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  • Web 2.0 Tools

    By: Marissa Schuettpelz

  • Bio Cube

    readwrite.com Create a bio cube about people, or other


    You can use it for school to study people and play school study games.

  • Gliffy

    Gliffy.com Gliffy is where you can put your thoughts

    down and stay organized.

    You can use it to prepare for an essay.

  • Voki

    voki.com You can use Voki to present

    presentations and study people and what

    they would say.

    Voki you create different people or animals.

  • Bubbl.us

    bubbl.us You can use this tool for school so you

    can plan out what your are writing in an


    This tool is used to organize your thoughts.

  • Wolfram Alpha

    wolframalpha.com Wolfram Alpha has just about every

    answer for everything.

    You can can check answers for assignment you do not get.

  • Student Publishing

    studentpublishing.com You can use student Publishing for school

    to write a paper/story or a presentation.

    Student Publishing you can create your own book.

  • Wordle

    wordle.net You can use Wordle to see how many

    what words you used most in an essay,

    also you can use it for a presentation for


    You create a scramble of words.

  • Youtube

    youtube.com You can use this for school to post vidoes

    for a project or look up a video school

    related, also we are now doing fliped

    classes with youtube.

    Youtube you watch different kinds of videos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JINcBPZFYGg

  • Photobucket

    photobucket.com We can use this tool for school by making

    photos to add to slide shows or sharing

    photos with group members via e-mail.

    Photobucket you can edit photos.

  • SoundCloud

    soundcloud.com You can use SoundCloud for school to

    put a book report up or use it for a

    different language as a project.

    SoundCloud you can look up different music or create your own.


  • Slide Bomb

    slidebomb.com Slide Bomb you can be used for school to

    share a presentation.

    Slide Bomb is a slide show maker plus more. http://slidebomb.com/sbo_acc_main.php

  • Photo Peach

    photopeach.com Photo Peach is a slideshow creator. You can use this for school to create

    slideshows for a school project. http://photopeach.com/album/mx96h3#

  • Webs

    webs.com This tool you can create your own web


    You can use it for a presentation or help others learn.

  • Spruz

    spruz.com Spruz is a web site maker. You can use Spruz for school to make

    web sites for presentations.

  • Quik Maps

    quikmaps.com Quik Maps is a tool where you can draw a

    line from point A to B.

    Quik Maps can be used for school to make maps, and show where people lived

    or where they traveled, etc.

  • Penzu

    penzu.com Penzu you create an online Diary. Penzu can be used for school to write

    papers for any class.

  • SlideShare

    slideshare.net Slideshare is a Web 2.0 tool that you can

    create a slide show.

    Slideshare can be used for school to create a presentation.

  • Floor Planner