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<ul><li><p>went to observe and came with an experience </p></li><li><p>sunny sunday afternoon </p><p>family enjoying day at streetHowever most stores were closed </p></li><li><p>No store to contribute with my attributPitty! </p><p>However there was sometihing</p></li><li><p>so Ive decided to change </p><p>my attribute</p><p>and look the difference between a special place among plain ones</p></li><li><p>Road of The Special Coffee </p></li><li><p>Every detail was thought to passthe architecture of ancient coffee farmslike the 50s decade where coffee wasthe main business on these region </p></li><li><p>so I was dragged by the cozy atmosphere ofthe inside</p></li><li><p>And realized that every detailwas thought so we could experiencethe taste and history of Brazilian coffee together </p></li><li><p>First time I had the opportunity of tasting </p><p>a frutty sweet coffeewith no sugar </p></li><li><p>The secret of the best Espresso in the world: </p><p>The worlds most prized coffeewith the best worlds water. </p><p>Carmo de Minas / So Loureno </p><p>Minas Gerais - Brazil </p></li><li><p>This one experience worth the travel</p><p>So Loureno Minas Gerais - Brazil </p></li></ul>