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  • 1.All Baikal pearls Summer 20128 days/7 nightsDiscover your Lake Baikal!

2. All Baikal pearlsAn unforgettable cruise to the Northern part of Lake Baikal on one of the mostcomfortable boats in its class. You are going to visit most fabulous and sacred places on the Lake, such as OlkhonIsland, Ayaya bay, Lake Frolikha, Chivirkuysky bay, Zavorotnaya bay and Ogoy island.Mix of positive emotions and sensations. Lake Baikal is always different, inviting,exotic. We will reveal all his cards for you. 3. RouteAyaya bayDavshaZavorotnaya bayChivirkuysky BayMRS settlementOlkhon IslandIrkutsk 4. Meet Lake BaikalDay 1 5. Day 1Meeting at the airport or train station in Irkutsk with Siberian hospitality and a littlesurprise. Transfer to the MRS settlement (transfer time 4 hours). Boarding a ship.Lunch. Cruising from MRS to Chiwirkyisky bay. It will take us about 10 hours to get tothe point. While cruising we will visit Ogoy island and observe Olkhon island with itsNothern point - cape Khoboi. Overnight on the ship.Meals included: lunch, dinner. 6. Ship for the group of 2-6 peopleCharacteristics of the ship: length - 14 m, width - 4 m, depth - 1.2 m, two DAF engines575, its speed comes up to 18 km an hour, range autonomous navigation is up to 2000miles. Motor yacht is equipped with: a life raft, a boat with an outboard motor, depthfinder, Satellite Positioning System (JPS), TV, DVD.There are 2 cabins and a big saloon on the ship. The first cabin is for 2 people, thesecond one is for 4 people (there are 4 lower and hanging beds).On the ship there are: 2 toilets, shower, fishing rods, fishing equipment, a big saloon 7. Ship for the group of 6-12 peopleLength 25 m, width 4 m, cruising speed 18 km / h. The ship is equipped with comfortabledouble and triple cabins.All cabins have windows, beds, wardrobes, dressing table, mirror, the source voltage of220 V.On the ship there are two combined bathrooms (toilet + shower) with modern sanitaryware and hot water. There is a DVD in the salon. 8. Ogoy islandOgoy Island is located near the bigger Olkhon Island. Recently, Ogoy became the centerof pilgrimage. In 2005, the only Buddhist temple from the Urals to the Pacific ocean wasplaced on the island.The temple on Ogoy Island is designed so that it could stand not less than one thousandyears. All through this time, the temple will show people the way to enlightenment.One should come 108 times around the temple without shoes in order to clean himselfand receive a great charge of energy. 9. Olkhon IslandOlkhon is the biggest and most famous of all islands at Lake Baikal. This is the island oflegends and myths. The so called heart of the Lake and the center of shamanism atLake Baikal. This island is considered to be the cradle for many tribes and people ofCentral Asia: the warlike Huns, Turks, kurykan.A great amount of legends is associated with Olkhon. One of them tells us that theconqueror of the universe"-Genghis Khan was buried on the Olkhon Island. 10. Cape KhoboiThe northern point of Olkhon island represents vertically directed marble rock plate.Khoboi is translated as fang from old Buryat language and it realy looks like it.Beautiful view of endless scopes and majestic circular panorama of Baikal. Sviatoy Nospeninsula and Ushkany archipelago can be seen from the cape. Khoboi is situated nearthe widest point of Baikal lake - 79,5 km. One can understand why Baikal is comparedsometimes with a sea. 11. Chivirkuysky bayDay 2 12. Day 2Breakfast at the ship. The day for getting acquainted with the Chivirkuysky bay. Youwill bathe in thermal springs of Zmeinaya bay, go fishing and enjoy the beauty of LakeBaikal. Overnight on the ship.Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner. 13. Chivirkuysky bayOne of the most beautiful bays of Lake Baikal, Chivirkuysky bay, is located at theterritory of Trans-Baikal National Park. This is a place with a special protection regime,there is not any construction on the shore of the cape. Only taiga and sky-blue LakeBaikal will surround you at Chivirkuysky bay. Its current name was given to the bay dueto the great Chivirkuy River, which flows into it from the north. This bay is the warmeston the Lake Baikal, and the hot springs of the Zmeinaya gulf make it even moreattractive. 14. Northerly courseDay 3 15. Day 3Breakfast . Heading to Ayaya bay. It will take about 10 hours to get to the point. In theevening we will arrive to Ayaya bay. Alighting. On the shore of Ayaya bay there will be acomfortable camping and VIP-served dinner, prepared by experienced cooks. In theevening there will be a romantic sunset meeting on the beach and Baikal "ritual " ofunity with nature and the spirits of the Lake. Dinner. Campfire. Overnight in tents.Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner. 16. Ayaya bayAyaya bay is attractive with its perfect beauty. They say that the name of the bay comesfrom the exclamation of surprise: "Ah-Ayaya, what a beauty!". This is a deeply cut intothe land gulf, embosomed in with steep banks from all its sides, moreover, it has abeautiful sandy beach. There is an underwater reef at the bay entrance, that becomes asmall cliff above the water surface 20 yards away from the bay. In sunny weather it ispossible to watch the Baikal seals having a rest there! 17. CampingAccommodation at the camp in comfortable tents with a bedding sets (pillows, blankets,bed linen). Meals served in high-quality cookware, a professional cook and waiters willmake your outdoor eating unforgettable. A real comfort, coziness, and all these at theshore of Lake Baikal - away from any civilization! 18. Taiga fairytaleDay 4 19. Day 4Breakfast. Hiking tour to Lake Frolikha along a scenic hiking trail (the walk takes about2 hours one way). The group will be accompanied by a cook and Sherps.There will be a picnic outdoors on the shore of Lake Frolikha, great fishing, walking,making photos, collecting wild plants. In the afternoon, you will return to the camp.After it you will have dinner, free time and a campfire in the evening.Meals included: breakfast, picnic, dinner 20. Lake FrolikhaFrolikha is a fabulously beautiful glacial lake. It is located 8 km away from the Ayaya bayin high mountains of Barguzin range. Just imagine: the calmness of virgin taiga, fresh airand clean water, snow-capped mountains, fascinating fog in the morning, stunningsunsets, icy streams and river rapids. All these is at Lake Frolikha. In addition to allabove mentioned there is an excellent fishing, moreover, Frolikha is a great place forswimming. In summer the water at the lake warms up to 20 degrees Celsius. 21. Zavorotnaya bayDay 5 22. Day 5Breakfast in camping. Boarding the ship. Cruising to Zavorotnaya bay. Heading time isabout 8 hours. Arrival to Zavarotnaya bay. Alighting. Walking around the place. Fishing.Dinner and overnight on the ship.Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner. 23. Picturesque viewsDay 6 24. Day 6Early breakfast. Cruising from Zavorotnaya bay to the MRS settlement. Alighting. Freetime. Overnight on the ship.Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner. 25. Farewell with Lake BaikalDay 7 26. Day 7Breakfast. Transfer from the MRS settlement to Irkutsk by a comfortable bus (Transfertime 4 hours). Lunch at a transport caf on the way. Arrival to Irkutsk.Accommodation at the hotel Zvezda in twin or double standard rooms.Meals included: breakfast on the ship. Lunch and dinner for the extra charge. 27. Hotel ZvezdaIn Irkutsk you will accommodate at the hotel Zvezda. It is a cozy three floors buildingwhich is located in a park area of Irkutsk near the center of the city. There are shops,restaurants, a park and a fountain near the hotel. There is Italian furniture at thestandard room: two beds, chairs, wardrobe. There is a satellite TV, mini-bar, phone inthe room. There is a sauna, massage, swimming-pool, restaurant and bar at the hotel. 28. FlightDay 8 29. Day 8Breakfast. Check-out. Transfer to the airport. FlightMeals included: breakfast. 30. Tour price Tour duration: 8 days/7 nights The number of people: till 12The number of people in the2 468 1012 groupTour price per person, 5 310 2 8502 4002 0001 7001 500 Tour price for the group, 10 620 11 400 14 400 16 000 17 000 18 000 31. RouteDay 1: Irkutsk MRS settlement Chivirkuysky bay;Day 2: Chivirkuysky bay;Day 3: Chivirkuysky bay Ayaya bay;Day 4: Ayaya bay Lake Frolikha Ayaya bay;Day 5: Ayaya bay Zavorotnaya bay;Day 6: Zavorotnaya bay MRS settlement;Day 7: MRS settlement Irkutsk;Day 8: Flight. 32. Tour price includes- Meeting at the airport of Irkutsk;- Seeing off at the airport of Irkutsk;- Guide service during the whole tour;- All transfers as per itinerary: transfer Irkutsk MRS Irkutsk by a comfortable car;- Ship freight for the cruise (7 days cruise, plus blank run of the ship);- Accommodation at the hotel Zwezda in double or twin standard rooms for 1 night;- Accommodation at the campsite in the Ayaya bay (toilets, comfortable tents, served withkitchen);-Meals as per itinerary: 1 day: lunch and dinner; 2- 7 days: breakfast, lunch, dinner ; 8 day:breakfast;-Excursions as per itinerary: excursions while cruising, hiking tour to Lake Frolikha,excursion to Ogoy island;-Permission for visiting the Chivirkuysky bay, Frolikha Lake. 33. Siberian cuisineFrom the ancient times till nowadays Siberian people were engaged in cattle breeding,hunting and fishing. Therefore, traditional Siberian cuisine is a combination of meat,poultry, fish and unique taiga spices. You will taste the traditional dishes of Russiancuisine, such as soups, pancakes, and Siberian native dishes - a variety of wild game,pelmeni, mushroom soup, and, of course, a variety of dishes from Baikal fish! 34. Extra services- Flight tickets to Irkutsk and back;- Alcohol;- Extra excursions and services;- Meals not mentioned at the itinerary (the average price is about 500 Rub/ per person);- Irkutsk city tour (starts from 3500 per group);- Excursion in Listwyanka settlement (from 6500 per person). 35. Our tourists impres