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  • 1.Class Size The number of students enrolled in a school classroom.Second EditionCognitive A term which refers to reasoning orintellectual capacity.2010 - 2011Cognitive Development The changes in the way wethink, process information and learn. The processbegins at birth and is affected by sensory perception,memory, and observation.Cognitive Learning The mental processes involved inlearning, such as remembering and understandingfacts and ideas.Collaboration Individuals working together to Family Dictionary of Education Terms accomplish goals more successfully together than they could have separately.Collaborative Learning An instructional strategy where students of different abilities and interests work together in small groups to solve a problem, complete a project, or achieve a common goal. Also known asLists and defines Cooperative Learning.vocabulary and abbreviations used inCollege Readiness The level of preparation a elementary and secondary public schools student needs to be ready to enroll and succeed, without remediation, in credit-bearing collegein the state of Washington course.Community College A two-year college, may also beknown as a Junior College.Competence Tests Tests created by a school districtor state that students must pass before graduating.Complex sentences Sentences with more than oneclause or verbal phrase.Comprehension This is a term used to describe theinterpretations, understanding, and meaning readersconstruct as they listen to and read stories.Constructivism A learning theory that states thatstudents learn by creating their own knowledge. Alsoknown as Discovery Learning.Content Standards Standards that describe whatstudents should know and be able to do in coreacademic subjects at each grade level.Content-related Vocabulary The words a student mustknow to communicate effectively about subject areamaterial such as math, social studies, science, etc.Context Clues The words, phrases, and sentencessurrounding an unfamiliar vocabulary word that helpthe student arrive at a possible definition. Office of the Education OmbudsmanCore Academic Subjects The academic subjectsGovernors Office / State of Washingtonschools and districts require all students to take inorder to be eligible for grade promotion and1-866-297-2597graduation. www.waparentslearn.orgCore Curriculum The main body of knowledge that allstudents are expected to learn.Credit A unit of coursework given for satisfactory completion of the course.

2. IntroductionThe Office of the Education Ombudsman believes that good communication between families andeducators is one of the keys of student academic success. The Family Dictionary of Education Termsis a tool developed to help families understand school-related terminology so that they can bettercommunicate with school officials and advocate for their childrens education.This first edition contains terminology most commonly used in Washington schools however it is notinclusive of all terms related to public education. As we identify missing terms and find new terms, wewill include them in future editions.Lets also keep in mind that school districts sometimes develop local terminology pertaining to theireducation practices, geographical location, and the culture of their communities. To reduce thechance of miscommunication, whenever you hear education terms that are new to you, ask theperson using the term to define it.If you have questions or comments regarding the first edition of The Family Dictionary of EducationTerms, please contact the Office of the Education Ombudsman at 1-866-297-2597 or atOEOinfo@gov.wa.govVisit our Website: www.waparentslearn.org to learn more about OEO and download otherpublications for parents regarding the public education system.How to Use This DocumentThis document is divided into three sections. List of Commonly Used Acronyms ...............................................................................page 3 General Education Terms ............................................................................................page 10 Special Education Terms ............................................................................................. page 29All sections are organized in alphabetical order. If a term is sometimes referenced by its initials, theterm is alphabetically listed, and the initials are shown in parentheses. If a term is generally referredto by its initials, then the initials reference is alphabetized, and the full term is shown in parentheses.AcknowledgementsWe appreciate the contributions made to this publication by our following partners in education: The OEO Parent Advisory Council. Staff from Office of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) and the Center for the Improvement of Student Learning (CISL). Christie Perkins, Parent Educator and Coordinator of the Special Education Support and Washington State Special Education Training for All programs.1-877-297-2597 www.waparentslearn.org 2 3. CAAN Child and Adolescent NutritionFrequently Used CACFPChild and Adult Care Food ProgramEducation AcronymsCAMP CAPCollege Assisted Migrant ProgramCorrective Action Plan CASCognitive Assessment System CASA Court Appointed Special AdvocateA CBCCircumstances Beyond Control CBOCommunity-Based OrganizationAAAffirmative Action CBSA Core-Based Statistical DataABE Adult Basic EducationCCDCommon Core of DataACJ Administrative Court Judge CD Communication DisordersACT American College Testing Program CD ROM Compact Disk Read only MemoryACTEAssociation of Career and TechnicalCDSCommunication Disorder SpecialistEducationCDCCenters for Disease ControlADA Americans with Disabilities ActCE Community EducationADD Attention Deficit Disorder CEDARS Comprehensive Education Data andADHDAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Research SystemADP Average Daily ParticipationCEPCultural Enrichment ProgramADR Alternative Dispute Resolution CEUContinuing Education Units (ClockAFT American Federation of TeachersHours)AGAttorney General CFSCharacter and Fitness SupplementALE Alternative Learning ExperienceCFSChildren and Family ServicesALJ Administrative Law Judge CHAP Comprehensive Homeless AssistanceAPAdvanced Placement PlanAPE Adaptive Physical EducationCHEF Comprehensive Health EducationARS At Risk Students FoundationASB Associated Student BodyCIACertificate of Individual AchievementASBFAssociated Student Body Fund CISCertificated Instructional StaffASL American Sign Language CISL Center for the Improvement of StudentATAssistive Technology LearningAWSPAssociation of Washington School CNAComprehensive Needs AssessmentPrincipals CNPChild Nutrition ProgramAYP Adequate Yearly Progress CNSChild Nutrition Services COLA Cost of Living Adjustment COMCertificate of MasteryBCPFCapital Projects Fund CPRCardiopulmonary ResuscitationBABachelor of Arts CPSChild Protective ServicesBDBehavioral DisabilityCPUCentral Processing UnitBEBusiness Education CRACivil Rights ActBEA Basic Education ActCR Civil RightsBIA Bureau of Indian Affairs CRTCriterion-Referenced TestsBIP Behavioral Intervention Plan CSHCNChildren with Special Health CareBSBachelor of ScienceNeeds CSRComprehensive School Reform CSRS Core Student Record SystemCCSTC CTBSChild Study and Treatment CenterComprehensive Tests of Basic Skills CTECareer and Technical EducationCAChildrens AdministrationCTONIComprehensive Test of Non-VerbalCAA Certificate of Academic AchievementIntelligence1-877-297-2597 www.waparentslearn.org 3 4. CWS Child Welfare ServicesELDEnglish Language DevelopmentCYCalendar Year (January-December)ELLEnglish Language LearnerEPSDTEarly Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and TreatmentD ER Extended ResponseERIC Educational Resources InformationDAIDDistrict Assigned ID CenterDAREDrug Abuse Resistance Education ERLEssential Requirements LevelDDDevelopmentally Delayed ESAEducational Staff AssociateDDC Developmental Disabilities CouncilESDEducational Service DistrictDDD Division of Developmental DisabilitiesESEA Elementary and Secondary EducationDEDistributive Education ActDECADistributive Education Clubs of America ESLEnglish as a Second LanguageDAPEDevelopmentally Appropriate ESOL English for Speakers of Other Proficiency ExamLanguagesDHHSDepartment of Health and HumanESYExtended School Year ServicesDIBELSDynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy SkillsFDOC Department of CorrectionsDOE United States Department of Education FACSEFamily and Consumer SciencesDOH Department of Health EducationDORFDIBELS Oral Reading Fluency FAFSAFree Application for Federal Student AidDRA Developmental Reading AssessmentFAPE Free Appropriate Public EducationDRP Degrees of Reading PowerFAQFrequently Asked QuestionsDSHSDepartment of Social and Health FASFetal Alcohol Syndrome Services FBAFunctional Behavioral AssessmentDVR Division of Vocational Rehabilitation FBLA Future Business Leaders of AmericaFCCLAFamily, Career, and Community Leaders of AmericaE FDPIRFood Distribution Program on Indian ReservationsE2T2Enhancing Education Through FERPAFamily Education Rights and Privacy TechnologyActEALREssential Academic Learning FFAFuture Farmers of America Requirements (Essential Learnings) FIPFamily Independence ProgramEBD Emotionally/Behaviorally Disabled FLSA Fair Labor Standards ActEBP Evidence Based Practice FOIA Freedom of Information ActECEAP Early Childhood Education and FSPFood Stamp Program Assistance Program FTEFull Time EquivalentEDEmotional Disturbance FY Fiscal Year (July-June)EDUnited States Department of EducationEDGAR Education Department General Administrative Regulations GEEO Equal Educational OpportunitiesEETTEnhancing Education Through GA General Administration Technology GATB General Aptitude Test BatteryEHA Education for Handicapped Act GCERFGovernors Council on EducationEIEPEmergency Immigrant Education Reform and Funding Program1-877-297-2597www.waparentslearn.org4 5. GEAR UP Gaining Early Awareness and IT Information Technology Readiness for UndergraduateITBS Iow