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  • 1. Welcome to Getting Started With VoicethreadClick on the button on each slide to hear audio!

2. Congratulations, youve logged in toVoicethread successfully!But what now?!We want to start creating our own Voicethreadsso, hmmmm, which button do we need topressmake your decision!! 3. Yes!This is the best button to presswhen you want to get started creatingVoicethreads.Hittingwill bring you toan area where you can searchVoicethreads.Hitting will bring you to an areaOf Voicethreads you have made andVoicethreads that have been shared with you. 4. Nope! Hitting this button will just bringyou to a kind of search engine ofpublic Voicethreads. 5. Nope! This button will take you to an area of Voicethreads you have made and Voicethreadsthat have been shared with you. 6. So now that we have made it to the area where we createour Voicethreads, what next?!Which button do you think you will press to proceed?Remembering that we need pictures or video as the basis ofwhatever our Voicethread is about.Hint: Theres a really big cluehelping you in which buttonto press! 7. Correct!Okay that was pretty easy.Voicethread makes it easy to follow simple steps to createa Voicethread, thats why they made the Upload button in whiteand the other buttons grayed out. 8. Nope!Actually Voicethread wont even allow you to press this buttonyet!After you upload pictures or videos then this button will becomewhite and clickable!This is where you can add initial comments on each of yourslides in your Voicethread. 9. Nope!Actually Voicethread wont even allow you to press this buttonyet!After you upload pictures or videos then this button will becomewhite and clickable!This is where you can choose who to share your Voicethreadand who can see it. 10. So where are you going to upload our pictures and videos from?!Well, thats up to you!!You will be glad to know there are no wrong answers to chooseFrom on this slide!Just choose any button below to learn a little bit more whyyou would choose that option. 11. Choose this if you have pictures or videos you wish to upload on your computer that you are working on. A File Browser window will open and all you have to do is find your pictures or videos and click OpenFor example, choosethis if you have asequence of photos thattell a story. 12. Choose this if you want to recordyourself saying something onyour webcam or you just want totake a picture of yourself on yourwebcam.For example, choose this if youwish your viewers to respond to aprompt you say to your webcam 13. Choose this if you have picturessaved on websites like Facebook orFlickr. You can also bring in your ownVoicethreads you have made.For example, choose this if you have aschool trip set of photos on Flickrthat you would like reflections on fromstudents, family or teachers. 14. Use this if you have a picture you found on a website and dontwant to save it to your computer. If Voicethread likes the URL therewill be a green tick, if it doesnt you will get a red cross.Use this, for example, if you want to use Creative Commons imagesstraight from the website you found them. 15. Once you have uploaded some photos, take a look at the Comment button.Its turned white so you are now able to comment freely!Clicking on Comment will open up your Voicethread, by clicking the arrows youwill see all your pictures you have uploaded.But we will click on the Comment button underneath your slide.Choose one of the below buttons to learn about the differentways of commenting. No wrong answers! 16. Guess what? Ive never used this one to comment!This is only available to American and Canadian usersof Voicethread.They put in their phone number, Voicethread calls themand they leave their comment. Cool huh?!I guess users would use this if they are away from homeand still wanted to comment on their childs work. 17. Use this if you have a webcam and you want to get moreexpression into your comments!You may use this if you have some items to show or some actionsyou want to show the viewers!For example, you may have a simple science experiment to holdup to the webcam. 18. Use this if you wish to use your voice only. Make sure yourmicrophone is not muted on your computer!You may want to use this if you dont have a webcam but stillwant to get some expression and emotion into your comment.For example, you may want to get across your enjoyment in yourvoice of a particular part of the Voicethread 19. This is pretty straightforward; use this if you wish to leave a typedComment.You may want to use this if you want to reinforce the spellingof relevant words to the student who has created theVoicethread and/or the to the viewers. 20. Now we need to take care of the most important part ofcreating a Voicethread; sharing!A Voicethread is nothing without a number of voices commenting!So lets take a look at who we can share with. 21. This is useful to get a websiteaddress for your VT andyou can then email to peopleto allow them to comment!This area is good if yourschool has set up Grade levelgroups and you only wantcertain groups to have accessto comment.This area is good if you wishto pick and choose who youwant to share your VT with. 22. There are a couple of icons shown in Voicethread when you wantto start sharing your Voicethreads.We need to know which icon does what.Which icon do you think you would press to allow people tolook at your Voicethread but not comment or edit? 23. Yes! How did you guess!?When you click on this beside a group or individualsname it will turn orangey-yellow.That person or group will only be able to read yourVoicethread and its comments.You may want this if you want to share your Voicethreadwith administrators and parents after your studentshave completed their conversations around it. 24. You choose this if you want the group members orindividuals to be able to comment on your Voicethread.This is the most popular and the most likely optionyou will choose when sharing your Voicethread.You will use this when you want your students or peersto comment freely on your Voicethread. 25. You will choose this if you want the individual or groupto be able to edit the Voicethread.They will be able to re-arrange or delete the slides,delete comments, rename the Voicethread or deletethe Voicethread.Choose this option with extreme caution!I would limit this option to fellow teachers who maywant to add more slides 26. Congratulations!I would hope now that you can create your first Voicethread.Create a simple story on Voicethread with at least 4 slides. Findsome simple clipart images to illustrate each part of your story.Narrate using webcam and audio on each slide.Share it with me by email (cgallagher@isf.edu.hk) and make sureI can comment on it.