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<ul><li> 1. Making a video<br />Matthew Mobbs<br />e:<br />web:<br />twitter: mjmobbs<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. What we are doing today<br />Look at the process of video production; planning, audio, visuals and editing<br />Have a go at editing a video. Two useful tools.<br /> 3. Planning<br />Good planning and preparation is key when it comes to making videos<br />Subject of the video<br />Style<br />What is to going to be said<br />How do you visually represent <br /> 4. A good examplesort of!<br /><br /> 5. Storyboarding<br />What will be seen?<br />The Dummo in Florence<br />What will be said?<br />Me talking about<br />30 Seconds<br />20 Seconds<br />1 Minute<br /> 6. Audio<br />The audio on a video gives a narrative and often directs what is seen on screen<br /><br />or <br />CFS <br /> 7. Audacity Checklist<br />Good microphone<br />Record each section of your video as an individual track<br />Export sound as Multiple Files<br /> 8. Visual<br />Visuals are used to illustrate to the point being made<br /> 9. Editing<br />There are several packages available, we will use Window Movie Maker<br /> 10. Task<br />Download Media Files<br />Go to <br />Download and Save the file Media in youre My Documents<br />Extract the file (it is compressed)<br /> 11. Window Movie Maker<br />Open Window Movie Maker<br />Import the media files just downloaded<br /> 12. Put the video on the timeline<br /> 13. Export<br />Save your video as a .wmv giving it a sensible name<br /> 14. An Alternative<br /><br />Online video recorder, one shot, limited to 5 minutes<br /></p>