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  • 1.Writing and the Big 6 Model: Tips for young readers, writers and thinkers Zarah C. Gagatiga Teacher Librarian / Storyteller / Author Outgoing Chairperson, PBBY (Philippine Board on Books for Young People)

2. Writing is... Thinking Communicating with others Process 3. The Big 6 Model: Thinking Framework Task Definition Identifying Information Locating and Accessing Information Using Information Synthesis Evaluation 4. Tales From the 7,000 Isles: Filipino Folk Stories Published by ABC-CLIO, USA 2011 5. New Books on the Block Author: Zarah C. Gagatiga Illustrator: Jomike Tejido Lampara, 2013 6. New Books on the Block Author: Zarah C. Gagatiga Illustrator: Bernadette Solina Wolf Lampara, 2013 7. Task Definition What will I write about? Who do I write for? What do I want to say? How will I write what I want to say? 8. Identifying Information What information do I need so I can write about my topic or story? - folk tales, folk knowledge - songs - games - recipes - family stories - child development - experiences of growing up 9. Locating and Accessing Information Field work and interviews Travelling, journaling and observation 10. Locating Information and Access to Information Where is the information located? 11. Locating Information and Access to Information 12. Using Information Read View and visualize Pre-writing Drafts Editing and Revision 13. Synthesis Writing the manuscript Six to eight months long References and list of Bibliographies One month - Two months 14. Evaluation Proof reading Critique from peers Revision and editing Final manuscript Submission of manuscript 15. Writing is a PROCESS Step 1 - Step 2 - Step 3 - Step 4 - Step 5 - Step 6 16. Let's watch this! The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore What is your take away from the session? What will you remember?