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WebOrganic Mentorship Programme 2014-15 (Lingnan U)

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Briefing Session of Mentorship Programme at Lingnan University in Hong Kong on 17 September 2014

Text of WebOrganic Mentorship Programme 2014-15 (Lingnan U)

  • 1. WebOrganic Mentorship Programme 2014-15 Introduction17/09/2014

2. Introduction e WebOrganic Is a social enterprise wholly owned by the Hong Kong Council of Social ServiceImplements the Internet Learning Support Programme sponsored by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO)Our vision is to give students Hope, Chance & Choice 3. HKU Asia Case Research Centre WebOrganic: Creating a Blue Ocean for a Social Cause3Video: Case: 4. Safer Internet Day4Video: 5. 5 Safer Internet Day 6. 9 Jan 2013 Media Coverage6Capital Magazine 3 May 2013 7. Media Coverage7 13 Mar 2013 13 Mar 2013 13 Mar 2013 31 Jul 2013 8. Media Coverage8 03 Oct 2012 9. ObjectivesMentees will learn to use the Internet positively under the guidance of their mentors. Mentees are expected to create their own portfolios by capturing different learning experiences and social experiences throughout the mentoring process.Mentors will understand the challenges faced by such children in their daily lives through communication with mentees. At the same time, mentors are able to explore the influence of computer and information technology in assisting development of the children, bringing hope, chance and choice to their mentees.Objectives Through the guidance of mentors, mentees can enhance awareness of healthy use of the Internet, formulate personal study plan and portfolio. During the process, mentors will understand the challenges faced by children from deprived families. 10. Target Group10 () () Mentees are deprived students studying primary 4 to 6. WebOrganic and its Community Partners will match university mentors and primary student mentees for personal development activities. Mentees of WebOrganic Mentorship Programme come from:families receiving the flat-rate grant for School-related Expenses under the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) scheme; orfamilies passing the means test for receiving Full or Half level of financial assistance from the Student Financial Assistance Agency (SFAA) 11. Content of Service11 1.2.3. 4. Mentors are required to arrange at least 4 meetings or activities for mentees, and a small-scale closing ceremony. The meetings and activities will be about:1.Healthy use of the Internet2.What is web-based learning3.Use of Internet and related software for effective web- based learning4.Record learning journey, co- create mentees portfolios 12. Responsibilities of Mentor121.2./ 3. 4. 5.1.Attend training, Kick-off Ceremony and Closing Ceremony2.Organize at least 4 meetings and activities to co-create mentees digital portfolios3.Learn the challenges faced by underprivileged children on living and learning4.Encourage underprivileged children to broaden their horizons, and leverage online learning platforms5.Organize Closing CeremonyTrainingKick- OffActivityClosingLove & Care 13. Expected Achievements131.22.13.4/ 4.5.1 1 6.1 Facebook By the end of the programme, you will:1.Finished 2 mentor trainings2.Participated in a happy kick-off ceremony3.Completed activity log of at least 4 meetings and activities with mentee4.Co-created mentees personal portfolio5.Co-created, with mentee, a video or a small interactive game on healthy use of the Internet6.Organized a small-medium size closing ceremony We encourage you to take more photos as good memories, and share with mentors and mentees from other schools and institutes through our Facebook group. 14. Key Dates1.9 () 1 2.921928 46 () 2 - 3.104 [email protected] 11/ 5.11 - 12 1.Sep (complete before kick-off ceremony)Mentors Training 1 - Basic knowledge and skills as mentors2.4 - 6 pm on 21/9 or 28/9 (mentors choose to attend one session)Mentors Training 2 - Lesson design for teaching computer software3.2 - 5pm, 4/10 @Tsing YiKick-off Ceremony4.Oct NovMentors are required to arrange at least 4 meetings/ activities5.Late Nov DecClosing Ceremony with university visit Sep Training 1 & 2 Oct NovDec Kick-Off Closing 4 Activities 15. Service-Learning Research Scheme (SLRS)15 16. Important16 It is regarded as an important commitment to your mentee when you become a mentor. We expect mentors and mentees will develop a close relationship through the programme. 17. Remarks171. 9 219282.1.Our community partner will execute the mentorship programme, and notify you the training arrangement (including the training on 21/Sep and 28/Sep).2.Mentee handbook will be distributed on the same date as the kick-off ceremony.1.22.70%/ Certificates will be presented to mentors fulfilled all of the following criteria:1.Attended two designated training and kick-off ceremony2.Participated in at least 70% of the mentor-mentee meetings and activities 18. Enquiry18 For enquiry, please feel free to contact Mr. Jeff Ng or Ms. Jenny Chin. Tel: 2922 9227 / 2922 9202 Email : [email protected] / [email protected] 19. Thank You!

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