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Where is SFSU's ITEC department?

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  • 1.WHERE IS SFSU, ITEC AT?By Alex, Hai & Tracy

2. We are excited to give a presentation on where the ITEC program at SFSU is at.From AskOxford:At is a preposition 1. expressing location or arrival; 2. expressing the time when an eventtakes place; 3. expressing the means by whichsomething is done. 3. So, where is SFSU ITEC at?It straddles both the PHYSICALand VIRTUAL WORLDS. 4. On this planet, theres a COUNTRY that leads innovation 5. In this country, theres a CITY that embraces changes 6. In this city, theres a UNIVERSITY that cultivates inspiration 7. In this university, theres a DEPARTMENT that does all above---ITEC! 8. In an ITEC class, you can learn from ANYONE 9. ITEC class can be ANY- WHERE 10. VIRTUAL WORLD The ITEC program is also virtually located everywhere Multiple Layers of communication from all directions 11. Connecting with Peers on iLearnShows all class participants thatstudents can connect, comment, andcontribute Allows students discussions that cantake place virtually everywhere 12. Participating on iLearnITEC students can easily connect with one another or have group discussions 13. Forums on iLearn Forums are Threads where ideas, questions, & comments are discussed 14. VIRTUAL CONFERENCING TOOLS Virtual conferencing tools enable students to attend class remotely.Online students have full view of the professor's presentation and participate with the students located in the physical classroom.If the classroom computer is equipped with a webcam, online students can see their classmates as well. 15. VIRTUAL CONFERENCING TOOLS 16. ITEC IS IN THE CLOUDS. The use of cloud computing enables members of the ITEC program to collaborate and share work. From nationalgeographics.com 17. CLOUD COMPUTING With services such as wikis and Google Docs, we take advantage of cloud computing.Shared files can be accessed from any computer.We can edit files and compare different versions to track the history of changes.From amaconferencecenters.org 18. WIKIS & GOOGLE DOCS 19. WIKIS & GOOGLE DOCS 20. THE BLOGOSPHERE Learning Journal - Never a Dull Moment! Let your ITEC peers know your thoughts. ITEC utilizes blogging as another virtual space to discuss and learn 21. THE BLOGOSPHERE ITEC is about sharing your experience with others.Follow others in their learning experience 22. SOCIAL NETWORKS Created by students for students, MyITEC is our program's social network.It uses the open-source social networking platform, Ning.We can follow each other's blogs and stay connected in our shared interests. 23. SOCIAL NETWORKS 24. SOCIAL NETWORKS