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Creative Journey

Creative JourneyMachine Design Semester 1 2016

Group Members:Nuwan Ranasinghe 4927788 Nisal Ranaweera 2046725Nuwan Sampath 4967801Bawantha Liyanage 5845742

Our Task To re-design and optimise the pedalbox of the Immortus

The Pedalbox: How It FunctionsAn assembled device that converts mechanical force to the brakes and acceleration systems from the driver

Some pedal boxes contain a clutch pedal, which aids in the manual shifting of gears

A pedal box should allow the driver to have full control over the vehicles acceleration and braking performance

Elaborate on how it functions.3

Relevance Current design is lacking in a few mechanical components to complete its intended function

The pedal box prototype provided by EVX has not been optimised sufficiently

Our prototype currently does not meet the required standards of the EVX Immortus

The prototype does not have the required roadworthy standards (rubber cover seals to prevent slipping etc.)

Why do we need one in the car??4

Novelty Floor Mounted push back technology

Adjustable Throttle geometry

Dual Mounting feet - Reduce floor modifications

Adjustable push rod length (Throttle progression)


Elegance Current pedal box design is not aesthetically pleasing

The parts are very scattered and overly complex

Further refining is necessary to create functional yet streamlined design whilst fulfilling EVX requirements for the Immortus

GenesisMulti ratio mounting brackets for brake pedal to allow different rations to be used

Baller bearings to be used to increase the smoothness

Come up with a Innovative Design for throttle tuning via unique PE Design without disassembly

Adjustable pedal boxes with rails can move forward and backward depending on the drivers preferences.


ConclusionRefine the existing pedal box

Continue exchanging information with Brakes, Acceleration and Electrical Systems teams

Must get in touch with Chassis team to discuss pedal box placement