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4th grade presentation about the symbols of Colorado

Text of Yuliana Swansea Colorado

  • 1. Colorado State Symbols Yuliana 5/19/09 Sanchez

2. The statetree

  • The state tree is the Colorados Blue Spruce.

3. The state flower

  • One of the state symbols is the flower. The flower is the White Lavender Columbine.

4. State fossil

  • The state fossil is the stegosaurus.
  • The state fossil is a DinosourStenops.

5. The state animal

  • The state animal is the Rocky Mountain Bighorn.
  • The Bighorn lives in the Rocky Mountains.

6. The state dance

  • The state dance is the square dance.
  • The square dance was popular in the early 1800s.

7. The state bird

  • The state bird is the lark bunting.
  • The people in the hundreds voted for the state bird.

8. The state Nickname

  • The state nickname is Centennial state, Colorful Colorado.