Utopia - Partner Pitch - US Ignite Application Summit 2013

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UTOPIA, Utah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agency presenting at US Ignite's Applciation Summit

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U.S. Ignite June 26, 2013

UTOPIAUtah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency

MissionDevelop and deploy a public communications network infrastructure with fiber to every home and business in our member cities.VisionEnable innovation and next generation services via community-owned fiber infrastructure.

What is UTOPIA?Owned by 16 Utah cities with over 500,000 residentsEssential Infrastructure for more than for 150,000 residences and businessesOpen Access, 1 GIG, FTTP network.1500 + Fiber route milesFive 9s Network Fully redundant network

Open Access Model

Why Utah? Utah was named the No. 1 in the country for internet access 2013

In 2012 Forbes named Utah the best state for business

Google Fiber has recognized Utah as technological hub (Silicon Slopes)

Quality of Life

Youngest workforce in America

Major Universities located in Utah

Dynamic Business Environment(Companies founded and located in Utah)

Why UTOPIA?We currently have relationships with the Economic Development departments in our member cities. Partnered with Utah Education Network (UEN) We are co-located in the most important data centers in Utah. Largest Redundant Gig capable network of its kind.

UTOPIA welcomes all innovative entrepreneurs and will support any effort to further application development on the network.

Contact Kim McKinley at 801.613.3880 and kmckinley@utopianet.org for more information.