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<p>0966566728723, 0966550478486, 0923350179394 </p> <p>IHSAN UL HAQ</p> <p>Piping/Mechanical Plumbing &amp; HVAC(Quality Assurance / Piping Design &amp; Engineering)</p> <p>Industry Preference: ConstructionLocation Preference: Gulf</p> <p> Key Skills Profile Summary</p> <p> Approved Plumbing / Piping Inspection Engineer with B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering), leveraging nearly 20 years of dynamic career in Quality Assurance &amp; Control &amp; Piping Operations Currently associated with GIS Bureau Veritas (Aramco Approved) Jizan economical city Baish, Saudi Arabia as Underground Piping and Plumbing Engineer Acknowledged for working as QA/QC, Mechanical, Plumbing, HVAC Engineer in construction/commissioning activities Accomplished the timely closing of techno-commercial evaluation of contract, along with ensuring a timely delivery as well as engineering &amp; technical compliance with contractors Expertise in developing conceptual design &amp; piping item as per codes and standards of piping entailing drawings &amp; specification study, vendor selection &amp; finalization, schedule for development, tool modification and final approval Proficiency in reviewing project specific Inspection and Test Plan (ITP), reviewing procedures and maintaining QC documentation to ensure adequate documented evidence is available to prove contract compliance Proven skills at maintaining extensive knowledge of building codes, specifications and effectively supervising, training &amp; scheduling company employees with contractors &amp; subcontractors to mediate conflicts</p> <p>Quality Assurance &amp; Control</p> <p>Piping Engineering </p> <p>HVAC &amp; Plumbing</p> <p>Installation &amp; Commissioning </p> <p>Testing &amp; Inspection</p> <p>Mechanical Engineering </p> <p>Project Management</p> <p>Technical Bid Evaluation</p> <p>Instrumentation &amp; Designing </p> <p> Soft Skills</p> <p>Planner </p> <p>Motivator </p> <p>Communicator </p> <p>Collaborator </p> <p>Change Agent </p> <p> Education</p> <p> B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering from Preston University, Kohat in 2006 with 82% Associate Engineering (Mechanical) from Govt. College of Technology, Faisalabad in 1996 with 58%</p> <p> Certifications</p> <p> API-570 (Process Piping Inspector) Dammam, KSA, valid up to 2018 API-510 (Pressure Vessel Inspector) Dammam, KSA, valid up to 2018 API-577 (Welding and Metallurgy) Dammam, KSA, valid up to 2018 Certified ASNT Level II as per SNT-TC-1A UT, PT, MT, RT valid up to 2021 (LEED Green Building) Certified Leadership in Energy and Environment Design GBCI, Dammam, KSA, valid up to 2017 ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Awareness IRCA Certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Training (Result Awaiting)</p> <p> Training / Certifications</p> <p> Defensive Driving Training Course Fall Protection Training Course Certification of Completion in RFP-007 Certificate of Recognition Safe Work at site Training of Fall Protection conducted by Saudi Aramco Training of Confined Space conducted by Saudi Aramco Safety and Technical Online E. Learning</p> <p> Work Experience</p> <p>Since Oct11 with GIS Bureau VERITAS (Aramco Approved GIS)</p> <p>NGPIU at Abqaib, KSA RPO-007 with different Project including Community and Oil &amp; gas as HVAC and as Plumbing EngineerSAPIU at Jubail, KSA-Wasit Gas Plant NGL Fractionation Unit Package Inlet and Gas Package as Piping UG/AG and Plumbing EngineerCurrently working at Jizan Economical City Baish in Package as UG and Plumbing Engineer</p> <p>Roles Handled: QA/QC Engineer, Piping Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Plumbing Engineer, HVAC Engineer</p> <p>Key Result Areas: Working at PID (Project Inspection Department) QA/QC at Saudi Aramco Projects, organizing kick of meetings (proposal, engineering &amp; construction phase) and addressing quality requirements for various phases of projects Providing day-to-day direction for inspection of new facilities in line with engineering &amp; Saudi Aramco standards Conducting inspection of: Pipe spool internal cleaning (air blowing) prior installation Pipe laying inspection at pipe rack and sleeper way Visual &amp; dimensional inspection on fit-up base, IFC drawing and approving WPS requirements, alignment and plumpness Pipe support installation as per IFC drawing Valve installation Witnessed field valve testing (body test, seat test and back seat test) Bolt torqueing and bolt tensioning activities Undertaking: Pretest punch list as per approved isometric drawing and P&amp;ID Hydro testing and pneumatic testing Preparing final punch list in line with reference approved latest revised isometric drawing and P&amp;ID drawings Developing punch list items during line checking as per project specifications &amp; standards Checking quality and recommending solutions through designated channels Analyzing piping test packages prior to pneumatic / hydro testing Assisting sub-contractor QC Inspector in inspections and review of piping &amp; closing of NCR Generating inspection reports, worksheets, non-compliance reports, log book entries and onsite inspection findings Managing: Installation &amp; inspection of lift station for oily water, sanitary water and storm water sewer systems Calibration of equipment based on the method of statement &amp; vendor's recommendation Creating punch list through MCC walkthrough for plumbing, fire-fighting equipment and components installation Implementing project, coordinating CP installation &amp; commissioning activities for CDS / CHCD systems Upgrading existing CP system and performing: Interference test with foreign pipelines at crossing locations Inspection (RFI) as per the latest approved (ITP) Bolt tightening activities to produce necessary documentation Inspection for shaft Alignment (1st, 2nd and Hot Alignment) with minimum allowable Tolerance Inspection of platforms, handrails, ladders, overhead traveling crane as per approved drawing and standards Heading pre-commissioning activities of rotating equipment, procedures reviews for water flushing, chemical cleaning, de-greasing, air blowing, oil flushing, motor solo run, mechanical run and operational tests Evaluating performance curves for machines, equipment base / base plates adequacy, anchor / foundation design load calculations, axial forces versus axial deflections, painting specifications, MDR (Manufacturing Data Reports / Books), spare parts and variety of relevant documents Dealing with technical bids evaluation, detail and field engineering / modifications / response to site technical queries, review of data sheets, IOMs, Fat reports, GAD / cross sectional drawings, P&amp;IDs, analysis data, modification schemes &amp; mechanical seals Supervising installation &amp; commissioning of: Reverse osmosis plant (SO SAFE,AQUA FINA) Electric water heater made by super Asia, Zenith, Hayward Fire fight pumps (Marsh, Fairbank, and Grandfos) Multi stage booster pumps for raw water and drinking water system Caterpillar gas engine, heavy duty niigata furnace / diesel oil engine, gas turbine (turbo mach) including waste heat recovery boiler, boiler feed pumps and inline gear pump Galvanized iron pipe (light, medium), carbon steel pipe (sch-40 A-53,A 106) PPRC pipe PN-10, PN-16, PN-20, UPVC pipe, polyethylene pipe SDR-8, SDR-10, SDR-21 and valves Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) or copper tubing for use as residential and commercial buildings water pipes Swimming pool with equipment and accessories such as chemical dosing pumps, inlets, skimmer, modular grating, outlets (IML Spain) recirculation pumps and high flow sand filter (Hayward, USA) Ducting system, HVAC equipment as per ASHRAE and SMACNA such as chiller (York, Carrier, Brad), AHU, FCU, Fire and Smoke Damper Monitoring hydro testing of CPVC, UPVC, PPRC, PP, RTR, FRP piping in accordance with approved drawing </p> <p>Approvals: Saudi Aramco Approved Plumbing / Piping Inspection Engineer (SAP #70016391) Saudi Aramco Approved VID inspector QM-69 (SAP # 70019338)</p> <p>Accomplishments: Managed a team of Quality control (10) for Piping material specification including piping thickness calculation and data sheet of Valve &amp; SM items Led 25 projects as Piping Lead entailing man-hour estimation, delivery schedules, input analysis, study piping</p> <p> Previous Experience Sep08-Aug11 with Izhar construction Pvt. Ltd., Carrefour(Hyperstar)at Lahore and Shahbaz airport Jacobabad as Mechanical &amp; Plumbing (MEP SYSTEMS) Engineer</p> <p>Mar02-Aug08 with Eden Housing Pvt. Ltd., Lahore as HVAC &amp; Public Health Supervisor</p> <p>Sep00-Feb02 with Akbar Associate, Lahore as Plumbing Supervisor</p> <p>Sep99-Aug00 with Eden Developers Pvt. Ltd., Lahore as HVAC &amp; Public Health Supervisor</p> <p>Feb99-Sep99 with Akbar Associate, Lahore as Plumbing Supervisor</p> <p>Jul97-Feb99 with Sitara Energy Pvt. Ltd., Faisalabad as Mechanical Maintenance Technician Jul96-May97 with Pakistan Services Ltd., Lahore as Mechanical Plumbing Supervisor</p> <p>Equipment Purview</p> <p>Insightful knowledge of: American standards such as ASME, ANSI SMACNA, ASTM, NFPA, NEMA, and OSHA pertaining to infrastructure, Oil and Gas Engineering International standard ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3, ASME B31.4, ASME B31.8, ASME Section-VIII, ASME Section-IX ASME Section-V &amp; API-571 UPC, UMC and IPC NSF, FM and UL Hydrostatic pressure testing of underground and ground piping systems Wells, video logging for water wells, casing repairs, submersible turbines, submersible pumps and faulty casings Fire sprinkler piping, fuel piping, chill water, hot water piping, AHU, FCU and ducting Project permanent materials like non-shrink Cementous and Epoxy grout Laser, hot, reverse &amp; radial-axial ( face &amp; rim ) shaft alignment Calibrated dumpy level, theodolite, inside and outside micrometer, dial indicator, precision level, vernier caliper, inclinometer, pyrometer and tachometer Fiberglass Reinforced Thermosetting Resin, Pipe system from Bond Strand Ltd., Dammam (Wasit Gas Plant, KSA)</p> <p>Projects Handled:</p> <p>Organisation: GIS Bureau VERITAS (Aramco Approved GIS)Client: Saudi Aramco Company </p> <p>EPC Contractor: CHEC, TR and SEPCO IIISub-Contractor: MAC, BEMCO, RASAL, DESCON, CBI, SINOPECProject: Jizan Economical City Baish Jizan, KSAProject Title: Sea Water System Package #06 Utility and Common Area Package #05 and Power Block Package #04Role: Piping (AG/UG) &amp; Plumbing QA/QC Engineer (PID)Period: Oct15-Present</p> <p>EPC Contractor: SK E &amp; CSub-Contractor: SINOPEC / CCC / MMG / L&amp;TProject: WASIT Gas Plant, Al-Jubail, KSAProject Title: NGL Fractionation Package #04 and Inlet &amp; Gas /Train 100 to 400, MEG Area Package #04Role: Piping (AG/UG) &amp; Plumbing QA/QC Engineer (PID), Approved Quality Inspector (SAP #70016391)Period: Oct11-Sep15</p> <p>Client: Eden Developers Pvt. Ltd., LahoreRole: HVAC &amp; Public Health SupervisorProjects: Eden Canal Villas Eden Lane-1 Eden Lane-2</p> <p>Client: Pakistan Services Ltd., LahoreRole: Mechanical Plumbing SupervisorProject: Pearl Continental (PC) Hotel Ext.</p> <p>Seminars RTR Bondsrand Training Course from Wasit Gas Plant, KSA in Oct12 American Society of Mechanical Engineers-Eastern Saudi Arabia Section, Belgicast Soft Seated Valves by Talis from Le-Meridian Hotel, AL-Khobar, KSA in Mar13 ASME-Eastern Saudi Arabia Section, Problems Affecting Heat Exchanger Performance and Most Efficient Solutions from Carlton Al-Moaibed Hotel, Al-Khobar, KSA in Mar18</p> <p> Personal Details</p> <p>Date of Birth: 2nd October 1977Passport No.: BZ1117331 / Valid Till: Up to 2026Marital Status: Married / No. of Dependents: 07Driving License: KSAAddress: Chak No.:248/R.B Nai Abadi BISMILLAH Pur Tehsil &amp; District-Faisalabad</p>