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  • 1. 144780012954001/13/2011I Luv Chocolat!| AbhinavZatunGamesA Real Taste of Baby Chocolate
    A Real Taste of Baby Chocolate
    No childs growing up is complete without a taste of baby chocolate. Additionally, there are very few children who remain satisfied with only a single taste of this delightful pleasure and do not crave for more. Baby chocolate is the most popular item in any childs life. Every kid loves chocolate. They can hardly be blamed because even adults cannot resist the sweet temptation of chocolate. Surely your kid too is equally addicted to chocolate? Does your child have difficulty tearing his or her attention away from even a glimpse of baby chocolate, let alone a taste or a smell? If this is the case, Zatuns latest innovation, & I Luv Chocolat will solve all your problems. This is a unique game, designed to specifically target young minds with its allure of a chocolaty world, the ultimate fantasy of any child or teenager. Whatever your kids age may be, it is never too late for him or her play this innovative, fun and uncomplicated game on your iPhone.
    I Luv Chocolat and the Promise of Baby Chocolate
    19050179705This game is extraordinarily easy to obtain. It can be effortlessly downloaded on the iPhone first generation model, the iPhones 3G as well as 3GS sets, and the iPhone 4G. The lite version, available for free download from the Internet, comes with the first two stages, complete in their inclusion, of the game incorporated. There is a page of instructions right at the beginning which will give you all the hints on how to obtain the best baby chocolate and subsequently become the chocolate king. The principal chocolate facts include the stipulation of time. Simply explained, the game is played by the collecting the specified number of candies and chocolates in the given time-span. At a minimal cost, you can simply download the rest of the game from the Internet, play the next five stages of I Luv Chocolat and become the ultimate chocolate king. The game can be played by boys and girls alike. Even adults can indulge in it for hours on end.
    I Luv Chocolat - The real Baby chocolate
    The game is extremely easy toman-oeuvreand the directions can be followed effortlessly. The touchscreen controls will allow your child to move the little agent around the maze, collecting the right amount of baby chocolate and sweet candy that he or she needs. It is delightful to watch the sheer happiness and elation that is etched on your childs face while he or she concentrates fervently on attaining the stipulated target. All the principle commands of the game like start, pause and resume can be given by using the main power button or menu button on the iPhone.
    I Luv Chocolat is a perfectly healthy alternative to your children consuming large amount of baby chocolate everyday and destroying their teeth and other physiological functions. You scold your children if you catch them munching frequently on candy bars and Cadbury chocolate slabs. I Luv Chocolat will automatically reduce this tendency in children because its wonderful graphics and vibrant colors make it so realistic that children are bound to get hooked on to it and forget all about the real chocolates that can cause them potential harm.
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