What is horary astrology?

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Horary astrology is one of the most mysterious and divinatory branches of astrology. It is used to answer a specific question.


Horary AstrologyWhat is Horary Astrology?Lillys famous Stolen Fish chart Feb 20, 1638 9:00 am Walton-on-Thames (51N24 0W25)Lilly famously saw that Jupiter in the 7th peregrine showed the thief. The Fish was ruler of the 2nd house Mercury in the 12th in Pisces (detriment/fall), Moon in Taurus will sextile Mercury in 3 degrees, showing the return of his fish, but also the corrupted state it would be in.The Moon exalted in angle also shows the return of the fish. The Sun trining Jupiter with reception, indicates that the thief will be revealed.Jupiter in Scorpio, 4th house cancer and Mercury in Pisces, Part of Fortune in Cancer shows the object to be somewhere close to water, Moon in Taurus, close to the ground.He described the thief as being a fisherman of Jupiter and Mars qualitiessince Mars was at the end of his sign, the man was judge to be about to move, so Lilly inquired if their was any fisher man who had sold his land and was about to move. Through his description a particular fellow was identified, the authorities sent and the fish restored to Lilly, but it was half eaten.1What is Horary Astrology?Horary is the branch of astrology in which we set up a chart for the time that a question takes shape, either seriously in the mind or put into words. The position of the planets at that moment will reveal the problem, its background, and also its final outcome or answer. Ivy M. Goldstein-Jacobson Simplified Horary Astrology 1960Quite simply, horary astrology is the art of astrological divination. A question is posed; the astrologer erects a chart for the moment of the question, and then makes a judgement as to the likely outcome of the matter enquired about.Derek Appleby Horary Astrology: the Art of Astrological Divination 19852What is Horary Astrology?With the development of horoscopic astrology in about the 4th century BCE, the notion of casting a chart for the start of an event or inception of an idea was born.This spawned a branch of astrology the Greeks called Katarchic astrology meaning: related to beginnings or more specifically to the creation of a beginning.This led to the use of many different types of charts most of which could be understood to have their root in a specific moment in time. This being a birth or seed moment.The horary chart is the only astrological chart that does not have an identifiable beginning or birth point. 3What is Horary Astrology?Natal chart: set for the birth of a child. Event chart: set for the time when an event occurs or begins. Decumbiture chart: set for when an individual first takes to their bed with the illness and used to diagnose, treat and trace the development of the disease. Electional chart: a chart for an event still in the future. It is set for an astrologically chosen moment most suited to begin an event or enterprise. Ingress chart: set for the ingress of the Sun into a cardinal sign, generally the Aries ingress. Used to make mundane predictions. Consultation chart: a chart set for the beginning of an astrological consultation used to help unravel what is on a clients mind.These are examples of charts that use the notion of a seed moment from which future events can be seen to unfold.4MC and ASC ruler is Mercury, the universal significator of astrology who is conjunct the modern planet, Uranus that is associated with astrology. Venus as ruler of the 9th house is the accidental significator of astrology in this chart; she is dignified and with the great benefic Jupiter. The south node is in the 9th, something of the past (astrologically speaking). There is an mutually applying trine between Mars and Venus; Mars and Mercury disposit each other. The Moon in Libra (disposited by Venus aka astrology) in the 1st, the last aspect it made was an opposition to Mercury and it now applies to Saturn. Mercury ruler Mars = Me. This chart has North node conjunct my Sun.5What is Horary Astrology?Horary astrology need to be understood within the context of astrological history. The earliest evidence we have of the practice of horary astrology is from Dorotheuss Carmen Astrologicum: 5th book, On Interrogations, written in 75 CE.Vettius Valens (2nd century CE) makes some mention of horary charts in book VIII and IX of his Anthology.Neither Ptolemy or Firmicus Maternus mention horary.Horary was in common use by the Arabs as they followed Dorotheus more than Ptolemy or Firmicus. The Arabs developed and refined the Hellenistic techniques and rules of astrology including those for horary.Ptolemy in his defence of astrology set down a scientific explanation for it based on an Aristotelian understanding of the cosmos. He single handily enthroned Natal astrology and deposed horary the direct heir to Katarchic, or divination.6What is Horary Astrology?With the reintroduced of Arabic astrology into Europe in the 12th Century, came horary which proved very popular from the 12th through the 17th centuries. The principle and rules of horary come from the work of 9th century Arab astrologer Sahl bin Bishr. He was the source for most medieval horary astrologers.Guido Bonatti in the 13th Century wrote The Book of Astronomy which has an extensive section on Horary. The high point for Horary astrology occurred in 17th century England when William Lilly wrote his classic Christian Astrology.Horary along with astrology in general, declined substantially from the 18th century onward. 7What is Horary Astrology?The 18th , 19th and 20th Centuries were not so kind to Horary, though it did continue to survive despite the negative backlash against it.Horary does not figure in either of the two major astrological developments of the 20th century: cosmobiology and humanistic or archetypal astrology.Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson wrote Simplified Horary Astrology in 1960. She used the outer planets giving them co-rulership of Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces.In 1990 Olivia Barclay wrote Horary Astrology Rediscovered a work inspired by her discovery of William Lillys work. She is responsible for the revival of horary astrology.8What is Horary Astrology?Horary astrology has often been denigrated by astrologers of the day and even today it is dismissed, ridiculed and scorned by many.Ptolemy in his attempt to defend astrology from criticism, gave it a scientific and theoretical structure that removed any divinatory elements from the astrology he presents in his Tetrabiblos.Jean-Baptiste Morin a contemporary of William Lilly wrote a book on Interrogation in which he spent 9 out of 11 chapters proving the falseness of this Arabic invention.AJ Pearce said that it was: "The absurd and unwarrantable use made of the horary branch of astrology, in the Middle ages. which was the blame for astrologys reduced status by the 19th century9What is Horary Astrology?Horary astrology, as practiced today, is the vilest rubbish imaginable, and not worthy of the name. Indeed, it is not astrology at all, but simply divination, for which purpose geomancy or card laying would answer just as well IT IS THE CURSE OF THE SCIENCE AND THE RUIN OF THE ASTROLOGER. It requires very little skill to become a successful Horary Astrologer, and it will very often happen that those who shrink from the more abstruse study of natal Astrology may become experts in divination by the aid of horary figures.Alan Leo, one of the most influential astrologers of the early 20th century.10What is Horary Astrology?Modern astrology was birthed out of Theosophical ideas and Jung psychology; it was synthesised and presented as a totally new type of astrology, which was different to traditional astrology and had left the old and archaic concepts behind.Horary lacks any easily conceived rational or material basis.Horary threatens any claim that astrology may have to being based in natural or psychological science and therefore taken seriously by the public.Horary challenges the accepted paradigm on which we base most of our astrology; the idea of the birth or seed moment. Horary highlights astrologys roots in astral divination making it more akin to superstition than a serious study, in the eyes of many.11What is Horary Astrology?Astrology, including modern astrology, is based on Ptolemy and his orthodox understanding of the cosmos which has its roots in the Aristotelian concept of Celestial Causation - that is the position and motion of the planets and stars cause things to be and event to happen.Both the modern and the ancients had the notion that planets influence us and unless we make a concerted effort to use our reason, to become aware, or conscious of this influence, we will stay under planetary influence. This is basically a view of a Causal Universe, in which the Soul with effort is capable of rising above the causal influence of the star, but the body and Nature are at their mercy.12What is Horary Astrology?In contrast there is the Platonic/Hermetic inspired notion of Cosmic Sympathy the position and motion of the planets and stars mirror the external and internal qualities of the moment.This implies long chains of correspondences linking different celestial planets with certain places, plants, minerals, animals, human traits and moments in time. The notion of a Doctrine of Signature comes out of the principle of Cosmic Sympathy.Hermeticism takes this notion one step further and proposes that we can use or influence this cosmic sympathy in order to create a desired outcome; this is the basis of astrological magic.13What is Horary Astrology?The practice and success of horary interpretation challenges the concept of Celestial Causation and validates the idea of Cosmic Sympathy and astrological signification. Whatever rational justification we can make for natal, mundane or event charts, falls apart when applied to horary charts. The success of horary charts reveals to us the mystery of the connections of time, place, life and human soul in a way that other forms of astrology doesnt. Horary is best understood from the perspective of an ancient world view in which the mythic, scientific, spiritual, physical, cosmic, animal and human were inseparable.Horary Astrology reveals the sacred mystery of the moment and allows entry into the realm of magic.14What is Horary Astrology?Differences between Horary and Natal astrologyThe astrologer is present in the horary chart: Generally a horary chart is drawn, not for when the question is first conceived, but for when the astrologer understands it. The use and emphasis on accidental significators: In contrast with modern natal astrologys reliance on natural significators. The use of derived houses: signifying real people or concrete objects.Considerations before judgement: as they provide possible clues to the matter in question. With time and experience we come to witness the mysterious process which connects the horary chart with the chart of the querent or some other related to the query. Horary is unforgiving; you either get it right or you have made a mistake. 1516Adrians significator is the Moon, who applies to trine Mars significator of the property, with reception. He gets the house.But will it profit him?Adrian is the Moon, The house is Mars they come together by trine with reception (Moon being in the sign of Marss exaltation). He gets the house. The moon will sextile Uranus before, but in my experience the outer planets do not impede, because they do not signify anything or anyone. They do however bring a modifying or different quality to the matter. This Uranus connection with the Moon turns out to be very imporatnt.17Adrian got the house; but he did not profited from his acquisition.Venus is also the ruler of the 5th house signifying my daughter, which is in Fall, in the 8th house and besieged between two malefics. The Moons sextile to Uranus begins to reveal itselfProfit to be made from the house Venus is in Fall conjunct Saturn the profit is bad, yet he got it for a good price (moneywise).Venus in Fall (unseen). Sun conjunct South node = money issues for Adrian. Mars conjunct Sophies natal Venus which rules her 6th house (11th house and Sun/Moon) Sophie experienced a depression in that house. Sophie is signified by Saturn in this chart, she is peregrine (lost and disconnected). Moon is detriment (disconnected)The relationship could be signified by Venus (in fallunseen, ignored). Moon is going to be VOC after her trine with Mars and before ingressing into a sign in which it is peregrine (Aquarius) and then coming into opposition with the Sun (and the Nodes) which is an impediment to it.There are no planets in angles and all are either cadent or in the 8th house signifying the death of something. It is the relationship that died.Moon is in detriment, 18This chart connects with both Adrians and my daughters natal charts:His ASC aMXaQHerMa the MCPaQ She is Saturn well and truly depressed in the 8th house and in a state of peregrineLost and disconnected.He is Moon in Saturn detriment (in the 12th having conjunct a fallen Jupiter) and after aspecting Mars will be VOC and become peregrine until his opposition to the Sun which is an impedement to the Moon. They moved in in December 2008 and broke up in Sept 2010. At that point Jupiter was at 27 degrees Pisces with Uranus opposite this charts Mars (the property)19There are also hiddenantiscia connection.The North Nodes antiscion degree falls on Adrians natal Uranus.The antiscion of Jupiter falls on my daughters natal Uranus.The antiscion of this charts Uranus falls on Adrians natal Mars.20The Nodes are conjunct Adrian natal 2nd/8th cusps, money issues.Communication issues, Jupiter in Fall in the 12th and Uranus in 3rd When they broke up both Jupiter and Uranus were at 27 degrees of Pisces opposite Mars.The antiscion degrees show a shadow and here they hint at the break up. Nodes highlight the money issues that became part of what made Adrian so unhappy. When they broke up both Jupiter and Uranus were at 27 degrees of Pisces opposite MarsMoon on Sophies 3rd cusp.21Planetary Hour (and day) of the Moon. Exalts the ASC. Moon and VenusHarry is Mars exalted in 8th, last aspect to Uranus (great battle). Late degree risingThe story was already written, nothing I could do about it.22Harry is Mars exalted in the house of death, on the antiscion with Jupiter, his allies, who are strong Saturn also signifies his allies, is in detriment, retrograde & in the 3rd house. Professor Snape at Hogwarts perhaps?Harry = 7th house and ruler Mars, exalted in 8th.Allies = his 2nd so Jupiter (close to him, in their rulership, sure of themselves and where they stand, noble and true to themselves) and Saturn, being hidden allie, in 3rd (school) detriment and peregrine (corrupted and lost) retrograde coming back, Proffesor Snape perhaps. Jupiter is also Lord 8 = death and Mars and Jupiter are in antiscia and applying. Harry may appear to die.23Lord Voldemort is signified by Venus exalted on the MC. His allies are Mercury and the Moon, both in bad shape. Saturn is on the antiscion of LVs 12th house of hidden enemies.Lord Voldemort is opposite Harry so ASC and ruler Venus exalted in the MC. With his allies Mercury Fall, Detriment and Peregrine (Corrupted and not connected, unseen and lost) Venus next aspect square with Jupiter = death, Only Uranus could prohibit it, but it doesnt. Death comes from one of Harrys allies.24Moons last aspect was a simultaneous dR, cQ and bT Showing the great battle and death of Dumbledore. Moon is now VOC Her next aspect being in Libra, an almost simultaneous eR, dQ and cN.Last aspect of the Moon was conjunction with the Node, just after her Square with Jupiter (death and Harry allies), trine with Mars and opposition with Uranus. Clearly showing the great battle and death of Dumbledore as well as the final realisation of the fatedness of Harrys position and the need to face Lord Voldemort.Moon is now VOC unless we take the applying square with Pluto.25Death is signified by the Lords of the 8th & turned 8th houses: Jupiter and Mercury.Neither make aspect Mars or the Moon.Harry does not die!But the antiscion between Mars and Jupiter indicates that Harry may appear to come under the shadow of death. 26But the next aspect Venus, Lord Voldemort makes is a square to Jupiter, along with her conjunction to Uranus.Death receives him; the final blow coming from one of Harrys allies.27Fixed stars: Ascella on Mars and Bungula on 7th cusp.Skat on Venus and Alcyone, one of the Pleiades, on the ASC.The Pleiades were the 7 daughters of Atlas and Pleine, 6 are visible, but the 7th is not. She is the lost sister Merope, who hid her face in shame of having married a mortal.Fixed stars: Ascella nature of Jupiter and Mercury and gives good fortune & happinessBungula the influence of Jupiter and Venus and gives benefience, friens, refinement and place of honourSkat nature of saturn and Jupiter and with Venus gives psychic, occult interests, friends among opposite sex, favorable for gain.Alcyone causes love, eminence, blindness and accident to the face. The influence of the Pleiades are distinsly evil and when rising are said to cause blindness, injuries to the eyes and face, disgrace, wounds, stabs, exile, imprisonment, sickness, violent lust and military preferment.28


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