Who cares about the Platform - Let's just focus on 21st Century Skills

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A snappy, 10 minute presentation for the VoicEd Day at Davison High School on Saturday 8th March, 2013

Text of Who cares about the Platform - Let's just focus on 21st Century Skills

  • 1.Who cares about the platform? Lets just focus on developing 21st Century Skills

2. Collaboration Knowledge Construction Self Regulation Real World Problem Solving and Innovation ICT for Learning Skilful Communication 3. Collaboration Do learners collaborate informally? Do learners have shared responsibility for achieving a joint outcome? Do learners make substantive decisions together? Learners work is interdependent? cc licensed ( BY NC ) ickr photo by Chris Goldberg: http://ickr.com/photos/chrisgold/7452405486/ 4. Knowledge Construction Meaningful knowledge construction? Significant ideas, topics questions and thinking? Make connections and identify patterns? Learners apply knowledge in a new context? 5. Self Regulation Substantive time and opportunity? Know learning intentions and success criteria in advance? Plan their own work? Use feedback to improve learning? 6. Real World Innovation and Problem Solving Real world issues? Actively inquire and pose questions? Generate possibilities, design, and test? Evaluate and take acton? cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) ickr photo by Professor Bop: http://ickr.com/photos/professorbop/3876363418/ 7. ICT for Learning Opportunity to use ICT? Required to construct knowledge and add value to learning? Create new ideas and products for authentic users? Ethical use and 21C capabilities? ! 8. Skilful Communication Requires coherent communication using range of modes? Design communication for particular audience? Substantive, multi-modal communication? Reflect to improve communication? 9. Pip Cleaves! !@pipcleaves Design | Learn | Empower http://dle.net.au pip@dle.net.auImages from: http://www.51japanesecharacters.com