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15+ Ideas to Get Students Actively Learning Online ShellyTerrell.com/category/byte-sized-potential Virtual Makeover!

Virtual Makeover: 15+ Ideas for Engaging Elearning

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For the Teaching Online MOOC, http://www.wiziq.com/course/62410-teachers-teaching-online Resources at http://Pearltrees.com/shellyterrell/integrating-web-2/id8081935

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15+ Ideas to Get Students Actively Learning Online ShellyTerrell.com/category/byte-sized-potential Virtual Makeover! "The most exciting breakthroughs of the 21st century will not occur because of technology but because of an expanding concept of what it means to be human. by John Naisbitt 3000 Bit.ly/impactteach Online? #Edchat/ 30 Goals/ RSCON/ Free Fri Webinars/ Ebook EVO Impact Thousands Whats your impact? Mission: Teacher Focus on the learning! iPad car mount by hammershaug, Flickr iPad car mount by hammershaug, Flickr Pedagogy is the driver, technology is the accelerator. by Michael Fullan Steve-wheeler.blogspot.com Step into your learners shoes Creativity Collaboration Connectivism Play Citizenship Experimentation Real-world connections Peeragogy Exploration Students shape their learning & the curriculum Instructor(s) builds the foundation & provides various opportunities for learners to collaboratively create and curate the content and resources Students learn from & support each other Howard Rheingold Peeragogy.com Co-learning & Peeragogy It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed. - Napoleon Hill Participant Map Thinglink.com/scene/469135908172464130 3,2,1 Introduction 3 Things we should know about you 2 Places you love to visit 1 Job you wish you had Peer Edit HangOuts PearlTree Pinterest Livebinders List.ly Storify Educlipper List.ly Pinterest Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners. - John Holt Voicethread.com Discussions Debates Peer edi>ng Poetry Commentary Review Activity: Create infographics with Piktochart.com Newspagedesigner.org/photo/ucl-nal-munich-2012 Activity: Compare teams (Infographic) ImageReadinginPeacebySusanaFernandez,Flic.kr/p/9bvGPF Pearltrees.com/p/bYc3P Learn with comics! Comic by Carmen Soto Fernndez Created with Comicshead.com IOS & Android App Idea: Visualize poetry Idea: Recreate a scene from history Patricia Lucas, Phrase.it, Pinterest.com/pin/393220611186213680 328- Nov 23th, 2012 - Life of a Riyadh Teenager #365photoAR by Waleed Alzuhai, Flickr People dont have a propensity for laziness. People have a propensity for hard work. It just needs to be work that matters to them. -Jane McGonigal Instead of homework and tasks Write an essay. Watch a video. Give missions, quests & challenges! Topic: Hobbies Challenge: Post a picture of one of your favorite hobbies & describe why you enjoy it. Photo/video challenges Scenario: The mayor is ridding the city of graffiti unless he is convinced it is art. Mission: Snap photos of graffiti you want to keep and make a strong argument why it is art. Points Worth: 10 Bonus Points: Post a short reflection in your blog for 5 more points. Instead of grades Altered image, Fuck this! by rafael-cas>llo, Flickr Points & badges Edmodo.com Points&badges makewav.es Encourage play with a digital sandbox! Bit.ly/digisandbox Digitalplay.info/blog/ Urgentevoke.com Usewalkthroughs Bit.ly/12I3epM Create Games & Quizzes Tinytap.it Scratch.mit.edu Blubbr.tv Photopeach.com wordle.net Storify.com/usedgov/secretary-arne-duncan-joins-stuvoice Langwitches.org/blog/2009/12/04/csi-twitter-crime-scene- investigation/ Guests engage students Brainstorming,BirthofanIdeabySuperlative00,Flickr Lets Brainstorm Storyboard Go on a virtual field trip! Virtual field trips with Google.com/culturalinstitute Google Earth http://www.google.com/earth/index.html Children's book written by Mr. Smiths 5th grade special education students at Gibbs Elementary School http://bit.ly/1eiMdLq An interactive field guide of Northwest Florida. Created by Andrea Santillis 7th grade students from Woodlawn Beach Middle School http://bit.ly/1eiMnCu ePortfolio Reflections Present.me/view/197057-digital-storytelling-andr-233-s-g Pearltree.com Pearltrees.com/shellyterrell/integrating-web-2/id8081935 It all begins with seeds If your actions in the classroom inspire children to achieve more, question more, and dream more, you are indeed worthy of the title Teacher. Robert John Meehan ShellyTerrell.com Facebook.com/ShellyTerrell Bit.ly/ShellTerrell Google.com/+ShellySanchezTerrell T: @ShellTerrell