Acrylic gearbox creative journey

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Acrylic Gearbox Creative Journey

Acrylic Gearbox Creative JourneyDan Gellert, Julio Melo, Raymond Bell

Design Sketch

Different ideas of design Learning from other peoples mistakes.Making the design suitable for the jobHow will it perform ?

Safety DiagnosisIs it safe to use?How can we make it safe ?

DurabilityHow much can it take ?Calculations needed.

Types of Gears

Performance formula

DpulleyfinishstartmgvelocitygearboxMass being lifted



DC motor characteristics


CalculationsAT MAX EFFICIENCY Efficiency(%): 49.6 Power (W): 5.96 Speed (RPM): 9679 Torque (G.CM):60 Current (AMP): 2

AT MAX POWER Output (W): 6.44 Speed (RPM): 7845 Torque (G.CM): 80 Current (AMP): 2.6

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