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Automobile chassis and automobile body

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Text of Automobile chassis and automobile body

To study automobile chassis and automobile body

To study automobile chassis and automobile bodyPrepared by : Rudrik Joshi

Chassis Chassis is a French term and was initially used to denote the frame or main structure of a vehicle.

The term chassis is now extensively used to denote the complete vehicle except body for the heavy vehicle a separate body.

Components of chassisChassis contains following components:FrameFront axleRear axleSteering systemSuspension systemEngineBrake system

Classification of chassis According to its controlConventional chassisSemi forward chassisFull forward chassis

According to fitting of engine:Engine at frontEngine fitted in front but crosswiseEngine fitted at centre of chassisEngine fitted at back

Cont. According to number of wheels fitted in vehicle and the number of driving wheel:4 * 2 drive chassis vehicle4 * 4 drive chassis vehicle6 * 2 drive chassis vehicle6 * 4 drive chassis vehicle

Frame The frame is the main part of chassis on which the remaining parts of the chassis are mounted.

It is a rigid structure that forms a skelton to hold all the major parts together.

The engine is mounted on forward end of frame.

Function of frame The main function of frame are :To support the chassis components and the body.To withstand static and dynamic loads with undue deflection.

Types of frame The frames are made of following steel sections:Channel section: for long member, good in bendingBox section : for short member, good in bending and torsionTubular section : good in torsion

Cont.1. Conventional frame:It is also known as non load carrying frame. Here the load on vehicles are transferred to the suspension by frame.The body is made of wood.Not much suited to resist torsion.

2. Semi integral frame:Rubber body mounts are replaced by relatively stiff mounts so that a part of frame load is transferred to body structure.This frame is heavy.

Cont. 3. Integral frame:In this type there is no frame and all assembly are attached to the body.In this, the chassis becomes a sub frame and other sub frames are used for the front and rear suspnsion units.

Body Body is the super structure of vehicle. The chassis and body makes the complete vehicle.In larger vehicles, the chassis and body are each made as a separate unit and then bolted together.The body is usually made from a large number of steel pressing which are welded together.

Types of body

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