Gearbox Design Ideas - Creative Journey

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GEARBOX DESIGNIDEASMEE30003Mim Eguiazarian - David Orlowski - Yasith Dhamsara - Myles ODonnell

Our TaskDesigning a gearbox to complete given task:

Pulling a mass of minimum 10kg up a sloped ramp of ~46 degrees

Must pull the mass for a minimum length of 50cm

Has to pull the mass up the slope in the quickest amount of time

Is to perform the task utilising only the Motor provided

Refer to the criteria in the unit outline.

Our TaskPulling a load up a rampDesign gearbox for task

Theory Relating To The TaskTorque - Lifting potentialGear ratios - Transfer of torqueShaftsBearingsLubrication

Theory relating to our task?

Analysing the Performance FormulaPerformance is calculated according to the formula:

P = m*g*h m*g*h t*V*I t*D^3

Important factors to minimise - D (longest Axial Distance) t (time taken to travel 50cm)Must base design around a compromise between the two to obtain greatest performance.

Initial Ideas For DesignKeep it simpleSimple constant mesh arrangement of spur gears with trains - Worried about torquePlanetary gears/Epicyclic gearbox - Compact - May be too difficultKeep a small footprint for the gearbox

Offset gearbox arrangement

Design IdeasIntial two gear setup, concerns about torque?Six gear setup with trains mes

Gearbox Concepts