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Car tyre rims

P.Siddhartha11305044 car wheel rims

Importance of wheel rimsMetals used to makeDifferent processes in useBest method of preparation


Therimis the outer edge of a wheel, holding the tireIt makes up the outer circular design of thewheelon which the inside edge of thetireis mounted on vehicles such asautomobiles.In the 1st millennium BC anironrim was introduced around the wooden wheels ofchariots.


Consists of three parts

Wheel baseRimspokesconstruction

Aluminium alloys and steel

Aluminium has better qualities than steel like

StrengthHeat resistanceBetter breaking systemBut cost is higher than steel

Metals used in rimsForgingCasting

Forging has more advantages when compared to castingForged rims can bear heavy loadForged wheels are free from pores and cavitiesForged rims have better mechanical properties

Methods in useFollows 6 steps1.making wheel disks2.making wheel rim3.assembling disks into rim4.finishingBest method : forging

7initially pressures applied flat disk by some series of presses

first press gives the center of disk

For 1 inch 16 gauge steel 5 tons of Pressure is required

Making rim disks

The windows are cut in disk by second pressing on the rimWindows give good look and Strengthen the diskBy third pressing the disk is made into bowl shape and has particular angles for particular designsHoles are made around center disk to mount it on vehicle

Making rim disks

The sheet metal is rolled by cold rolling process to remove excess material

Then sheet is rolled into circular ring and egdes are joined by welding

The excess welding wastes are scratched out Making wheel rims

The rim is forged into curved shapes by using high pressuresThen the rim is shaped by a series of rollers to provide the rim a bead seatto hold the bead wall of tire

Forging the rim into curved shape

The rim and disk both are allowed to finishingFinishing gives a plain smooth view of rim and diskFinishing both rim and disk

The disk is placed in rim and a high pressure is applied on disk to get fit into rim

Then the contact of both are welded together

Assembling disk and rim

The sequence of steps

It may be carried out by automated machines or by manualIn automation the laser detects the flawsIn manual a marking block is used to check the perfect spherical shape rim Inspection

There is a wide range of applications for wheel rims especially in automobiles,they are heart of automobile industryInstead of rims it is impossible to have great grip on wheels and braking systemsEven bicycles , motor cycles have rims as per the size and shape of designRails run on rail road on these rims which are more stronger than actual rimsapplications


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