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<ul><li> 1. PRECISION ESSAYSSO YOU WANT AN MBA ^ PRECISIONESSAY </li> <li> 2. LOTS OF REASONS TO GO GET AN MBA Make more money Get promoted Meet some powerful future contacts Learnstuff (accounting, finance, etc.) Career change (Everyone wants to be a rock star!) Enjoy two years away from work Intangible benefits of the pedigreeIm here today to tell you that ALL of these things are true. If you go to a good program,you simply WILL get all these goodies. Period. -2- PRECISIONESSAY </li> <li> 3. BUT AT WHAT COST? Lose money in the short term Two years of no pay = $200K Two years of tuition = $150K Two years of beer = $50K Youre out, what, $400K? Lose your current JOB and job-track in the short term The app process stinks, and will crush your soul The smartest people dont need MBAs anywaySo what do you do? Wellyou get an MBA of course. It is just pricey -3- PRECISIONESSAY </li> <li> 4. THE COSTS ARE GREAT; THE COSTS OF NOT GETTING INOF COURSE ARE EVEN GREATER Thats where we come in. We have done 10,000 MBA applications in five years. Last year, well over 50% of our client base was international with the other 50% based in the US. All Precision Essay MBA consultants attended Magic 7 MBA programs in the US and live in the US or Europe. You will work directly with them. I have trained all our guys personallyand Raj and I look at EVERYTHING before it goes out the door. When there is a second MBA (all Deluxe packages), I do the work personally Last year over 50% of HBS students used consultants; we are expensive, but compared to $400K its a drop in the bucket! PRECISIONESSAY -4- </li> <li> 5. THE COSTIS PEANUTS. LETS REVISIT OUR LIST Lose money in the short term If you play your cards right, you will earn this money back in five years. Period. And 10X it in your lifetime Lose your current JOB and track in the short term If you were perfectly happy with your career you wouldnt be looking to go to school. The app process stinks Man up folks! So what, three tough months. (You.) Itll all be a memory soon. And worth it if you play your cards right. The smartest people dont need them anyway Sure, but even Stoppelman came up w the idea for Yelp at HBS -5- PRECISIONESSAY </li> <li> 6. SO WERE IN AGREEMENT: LETS GET AN MBA.BUT. Look out for some very common myths. Misinformation.Three myths to be exact.1) An MBA will grant me FREEDOM. I want to go to bschool for freedom. I want to learn new things, meet new people, and find myself. Who knows what Im gonna do after school Recruiting starts in October. You have four weeks to find yourself. Loans anyone? (Time in Bschool) (You.) Many applicants hope that the world will open up to them when they graduate; but in fact, the opposite is the case. The world gets muuuuch smaller once you arrive at bschool -6- PRECISIONESSAY </li> <li> 7. MYTH #2: FIT. 2) Fit is important when considering Bschools. I like financeso I should likely go to CBS. The Golden Rule: Go to the best school you can get into. Network Getting a job Mileage in 30 years A case study: raising money in the film business. Do not choose a school based on a scholarship. If top ten (or even 15) isnt right for you, THEN start to look at other factors, like geography or specialties. But mostly, just go to the best school you can get into. -7- PRECISIONESSAY </li> <li> 8. MYTH #3: ESSAY QUESTIONS. 3) Essay questions REALLY matter. I am so stressed about my essays! Where do I even begin... Ignore essay questions. The entire game is predicated on your putting your best foot forward. You have 4 stories that MUST be told. It doesnt matter what the essay questions aretell these four stories. At all costs. Dont let the wording of topic of any one question force you to use your seventh or eighth best story in an app The same is actually true with interviews. But we are getting ahead of ourselves And dont forget, go to the best school you can get into. -8- PRECISIONESSAY </li> <li> 9. THE ALMIGHTY CAREER GOALSo we now know that we should apply, how to select schools, we even know a bitabout how to select essay topics to write about. Now, lets talk about career goals. After all, it is BUSINESS school. No matter what else you do, if youre career goals are screwy, you wont get into a top MBA program. What is a good career goal?YOU MUST CONNECT YOUR PAST EXPERIENCES TO YOUR FUTURE GOALS. An example of how it should work (real estate finance into real estate development, investment management into investment banking) An example of how it should not work (IT into non-profit, non profit into investment banking) -9- PRECISIONESSAY </li> <li> 10. THE ALMIGHTY CAREER GOALBut Jon, how could anyone expect me to know what I actually want to do in life? Good question, I dont actually know what I wanna do either. Never mind that, they are testing your judgment. Can you come up with a plan that makes sense? Can you come up with a plan that will yield a JOB? Do you understand what business school is, and how to use the MBA? Dont get too personal, this is BUSINESS school. By the way, most people actually do what they say they will do, including me. Real estate. Why? Because the best apps will show off your greatest skillsand thats what you will get paid to do upon graduation -10- PRECISIONESSAY </li> <li> 11. BEYOND THE CAREER GOAL, BEYOND THE ESSAYS LORs Often, applicants write them themselves. This is very, very bad. It is obvious. Not a killer, but obvious. We leave out a TON of great stuff. Why? 70-30 rule. The role of specificsthere are only so many adjectives. The role ofTONE! Versus the role of, well, tone? Interview Prep First, prep the obvious questions. Plenty of sites have lists. Figure there are 25 of em90% of the time, thats all you will be asked. Go in with YOUR stories. Ignore the questions. This will be genius, especially if you run out of stories, or get stumped... PRECISIONESSAY -11- </li> <li> 12. TOP TWO MISTAKES WE SEE AT PRECISION ESSAY *95% of aaaaall the apps we see make two main mistakes.* 1) Jargon I convinced my lead designer to utilize a unique hardiboard construction that allowed load limits to support up to eighteen thousand tons of dispersed force, far more than OSHA guidelines allowed. When we withstood CAD 5 testing, I knew we succeeded. Would a 14 year old get what youre saying? A dentist? My grandmother? What about a waitress in a barthat youre trying to impress? Quickly? If these folks wouldnt understand what youre saying, redo it The smartest people are the ones who can explain complicated things in simple terms. Be one of those peopleand NEVER hide behind complicated language, and jargon -12- PRECISIONESSAY </li> <li> 13. TOP TWO MISTAKES WE SEE AT PRECISION ESSAY*95% of aaaaall the apps we see make two main mistakes.*2) TELLING, not SHOWING. TELLING: I earned the buy-in of senior management. SHOWING: I reached out to the CFO and COO each in three separate private meetings to earn their buy-in. TELLING: I opened a new restaurant in Chengdu, China. SHOWING: I raised $400,000 from friends and family, then met with the local council. At this meeting, they agreed to support my plans to open a restaurant.The resume is a great place to TELL what you did. But in the essays, you need to SHOWHOW youve done it. If youre paying attention, youre probably thinking if I include all that detail my essays will be too long! And yes, that is true. So tell FEWER stores. Cover LESS ground. But do it COMPLETELY instead. If youre gonna write it, SHOW it to me. Dont just TELL me. -13- PRECISIONESSAY </li> <li> 14. WHY IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO BE CREATIVE A Scary Statistic Question: How long does it take an Adcom member (on the first review) to read your entire application? Answer: 5-10 minutes! Why is this significant? Because if your essays are engaging, you will have a distinct advantage. So then, whats the secret to writing engaging essays? Dramatic Writing Focus today: Organization -14- PRECISIONESSAY </li> <li> 15. PART 2 OF 5: THE ROLE OF ESSAYS IN A CHINESE MBAAPPLICATION CREATIVE ESSAY ORGANIZATION Organization: By the Book. Example A I first envisioned my career path while working for Fluor Corporation, the worlds second largest engineering-and-construction firm. I was developing on a financial for a $1.4 billion polysilicon facility, producing an ultra-pure semiconductor used in solar panels, for a joint- venture between a German chemical giant and a local Saudi Arabian chemical firm. The joint-venture was projected to obtain a return of 500% over ten years, and the facility created over 1,000 jobs and $20 million in salaries for Saudi workers in Jubail. -15- PRECISIONESSAY </li> <li> 16. PART 2 OF 5: THE ROLE OF ESSAYS IN A CHINESE MBAAPPLICATION CREATIVE ESSAY ORGANIZATION Organization: Creative. Example B What if a $1 billion+ investment produced more than just profit? What if it also raised the standard of living of an entire community across all socio-economical strata, creating thousands of jobs and providing education at the same time? While at Fluor, the worlds second-largest engineering and construction firm, I produced a financial model for a $1.4 billion joint venture that did just that. Projected to earn a 500% return over ten years, it would also create 1,000 jobs and $20 million in salaries for Saudi workers. My dream to become CEO of a multinational chemical company, like Dow Chemical or INEOS, materialized. -16- PRECISIONESSAY </li> <li> 17. PART 2 OF 5: THE ROLE OF ESSAYS IN AN MBA APPLICATION THE ALL-IMPORTANT PITCH The Hook [Imagine its the year 1996] What if I were to tell you that within ten years, 30 million people will all be online, but with no way to keep in touch on the internet? I can solve this problem. Itch: Wow, Im intrigued whats the actual idea? Get creative gang. In just five minutes, you simply have no choice. -17- PRECISIONESSAY </li> <li> 18. PART 2 OF 5: THE ROLE OF ESSAYS IN AN MBA APPLICATION SUMMARY At this stage, you cant control your profileyou are IT and you are Indian. You are a banker from the US. You are a woman in management. So what will you do about it? What can you control? You have infinite control over how you PRESENT it. Whatever your story, remember to create an itch throughout your essays. One great and easy way to achieve that is through smart organization of your story points. -18- PRECISIONESSAY </li> <li> 19. THE ART OF THE FOREIGN MBA APPLICATION(BY THE NUMBERS) GMAT must be high. Why? 99.9% of colleges are unknown. Even in the top 3, their reputation is that students...</li></ul>


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