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  • ! ! ! ! ! media kitAbout OFFStage with Reginald Prince

    OFFStage with Reginald Prince(OS) is an interview-based, local, syndicated television show filmed both in studio and on location in Atlanta, Georgia. Based in one of the largest gospel markets in the United States, OS has a broadcast signal that reaches over 1.5 million homes. In addition, OS is streamed live as it airs, and can be watched online anywhere in the world.

    Now in its second season, OScasually explores thepersonalities of mainstream gospel artists on location as they go about their daily routinespreparing for appearances, performances, shopping, sharing time with family, friends and even hangingout on the town.The showalso includes a studio segment which features performances and videos from popular gospel and inspirational talent. Our target audience is African American, faith-centered viewers, ages 25-50.

    About Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters

    Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters Inc. is the nations largest regional interfaith television network.For 45 years AIB has provided faith-based communities and nonprofit service organizations access to a larger audience. AIBs historically rich programming is housed at the Smithsonian and The Chicago Museum of Broadcasting.

    Due to its unique programming model promoting dialogue between people of all faiths, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds, AIB has become a destination for international dignitaries and media representatives visiting metro Atlanta. AIB is a self-supporting organization and can be viewed in more than 1.5 million homes across 19 metro area counties.

  • Casting: OS casts gospel and inspirational artists who have been recognized nation-wide through means of radio, television, and print, are signed to a major record company, or whose musical works have charted nationally.

    Advisement: Our camera crew does not travel outside the state of

    Georgia, however, we are able to meet and film on location in Atlanta with advanced planning. We are equipped to set up for filming at a variety of venues such as concerts, special events, residences, and restaurants.

    Writing: All story production is written by OS staff and approved by the artists applicable authority. All episodes are provided for review before airing to the preferred authority.

    Interviewing: All interview questions are sent to the artists representation prior to the shooting date and approved before being asked.

    Agreement: All shoots are scheduled, staffed, and contracted 60 days in advance. Details of the shoot are drafted in a short agreement that is signed by the artist and artists representation. All advertisement dollars for the package selected are due at signing.

  • sponsorship options


    OS will feature 3 artists exclusively from your record company (filming a total of 3 episodes) on which each artist will be spotlighted. Each episode will last 28:30 of which 20:00 will be exclusively dedicated to your labels artist.

    Each episode will include the following:

    On-location direct dialogue between our host and the artist Reality-style scenes shot from an actual experience of the artist Studio interview segment Artist music video to be played on air Graphic ad for digital promotion Joint social media promotion beginning one week prior to air date Up to 5 advertisements (per episode) for the featured artist and any additional

    artist, musical product, video, upcoming event, or commercial the record company wishes to promote on air during the 28:30 episode.

    2 re-airs in one week Vimeo link to the episode will be unlocked to be used as an ongoing promotional tool

    (up to 6 months)

    Sponsorship/Advertisement Fee:


    OS will run one full, 30-second commercial ad during the airing of one 28:30 episode for an approved product or service.

    Sponsorship/Advertisement Fee for one episode:

    Sponsorship/Advertisement Fee for the same 30-second commercial to run on three, weekly premiere and re-aired episodes:



  • Sponsorship/Advertisement Fee with additional verbal acknowledgement from host for one, weekly premiere and re-aired episode:

    Sponsorship/Advertisement Fee with additional verbal acknowledgement from host for the same 30-second commercial to run on three, weekly premiere and re-aired



    OS will write a scene which will include your product in the actual shooting of an episode. The product label will be clearly displayed, used, and referenced in a way that

    is easily recognizable by our viewers. This option is only available for one episode.

    Ask about our combo deals for advertisement at 404-824-8869 or email Randevyn Pierre at



  • View sample episode here:

    Sample Graphic Ad: