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Text of animated movies

  • 1. Animated films
    Poiroux Juliette
    GIDO 2A
    Octobre 2010

2. Plan :
I- animated films definition
II- Why I choose this subject?
III- history
II- Different companies of animated movies
1- American companies
Walt Disney
2- French companies
Je suis bien content
3- Japanese companies
Studio Ghibli
III- Sources
3. Why I choose this subject?
At the beginning, I would like to do my subject on SpongBob. There was not enough thing to say.
I like the animated movies and I think they are a lot of article.
4. Fast presentation of the cartoon movies watch
You can read the news' film of the studioDreamWorks, Pixar, Disney, and Ghibli.
You can see the Band of announcement and the Criticisms.
5. Research ofwebsite
I find the last releases in this website : (french)
This site shows the news films and theirs strip of announcement.
6. Animated films dfinition
its a motion picture or television film consisting of a photographed series of drawings, objects, or computer graphics that simulates motion by recording very slight, continuous changes in the images, frame by frame.
7. History
- Created before the cinema with the
flip book
- XIX century: appearance of optical devices
which allow to see consequences(suites) of moving
- 28 October1892 : first animated film by
Emile Reynaud
8. Differentscompanies of cartoon movie
1- Americans company
A) Walt Disney

  • Started in 1923 by Walter Elias


  • A lot ofmovies very famous :

* White snow and seven
Dwarfs (1937)
* Bambi (1942)
* Aladdin (1992)
9. Differentscompanies of cartoon movie
B) DreamWorks company

  • Created in October 1994 by Steven Spielberg,

Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen

  • We can quote

* Fourmiz (1998)
* Shrek (2001)
* Gang ofshark (2004)
* Madagascar(2005)
10. Differentscompanies of cartoon movie
C) Pixar
- Created byEdwin Catmullin 1986
- Its film are :
* Toy story
* Monster and Inc.
* The world of Nemo
* Up
11. Differentscompanies of cartoon movie
2- French company
Je suis bien content

  • Created in 1996 byFranck

Ekinci and Marc Jousset

  • They created only one

full-length film :
* Persepolis(2007)
12. Differentscompanies of cartoon movie
3- Japanese company
Studio Ghibli

  • Its created in 1985 by Miyazaki

and Isao Takahata
- This society createdall the
Miyazakis movies like :
* My neighbor Toroto (1988)
* Porco Rosso (1992)
* The castle in the sky (2003)
13. Sources
Its a classmen of the best film. We can consulted the history of the films :
The flip book is the ancestor of the films
Its the officials site of Disney
Its the officials site of Dreamworks