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Slides by jokay Wollongong for the Australian National Library's Innovative Ideas Forum 2009

Text of Virtually Creative

  • Virtually Creative: Exploring Innovative Arts and Educational Communities in Second Life

    by Jo Kay for the National Library Innovative Ideas Forum 2009

  • What is Second Life?Second Life is an online 3d virtual world

    SSimilar to massively multiplayer games, second Life provides an immersive space, where users can meet, play and interact. However, Second Life goes beyond a game, allowing residents to build and create their own environments.

    SSecond Life 'residents' are desiging, conducting business, building relationships, entertaining and learning in Second Life.

  • Facts and FeaturesOwned and operated by Linden Lab, a company based in San Fransciso

    Second Life can be accessed for free, however users can opt to pay for premium services including land ownership.

    Uers or 'residents' take on a character or avatar to represent themselves 'in-world'.

    SSecond Life has an In-world Economy: Residents buy and sell land, clothes, furniture etc.

  • Using Second LifeResidents from all over the world meet and communicate with each other in the 3d Space using both voice and chat tools.

    Gestures and animations can also be used to enhance communication with others.

    SSecond Life includes built-in building and scripting tools allow users to create almost anything they can imagine.

    The Second Life environment is User-Created

  • Real Life in Second Life

    There are a wide range of real life organisations exploring virtual worlds. These include Reuters, American Apparel, General Motors, IBM, ABC TV, Reebok and many others.

  • Education in Second Life- Working in virtual classrooms and other contextual, immersive and amazing learning spaces- Taking part in simulations and roleplays- Building environments collaboratively- Interpreting, analyzing, discovering, evaluating and problem solving.