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Webiste Analysis

Website Analysis

Catfish and the Bottlemen

Black and white theme, similar to their digipack.Artists logo, shown on digipaks, and all merchandise associated with the band, takes up a large proportion of the page, which shows the importance of the band, and showing whos it is.It has images of their digipaks, showing them for sale.Theres ways to contact the band at the bottom, with links to their social media, and other important information.At the top, theres links to important parts of the band, such as videos, shops, lyrics and photos, making it easy to find more about the band.

Twenty One Pilots

This is a very basic website, with little information on the front screen, however, scrolling down gives you all the information you need. It has an intriguing look to it.Theres an image of the two artists, with an arrow to tell you to scroll down. This is bright, and interesting, giving a different look to the website than to other artists websites.Theres the generic font twenty one pilots use for all their items related to their most recent album blurryface, similar to catfish using the same font.Theres the same colours that are related to twenty one pilots, with red, black and white.

The Neighbourhood

At first glance, this website is very interesting, with what looks like men laying in the background in black and white. It automatically makes the viewer look and take interest in the website.The first thing that is seen is their album, which is firstly central to the website, making it the first thing seen. Theres also links to buy it, and a link to enter the site, but hidden so you look at buying the album before anything else.Its has an obvious black and white theme, however the green on the link draws you in, which makes you look at it, and go to buy/download the album.The font is easy to read, and the italics/non italics at the top match those in the album.

ConclusionThe best indie websites are in black and white, it looks more interesting.They also have easy to read text, however it should match those that are on a digipak/common font the artist usually uses.A website is more interesting with images.There should be an obvious link to the most recent album/EP.Its good if there are links to social media.A different layout to most websites make the website more interesting.

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