment, photography, graphic arts services orsupplying needed products! Requirement Skills ! Enrolled in, or a recent graduate of, a university public relations, marketing, advertising or other related program ! Current students will preferably have at least sophomore standing ! Demonstrate the ability to undertake basic public relations writing assignments, and posses an understanding of basic media relations skills ! Prociency in Microsoft Ofce Suite including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access and Outlook ! Interns will work between 15-25 hours a week. Summer interns will work 40 hours per week ! Prior relevant experience is preferred! To Apply ! Please send a cover letter, resume and writing samples to ___________@wbcn.com9 12. Social Media! Social Media Contests! Most active Facebook friend of the week! Most active Twitter follower of the week! E-mail! Chain letter! E-newsletter! YouTube! Videos and slideshows of old pictures, behind the scenes videos,air guitar contests! BCN Website! Redesign website, link to all social media platforms, etc.! Job listing for social media intern(s) 10 13. Twitter! Dos ! Create a dened personality for BCN on Twitter ! Create individual DJ Twitter account in addition to BCNS account Tweet 4-6 related content per day 1-2 personality tweets per day ! Find interesting content (news articles) related to BCN and the music industry and share them ! Inform when there is a new product offering or important change ! Share blog posts from Sam ! Hold Tweet-Ups once a solid following is established.! Donts ! Dont put a limit on the amount of @replies especially when it comes from requests ! Do not set up Auto-DMs! Sometimes ! Share the BCN link from time to time, but excessive promotion becomes annoying ! Push followers to the Facebook page, and vice versa 11 14. New Website12 15. Details on Social MediaFree Form BCN should reward its fans who are particularly active on social media. Each week the most active Facebookfriend and/or Twitter follower could have a block of songs dedicated to them, be sent BCN marketing collateral, or otherwisebe honored. The DJ could even thank them for their support and participation on air. Essential judging criteria shouldinclude amount of BCN tweets retweeted, quantity and quality of original mentions on Twitter and of Facebook commentsand posts. This tactic will not only salute the loyal listener and hence reinforce their community participation, but alsoencourage others to become more involved with the stations social media efforts.Social media efforts are a wise investment; the advantages for companies using a social network like Facebook are evident.The barriers to entry are low but the potential for prot is high. By engaging in social media, one gets wide distribution on atrusted network without any need to share revenue. The direct cost is zero, however employee time and effort areimportant factors to consider. The human capital it takes to maintain a strong social media presence should not be takenlightly. To be effective online, engagement must be timely and consistent; and to execute this, Free Form BCN employeesmust make a consorted effort to tackle the endeavor head on and with long-term commitment.Social media gives BCN the tools to maintain a strong relationship with members that can translate into increasedlistenership. There is an old chestnut in business that goes something like; winning a new customer is ve to ten times moreexpensive than keeping an existing one. This truism can be applied to most businesses, including internet radio. If FreeForm BCN were able to keep current listeners more involved with the station after the broadcast ends, retention rate mightjust increase.13 16. Details on Social Media IIPaul Gillin, author of Secrets of Social Media Marketing, believes listening is the most important part of asocial media strategy. He says to "listen to what customers say about you",