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  • 1.Title : Using Vedic Astrology for Better health : A ReviewAuthor : Addala Bhaskar Jaganmohanrao NaiduB.E.(Mining), MTech (Education ) , B.A. ( Vedang Jyotish ) , M.. A. ( Vedang Jyotish)E mail : ssjba @rediffmail.comAbstract:Vedic Astrology is a powerful tool for finding solution to our healthproblems. There is separate branch in astrology called Medical astrology,which deals native chart from health point of view.Indian Vedic astrology provides solution to simple physical problems tocomplex psychological problems of human beings through suitable Mani(Gems), Mantra (Prayer), and Aushadhi ( Aurvedic Medicines) . In ancienttime Astrologers have good knowledge of Aurvedic medicines.In ancient text of Garuda Purana , Kurma Purana and Vishnu Puranatherapeutic use of Gems is mentioned. This paper examines the role ofVedic Astrology in identification of various diseases and discusses role ofMani ( Gems) In curing disease.Objectives of research paper :1) Discuss role of Vedic Astrology for disease finding2) Suggest different rules as per Vedic astrology for proper selection ofSuitable Mani (Gems)3) Examine role of gems in curing diseases.

2. 1) Vedic Astrology Basic Principals 1.1)Division of Universe and Rashi According to the Bhrusut Parashari hora shatra the whole universe ismade of a material called Narayana. Out of it, only 1/8th part is perceivable byus and it is called Vasudeva. The rest of Narayana cannot be perceived byordinary mortals. Each one of us represents microform of Narayana. The entire zodiac is divided into 12 equal parts (each of 30degrees) and eachsuch part is called a rasi (sign).Vedic Astrology : Division of Universe, Rashis and Body Parts RashiEnglish name Extent in zodiac Body part represented1. MeshaAries0-30 Head2. Vrisha Taurus 30-60Face3. MithunaGemini 60-90Upper limbs4. KarkaCancer 90-120 Heart (Chest)5. SimhaLeo120-150Upper abdomen6. KanyaVirgo150-180Waist7. Tula Libra180-210Lower abdomen and pelvis8. Vrischika Scorpio 210-240External genitalia9. DhanuSagittarius240-270Thighs 10. Makara Capricorn270-300Knees 11. Kumbha Aquarius 300-330Legs 12. MeenaPisces 330-360Feet. These divisions are based on real stars in the sky. 1.2) Meaning of Planet in Vedic Astrology : ASC or Lagna is a very important point in chart and it shows you, self. All theother planets show other people or circumstances that are influencing you. Sopositions of the nine planets (in their respective signs) around the Lagna at thetime of birth of a person, constitutes a rasi Chart.i). Jupiter, the Brihaspati, is the teacher of gods, represents our intelligenceand power of discrimination and Judgment. Jupiter is the teacher of gods. AllGods are within us represents the good qualities in us.ii) Venus, Sukracharya, the teacher of the demons, represents the demonic /Rajas Qualities in us. Venus exists within you rules enjoyment. The enjoymentis referred to high spirits and not meant to be harmful. As teacher of demons, hekeeps the demons under control 3. iii) Sun shows the soul within you. Sun is the king of your existence.iv) Mars is also called Mahi Sutha meaning son of Mahi (Earth) and is bornfrom the sweat of Shiva. Ma represented by Subrahmanya, stands for theinitiative, drive and aggression. Ma shows career. Ma shows the drive to dothings. Has the same energy as Subrahmanya. Ma governs the spirit of energy.v) . Moon represents the mind and shows the mood. Moon also represents theshodasa-kalas and the 16th divisional chart - shodasa varga chakra is ruled byMoon. Moon shows the mind sometimes empty and sometimes full. The moongoes through various phases 16 in total. Such as happy or sad this alsoreferred to mood Mercury govern the learning ability. He is the adopted son of Ju but, bornto Mo and Tara Devi (w/o Ju). Ju did accept TaraDevi and Me as a student. Jurepresents an ideal teacher and Me represents an ideal student. Mind needssome input from intelligence which needs an agent to process it and give it tomind, that is the learning ability. i.e. Mo (mind) gets the input from Ju(intelligence) through Me (learning ability) Shiva is energy. Shakti is manifestation of that energy. .Tara Devi (w/o Ju) isSthri Shakti is the manifestation or expression of intelligence (intelligence by itselflives in vacuum and means nothing). With this manifestation, is born the learningintelligence. Now Ju (the intelligence) accepts Me (learning ability) as a son,student. Me now process that intelligence and mind acts on that processedintelligence.Intelligence = Guru, Learning ability = Buddha (process information) Mind =Mo (execution of information)vii) Saturn is discipline and hard work. Without Sa there wouldnt be anyachievement. For those who dont work hard, he forces on them. He is alsocalled Sani or manda planet. discipline and the hard work needed is representedby the Saturnian energy. That is why we will see Sa strong in all of saints. Saalso shows steadfastness, nishkama karma yoga, austerity etc. Sa isPerceived as a bad planet, but he puts people to work and makes things happen.viii). In Vedic astrology, there are so-called Varga chakras or divisionalcharts that we create for a person in addition to the rasi Chart, and in thesecharts the ASC changes in few minutes.According to maharshis of our tradition, the rasi chart shows our physicalexistence and health (i.e. physical manifestation) and each of the Varga chakrasrepresents a specific area of our livese.g. education, career, marriage etc. for ) Health related issues as seen fromShashtamsa (D6) and Trimsamsa (D30)ix) As per Vedic Medical Astrology each planet represents a certain part ofthe body 4. a. Saturn Muscle b. Mars Nerve Marrow c. Sun Bone d. Mercury Skin e. Venus Semen, Reproductive organs f. Moon Blood g. Jupiter Fat 2) Model Suggested for analysis of chart for Vedic Medical AstrologyWe can use Conventional Model of Input Process Output 1) Date of Birth 1) Read Palm1) Detailed analysis 2) Time of birthImpressionsreport 3) Place of birth2) PrepareOf chart 4) Latitude and Horoscope2) Suggestion ofLongitude of3) Check for birthremedial measuresBirth placetime correction2a) Mani (Gems)5) Personal 4) Collection of data 2b) Suitable Mantra inspection of palmfrom horoscope ( Prayer) of native or 5) Analysis of data 2c) Aushadhi Scanned Print of 6) Preparation of (Aurvedic Medicine) Palmreport6) Online Personnel discussion INPUTPROCESS OUTPUT3) Explanation of Model 5. 3.1) INPUT :Suggests the basic data required for medical astrology Accuracy of input data is very essential, mostly people are not sure aboutthere exact time of birth, and that is to be checked and corrected by applyingsuitable birth time correction method.Careful examination of palm and condition of nails can tell much aboutphysical state of health of a native. Few marks on palm indicate the type ofdisease native will suffer in future. The biggest advantage of palmistry is that it isfree from birth time correction3.2) PROCESS3.2.1 ) Prepare the horoscope: using standard software JagganathHoralite By Shri P.V.R . Narshima Rao recommended it can be downloadedfree on internet.3.2.2) Applying birth time correction : Birth time correction is the acid test of good astrologer; Most of thepersons are not sure about there exact time of birth.The lagna or ASC in rashi charts changes in every 2 hours but The ASCchanges every 4 minutes in the D-24 and every 6 minutes in the D-20 and every2 minutes in the D-60. thats why it is very much necessary to It is best to look atthe various LAs and see Which one makes more sense. You should look at therasi chart and judge from the moon also.The different methods are suggested to make birth time correctioni) By using Pranapada position in Navamasa D-9 chart : Rule the pranapada PPshould be in trine or in Kendra to D-9 natal moon .ii) correction using kunda ; The Kunda should be placed in trines (dharma) orin seventh (dwara) from the Rasi Lagna, to cause creation. Hence for rectificationpurposes Kunda should be in trines or seventh from Lagna. If there is aparivartana of the Lagna lord, then a change in results is to be predicted andhence also a change in tattwa is expected. In such cases the Kunda should beplaced in trines/seventh to the Lord of Lagna. This is also seen to apply when thelagna lord is stronger than the lagna. iii)by machining the known events like date and time of marriage with TP analysis of that year and making correction. 6. iv)If not sure about date and time both use Nasta Jataka Paddhati tocalculate date and time, it is a very powerful tool to make correctionV ) Birth correction using physical appearance People with Ar ASC usually have a round face almost like a circle. Thereare some general guidelines with each ASC.Somebody has big eyes there will be a strong Venusian influence in thechart. Ve in ASC, owning the ASC. Ju or Ve associated with ASC then the individuals have a lot of Kaffa in theirbody. They are well built, fat and stocky, have a thick oily hair. People who arevery emaciated have a strong vatta. Etc. 3.2.3 ) Using Medical Palmistry Palmistry is a branch of Astrology, which was up until now looked upon as knowledge related to fortune telling handed down by our ancestors from generation to generation. However, from the medical point of view, now, Palmistry has emerged as a science in its own right that has helped doctors and patients alike in diagnosing difficult diseases. i) The benefits of Medical Palmistry are as follows:Medical Palmistry not only helps diagnosing diseases but also helps one to know about the patients temperament, his/her constitution, and the subconscious mind. Besides, some factors such as love, libido, and the emotions that are beyond the pale of empirical sciences, can easily be recognized by the knowledge of Palmistry. a) It provides an early warning for forthcoming diseases, and one can prevent them early. b) It provides information about hidden diseases which remain undiagnose