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Social Networking & Cybersecurity

Using Social Media SafelyDos and donts for workersAndy diament

OutlineScope of Social NetworkingSocial Networking at workSocial Networking for lifeCybersecurity protecting your identity

Is this your workplace?IT Crowd FriendFace 1 Video (offline version)

Scope of Social Networking

Discussion whats your social media?In small groups what do you use?List all the social media you are signed up forIncluded anything you do online that you consider social.If youre not sure if its social, write it downIf its got a profile where people can see your photo its a kind of social mediaIf you can express some kind of opinion its a kind of social mediaIf you got really annoyed when he or she wrote that about you, its social media

Game elements each time someone says one, everyone in the other groups crosses it out if they have on.Winning group has most unique sites5

Whats your social media?FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterestWhatsappSnapchatGoogle+LinkedInYoutubeBlogs Myspace still thereBedo sort of thereFriends Reunited GoneDating sitesAnything you can leave commentsAnything with a forumAnything you can add comments

I asked Whats your social mediaI nearly askedWhats your poison?What do you say to that?

Getting stated with Social MediaGet a phone / tablet / phablet / deviceProbably going to be an Apple iDevice / AndroidMight be WindowsDownload your apps Google Play or Apple AppStoreMake your accountsCool namePhoto for your profile you never grow old on the internetCheck your privacy

And its ready to roll


Facebook suggestionFacebook app eats batteries on iPhones/iPads/AndroidSearch for Metal on AppStore / Google PlayFree alternative and uses a lot less power

Social Networking at work

Your workspaceOfficeHomeCustomer facingWorkshopOut and aboutWardClassroomWhat are you allowed to do?Mobile Phones out or awaySocial networking allowed/limited/banned?

Social networking for workPromotion of events/servicesRecruitmentCommunication with clients and stakeholdersNews and emergenciesInternalNoticeboardsForumsInstant MessagingPrivate Social Network (Yammer)Social Exclusion

2 questions for you to discussWhat are the benefits of using personal social media at work?

What are the downsides of using personal social media at work?

Discussion and do they also benefit your employer13

Social networking issues at workPlenty of topics to choose fromAccess to devices/social networking at workTime management / Interference with productivityRecruitment screening candidatesPrivacyPoliciesBullying and discrimination victim may not be awareDefamationDiscussing the companyNSFW

ACAS site on social media covers plenty of areas


Linkedin professional networkingWhos on it?Is it up to date?How have you benefited from it

Policy and trainingAcceptable use policyDo you feel trained?What is your company policy on:Strength of passwordLeaving machine logged inUse of work laptops/devicesUsing home computer for work Deleting dataEncrypting dataUse of USB sticks (phones etc)Personal use of organisation equipmentKeeping emails

Social Networking for life

Who are you friends?Real Friends? Old school friendsAcquaintances?Friends of friends?Colleagues?Bosses?Clients?People youve never met?

How do you appear on social media?Anyone like to give me a portrait of how the kinds of things they post?And the kinds of things they self edit?

Would you get a promotionIf your boss could see your profile?

Examples of recruiters looking at profile data20

Facebook privacy

Deleting your accountNothing ever goesFacebook keep data after you stop usingSnapchatDeleted 10 seconds after viewingDeleted means hidden on your phone and on their servers (as of 2013)

Welcome to the InternetYour data never leaves for views of a certain age23

Admiral FirstcarquoteFor young drivers scheme to reduce insurance based on Facebook historyGood riskConscientiousWell organisedWell written short, concise sentences

Poor riskMore spontaneousOverconfidentEXCLAMATION MARKS!!!!

Pulled by Facebook

TipsWrite your posts carefully Will someone get the joke?Will they keep returning to it?Do you need an anonymous account?BTL Below the Line Comments (e.g. Newspapers)Discussion ForumsNegative feedbackTwitterIf you offend a stranger on the web, do you want them to know where you live?


PasswordsStrong passwords (work policy?)ChangingRemembering lots of passwordsHow many?All different?Written down?App solutions Password managers with strong master passwordSharing passwordsEmployer policyComputer Misuse Act [Subject to internet access]

Example password secure things

Invite someone to test their password strengthHow many passwords do you think you need?Invite most common passwords27

Most common passwords

Social EngineeringTricking you into giving information awayPhishing emails looking for bank loginsPhone calls Bank transfersSarah Palin email accessWere from Microsoft - your computer has a virus.

Typing your password into a webpage on your trainers computer

If time a bit of a phishing quiz29

Were from Microsoft you have a virusMy son got this message 2 weeks agoHe had the sense to phone me to ask for advice No! No! No! No! No!Me and the new kitchen sink were not getting alongIf they say Press Windows key RHang up

Protecting mobile devicesPassword / Pin / PatternBiometricsEye scanFinger printWhat are the consequences of losing your phoneTrack your phoneAndroid Device Manager

iCloud Locate your Device

Stand up if you have a phone /tablet and are able to easily standSit if you havePin/password/pattern/eye/fingerprintWhos left staning?31

Backing upWhat happens if your computer or device disappears or dies?SyncingContacts/emails/calendar Files & photos (iCloud / Google drive / Dropbox / Onedrive)Hard disk backup / Hard disk image

But if its synced to the cloud, is there anything you dont want a hacker to see

WifiSecure Network WPA2 at homeYou need a password to connect, normally enter onceIts probably written under the routerYour data is protected - encryptedPublic networksOpen Network your data can be interceptedMay need to make an accountClosed Network You need a password

Dos and DontsWrite on stickie notes DosDonts based on what I have said

Slides at Contact Search for Andy Diament on at Facebook advice


Any questions?Dont forget your 5 a day!IT Crowd Friendface 2 video (Offline version)