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    ARJUN MAURYAIn partial fulfillment of award of the degree





    SEPTEMBER 2015







    The GM Locomotives have been included in the Diesel Locomotive fleet of Indian railway.Production of GM locomotive has already started in DLW, Varanasi. The 4000 HP, computercontrolled GM locomotive has a large number of special and improved features vis-a-vis theAlco design diesel locomotive presently running in Indian railway. All those in the field of diesellocomotive need to get acquainted with the GM locomotive. This book Introduction hand bookon GM locomotive prepared by the CAMTECH has been prepared with the purpose ofdisseminating the introductory information to all those in diesel loco maintenance field

    Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) established in 30 April 1956. Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) got its first ISO certification in 1997, recently DLW has obtained the integrated Quality and environment management system certification based on ISO-9001 and ISO14001 in December 2002.DLW is proud to be the pioneer in this area amongst the government/public sector units in the country. Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) is the organization of Indian railways. Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) is the organization which makes the diesel electric rail engine for the Indian railway. Diesel Locomotives Works (DLW) is making two types of diesel electric rail engine for the Indian railways. These two types of rail engines are ALCO and EMD diesel rail engine. Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) also makes DGSet for the Indian railways



    No. Description Page No.

    1. Abstract 2 2. Introduction 4

    3. Introduction of the GM Locomotive 5-9

    4. Traction motor 5-10

    5. Learning Out Come From Training 11-12

    6. Various part of Fabrication 13-18

    7. Fuel Oil System 19-22

    8. Cooling Water System 22 -23

    9. Lube Oil System 23-26

    10. Compressed air system 27-30

    11. GM locomotive Vs Alco locomotive 31



    1. The WDG4 & WDP4 series of DLW make locomotives are GM (General Motor) locomotives.

    2. The GM locomotive models are GT46 MAC for goods service and GT46 PAC for passengersservice.

    3. The GM locomotive is fitted with engine model no. 710G3B.

    4. The GM locomotive is equipped with a microprocessor based computer control system- referred to as EM- 2000 locomotive. The computer controlled system is equipped with a diagnostic display system (DDS) in the cab to provide an interface between the locomotive driver and the computer. The EM- 2000 computer is programmed to monitor and control locomotive traction power, record and indicate faults, and allow diagnostic testing.

    5. The GM locomotives are also fitted with equipments like Engine, Turbo super charger,Compressor, Alternator, Traction motors etc. like those in ALCO locomotive but their designs aredifferent.

    6. The GM locomotive are also provided with Fuel oil system, Lube oil system, Cooling watersystem, Charged air system, Compressed air system, Air brake system, Electrical system andvarious safety devices like those in ALCO locomotive but their designs are different.

    7. The GM locomotive power pack is 16 cylinder, Two strokes, 'V arrangement, Internalcombustion engine. 8. The GM locomotive is highly fuel efficient having 11% better fuelefficiency compared to the ALCO design locomotive.

    9. The GM locomotive is a 4000 BHP locomotive.

    10. The GM locomotive is having highly improved maintainability compared to ALCOlocomotive.




    Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) manufactures the diesel electric locomotive enginefor Indian railways.Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) manufactures two types of dieselelectric locomotive engine. First one isALCO type of diesel electric engine. It is 4stroke engines so it is produces less power. Thats why this type ofdiesel engine hasless production. Second type of diesel engine is EMD engine. It is 2 stroke engines. Soit isproduces more power so it is also known as High Horse Power (HHP) or GeneralMotor (GM).


    Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) is located in the Indias holy cityVaranasi (Uttar Pradesh). In the VaranasiDiesel Locomotive Works (DLW) placearound 300 hectares. This Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) helps inthe progress of the Indian railways and India.7Only after the engine parameters are found perfect the powerpack are cleared for application on locomotives.1.4.7.

    1.3.Component Fabrication:

    Precision cutting and forming of sheet metal is utilised for manufacture of superstructures including driverscab engine hoods, and compartments for housingelectrical equipment. All activities connected with pipes likepickling, bending, cutting,forming and threading of pipes of various sizes are undertaken in another well-equippedwork area.All electrical equipment is assembled in the fabricated control compartments anddriver'scontrol stands are done in another work area.


  • 81.4.8.

    1.4.Under frame Fabrication:

    Under frames are fabricated with due care to ensure designed weld strength. Requisitecamber to the underframe is provided during fabrication itself. Critical welds are testedradio-graphically.Welder training and theirtechnical competence are periodically reviewed. High HorsePower (HHP) under frame is fabricated usingheavy fixtures, positioners to ensuredown hand welding. Fixtures are used to ensure proper fitting ofcomponents andquality welding in subsequent stages.


  • 8

  • Bogie Manufacturing:

    Special purpose machines are utilized for machining cast and fabricated bogie frames.Axle and wheel discmachining is undertaken on sophisticated CNC machines. Inner diameter of wheel discs are matched with theouter diameter of axles and assembled onwheel press. The complete truck (bogie), including bogie frames,wheels and axles, brake rigging and traction motors are assembled which is ready for applicationtolocomotive.

    Loco Assembly:

    Tested engines are receives from Engine Division. Similarly under frames are receivedfrom Loco frame shopand assembled trucks from Truck machine shop. Superstructurecompartments and contractor compartment arereceived from respective manufacturingand assembly shops of Vehicle Division. Important alignments likecrank shaftdeflection, compressor alignment and Eddy Current clutch/radiator fan alignment aredone duringassembly stage.Electrical control equipments are fitted and control cable harnessing is undertaken.Thecomplete locomotive is thus assembled before being sent onwards for final testing andspray painting. All


  • locomotive are rigorous tested as per laid down test procedures before the locomotive is taken up forfinal painting and dispatch for service.

    Traction motor:

    Electric motor providing the primary rotational torque of amachine, usually for conversion into linear motion.

    3. Reason for choosing this training

    I choose Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) for summer vocational training because

    It is the department of Indian Railways.

    It is only in India which manufactured Diesel Locomotive.

    It is ISO-9001, ISO14001 and OHS 18001 certified.

    DLW high production rate 250 locomotive per year.

    In Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) there are many heavy and advancemachines like Portal millingmachine, Angular boring machine, CNC machineetc.


  • FIG. Traction Motor

    In Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) there are high and advanced weldingtechnics like Submerged ArcWelding, Forging welding, Gas Metal ArcWelding and etc.

    Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) exports their products to other country likeShri Lanka, Angola, Vietnam,Tanzania, Bangladesh & Malaysia.

    They making Diesel engine of two types EMD and ALCO. One two stroke andother is four stroke. So wecan no common difference between them.

    We can know about diesel engine and its firing orde.4.


  • Learning Outcome from training:

    4.1.Nomenclature of diesel locomotive: The first letter (gauge)

    1.W-Indian broad gauge (The "W" Stands for Wide Gauge - 5 Feet)2.Y-metre gauge (The "Y"stands for Yard Gauge - 3 Feet)3.Z-narrow gauge(2 f t 6 in)4 . N - n a r r o w g a u g e ( 2f t )

    The second letter (motive power)


    C-DC electric (can run under DC traction only)

    A-AC electric (can run under AC traction only)

    CA-Both DC and AC (can run under both AC and DC tractions), 'CA' is considereda single letter

    B-Battery electric locomotive (rare)

    The third letter (job type)

    1 G - G o o d

    2 . P - p a s s e n g e r

    3. M-mixed; both goods and passenger 4.S-Used for shunting (Also known as switchinge