Using the Internet Safely

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  • 1. Staying Safe on the Internet

2. We LOVE the Internet! The internet is an amazing place! You probably use it most days at College to research work and at home, on your PC or phone just to have fun. When you imagine how many billions of people are using the Internet at any one time, then overall it is actually a pretty safe place. However, as with anything so good, there are bound to be a few things that are not so positive. The Internet and particularly Social Media do have a few pitfalls and you need to be aware of them in order to use it confidently and safely Email Websites Search Engines Moodle Social Media 3. We really LOVE Social Media!!/BurnleyCollegeALevels 4. How safe are you? Watch Claire Thought She Knew 5. Have you ever.? 6. The A-Z(ish!) Quiz of Net Safety 7. A What A can be sent via email that couldcontain a virus? What A is a computer program thatdisplays adverts on your computerscreen, often installed without yourealising? What A is software you should install onyour computer before surfing theinternet? 8. B What B should you do to anyone whoadds you on messenger sites that you donot know? What B is a Social Networking site thatused to be popular with teens, but hassince lost many users to facebook? What B is short for weblog? 9. C What C is a place on the internet where youcan communicate to lots of people or privatemessage other users? What C involves the use of information andcommunication technologies to supportdeliberate, repeated, and hostile behaviour byan individual or group that is intended to harmothers? What C is a small file that is sent to a webbrowser and stored on a users computer?These files can then be read by a server toremember preferences or personal details. 10. F What F is a popular social networking websitewith over 800 million registered (notnecessarily active!) users worldwide? What F is a means of preventing certain typesof material reaching your computer? What F is a program that checks all datapassing between your computer and theinternet to see if it is safe and permitted? 11. G & M! What G is the term used to describe when an adult encourages a youngster to meet up with them; this is often done in chat rooms? What G is the email service provided by a popular search engine? What M is the name for bad software like viruses, spyware etc.? What M is the official name of a service like Yahoo or MSN used to chat online? What M is the name of the act of supervising what goes on in a chatroom or other online service? What M is the name of a social networking site that lost popularity to Facebook and that Justin Timberlake recently purchased a stake in? 12. P What P is the name of the settings you should alwaysupdate when on Social Networking websites? What P is often four digits and used to confirmidentity, particularly at ATM machines? What P is a series of letters, numbers and/or symbolsthat only you should know that is used to confirm youridentity? What P is an attempt to trick people into visitingmalicious websites in order to steal personalinformation/details often via pretend emails frombanks? 13. S What S is the name given to the act of usingthe internet to find and make friends and stayin touch with people? What S are people you do not know that youshould not add on Social Network sites andMessenger services? What S is a program that lets you makephones over the internet? You can talk toother users of this program for free or pay tocall ordinary telephones. 14. T & V! What T is a method of sending short messages from one mobile phone to another sometimes referred to as SMS? What T is a malware program that is not what it seems to be? These pretend to be useful programs like word processors but really they install spyware or open up your computer to hackers? What V can infect your computer by deleting your files, stealing your data or even let hackers take control of your hardware? What V is the term used to describe a video that gets popular simply through internet sharing? 15. For more information 16. Finally If you are being bullied online byanyone in College, speak to your tutor immediately. For YOUR safety, online bullying is taken VERY seriously, and can lead to suspension or expulsion from College.