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  1. 1. A glimpse into funny online videosThe internet has come in to become a mighty force in our lives today and this is the reason why a lotmany people head to the World Wide Web to provide them with the answers to many questions. If youquestion is related to entertainment and having some fun and humour in your life, then the WorldWide Web would surely not disappoint you. This is because a lot much funny and humorous contentis published today over the internet, which you can enjoy anytime and anywhere. Funny videosonline are a good example of the same and a lot many people can be seeing viewing these videos ona day to day basis.Funny videos can today be found published over many video sharing sites. These funny videosstarted off as made content which was either recorded after scripting or designed by designers.However as cameras have started to become a common household accessory, a lot of people havecome in to shoot funny moments which happen in the day to day life and are uploading them over theinternet for the world to see. You would be surprised to see how famous these funny videos onlinehave become in the modern day, by seeing the number of likes and views they get from the internetcommunity. As social networking grows, there is a special section or a module on the socialnetworking profile of people which commonly features these funny videos as the most watched andliked videos by these people over the internet.For More Information Funny Videos Online Please Visit viduu.com, also Visit best funny videos