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Zidong Dinosaur Museum

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  • 1. Zigong DinosaurMuseum Jnis Kevis

2. The Zigong Dinosaur Museum is located in Dashanpu at ZigongCity, on the banks of a river that flows through the western-China province of Sichuan. It is Chinas first museum locatedat the actual burial site of dinosaurs and it covers 25,000square meters. 3. In 1980s, vast quantities of dinosaur fossils were excavated in the Middle Jurassic Dashanpu Formation, 7 km north-east from downtown Zigong, including a dinosaur named after the township, Dashanpusaurus. 4. Sichuans dinosaurs are numerous and one finds a veritable nestof them at Zigong. Zigong is a famous city for salt production,but it is also an important dinosaur fossil region in China. As afamous saying goes, one finds a veritable nest of dinosaurs atZigong. 5. This place is eleven kilometers to the northeast of Zigong City. Itwas discovered in 1972. The fossils are in a sandy layer of theMeso-Jurassic period, from around 160,000,000 years ago. Inan area of around 3,000 square meters, more than 100individual dinosaurs have been excavated, among which somethirty are complete or relatively complete dinosaur skeletons. 6. The newly built Zigong Dinosaur Museum mostly exhibits fossilsof dinosaurs that have been excavated from the immediatesite. The exhibition is divided into three parts: 7. Part 1: introduces general knowledge about fossils, botanicalevolution, geologic periods, the evolution of dinosaurs andspecies extinctions. 8. Part 2: introduces the group of dinosaurs from Dashanpu. In alarge space, viewers can see dinosaurs that stand 10 metershigh and are 20 meters long, as well as tiny dinosaurs. 9. Part 3: is the actual site of dinosaur burials, in an exhibition areaof 1000 square meters. This has dinosaur bones in theiroriginal setting. Observers can look down from a railing above,but can also go down into an underground room and touchthe fossils of ancient life, see the circumstances of the layersand the ores, understand the wonders and marvels of thecreations of nature.