Why digital storytelling is a great learning tool

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Copyright 2014 Rincker et. al., Purdue University Calumet


  • 1. Why Digital Storytelling is a Great Learning Tool Dr. Meg Rincker, Assistant Professor of Political Science Leslie Fusinato, PUC Student, Political Science Jason Schultz, PUC Grad, Political Science, Class of 2013
  • 2. Overview What Digital Storytelling (DS) Is Why I assign DS to my students Student Examples of their Digital Stories Process/and the Outcomes Your questions and comments
  • 3. What Digital Storytelling Is Digital Storytelling is a process where learners create a short 2-4 minute movie, featuring their voice-over script, images, and background events. Ex. Facebook Status Posts vs. Your Facebook movie -dynamic, over time -select most important moments -synced to music for emphasis
  • 4. Why I assign Digital Stories I dont have to be an expert in a technology to assign it to students! Expectations, Logistics, management. We are at the Premier Engineering University in world, people expect our students to be tech-savvy. Students know more tech already, or can figure out more than we give them credit for. It helped get Matteo Renzi appointed Youngest Italian Prime Minister.
  • 5. Generally, A Two Week Process -Before Semester starts, identify lab space or request software install. -Thursday - Kristin Norris, IUPUI did Google Chat, giving live PowerPoint on Digital Story process. Tuesday- Students bring Storyboard, a script to class. I review/revise scripts; they gather images. Thursday- Students have class time to record script, finalize putting images to words and music. Saturday 10:59 pm CST- Students sent me a YouTube link their unlisted Digital Stories.
  • 6. From Storyboard to Movie (Leslie) What Storyboard is Script Highlighting Key Words Gather Images save to Flash Drive Import Images to movie-making software (PhotoStory, Imovie, Windows Movie Maker). Record script in software, fit images and music (karaoke) files to script. Leslies Digital Story on Global Counter-Terrorism http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fmi28DpkCiM&feature =youtube
  • 7. What We Learned From Making a Digital Story (Jason) Status Quo of A Policy Issue Presentation using Emotional Appeal Build Connections From Isolated Issue to Other Related Issues Jasons Digital Story on Conventional Ammunition Stockpiles http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mVpeV1Anps&fe ature=youtu.be
  • 8. Challenges Getting Music Volume Right Recording Smooth Narration Fitting Images longer to fill narration Deciding whether to use the laptop/computer you know, versus using someone elses machine that gives you access to easier software, microphone etc. Look on Youtube for quick tutorials on Imovie, PhotoStory, Windows Movie Maker.
  • 9. Rewards!! Instructor : variety in types of assignments to grade. Student: a concrete deliverable/product they can show an employer or post on LinkedIn. Knowing video will be seen/shared increases the quality of the students final product.
  • 10. Questions? Your thoughts or comments on ways to use Digital Stories in your classes