5 great apps you must have

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This contents about 5 apps which are good for everyone.


  • 1. 5 Great android apps for youComposed By Agrata shukla

2. The five apps KeydicappJavaMustBabafightToutitterBasic oops 3. Keydicapp This is a java keyword dictionary for you to know the use of keywords in Java. It contains almost all keywords and its details.It is useful for you during programming time. This is good and beneficial.You could get it from agrata.store.aptoide.com here 4. JavaMust This is java must app. This is an app of audio tutorials clarifying the concepts of programming. This is very beneficial for you. You may get this app from amazon appstore To get thishttp://www.amazon.com/Agrata-shukla-JavaMust/dp/B00 5. Features of JavaMust It teaches basic concepts. It is beneficial for everyone trying to learn java It includes all the important lectures. It from introduction to end. It is very easy to use. 6. BabaFight A game to play protecting baba from enemies and is suitable for all ages. This is funny game . You could like it.Get it from download from here 7. Toutitter It is a game of playing bablette ,balls ,chakri etc. It contains five games and is very funny. You could like it .It is very interesting. You could get it from here 8. Basic oops This is an app which teaches you basic concepts of object oriented technology and is beneficial to oops students. This is very good & proper for those who begin to learn c++ etc. You could get it from here 9. Discuss at myforumapps.finddiscussion.com 10. Discuss at myforumapps.finddiscussion.com 11. Download Amoeba ppt from here