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Upper intermediate listening level 1

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Practice listening for upper intermediate learners of english. Learn a lot more vocabulary also.

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  • 1.Live Free / Speak Free

2. Upper Intermediate Listening Level 1Vocabulary 3. VocabularyHere are ten new words for you to learn. Listen tothe word and listen to the sentence that goesalong with the word. After, decide which meaningbest fits the word in the sentence. Click on CheckAnswer to see if you are right. When you areready press Continue. 4. 1.Soldier: For over nine months the old soldier had beenan invalid.n. increase of amount, size, scope, or the liken. a person engaged in military servicev. to rouse to activity or to quickened actionn. a settled course or manner of progress Check AnswerText 5. 2. Commitment; As a result, collective memory and employee commitment become fragile. adj. intermeddling with what is not ones concern n. an unprincipled politician v. to bring together or give fixed shape to n. the act or process of entrusting or consigning for safe-keeping Check Answer Text 6. 3.Volatile; Results of rankings can be notoriously volatile,so they should be treated with caution.v. to regainadj. changeableadj. toilsomev. to blend Check AnswerText 7. 4. Qualify; If you do not qualify for benefits, the notice will explain why. v. to endow or furnish with requisite ability, character, knowledge, skill, or possessions n. a title of Jesus n. a quack n. passion for getting and keeping riches Check Answer Text 8. Transition; The transition to land brought major changes to5.the faces of our ancestors.n. passage from one place, condition, or action toanothern. a person of rank or importancev. to remove the inhabitants fromn. angry or violent difference of opinion Check Answer Text 9. Devilry; There was a mildness about his eyes and mouth6. that proclaimed no devilry although he was more than capable of defending himself when necessary.v. to deny oneselfn. malicious mischiefv. to make more sharp, severe, or virulentn. the having, holding, or detention of property in onespower or command Check Answer Text 10. 7.Mileage; One obvious improvement would be to raise carmileage standards.n. a distance in milesadj. having six anglesv. to introduce, as a fluid, by injectionv. to surpass Check Answer Text 11. Prowess; The state hosts many century rides for cyclists8.looking to demonstrate their athletic prowess. n. the whole range or sequence adj. low-priced n. strength, skill, and intrepidity in battle adj. heedless Check AnswerText 12. 9.Assassinate; He was to assassinate the president, but failed.v. to kill, as by surprise or secret assault, especially thekilling of some eminent personv. to inoculate with vaccine virus or virus of cowpoxn. permanencen. a spiritual advisor Check Answer Text 13. 10. Generalize; It is important to remember not to generalizetoo broadly. n. a person to whom a donation is made v. to draw general inferences n. ease n. a meeting of spirituals for consulting spiritsCheck AnswerText 14. Part 1 DialoguesIn this part you will hear 10 dialogues followed by 1question. You are to choose the best possibleanswer. If you need to read the dialogue, just clickon the Text button. To check you answer click, onthe Check Answer button. If you are ready pressContinue. 15. 1. A: So, Janet, did the boss like our ideas for the new TV ad campaign? B: Actually, he said our budget is going to be halved. A: Thats insane. That wont be nearly enough. B: Tell me about it. He wants to put more ads on the radio. Thinks its a more cost-efficient way to reach out target market. A: Not according to our marketing polls. B: He also suggested we try another direct-mail campaign and see how that pans out. A: Well, I guess well just have to do what he wants. Question: What does the boss want these people to do?A Change the advertising strategyB Wait for the results of the TV ads.C Carry out more marketing polls.D Cancel the direct-mail campaignCheck Answer Text 16. 2. A: Hi, Id like to sign up for one of your kayak tours tomorrow. B: Youre in luck. We just had a cancellation for the 10:30 tour. A: Perfect! I cant swim very well, though. Is that a problem? B: We provide life vests and our guides are trained lifeguards, so it depends on how comfortable you are with that. A: And what happens if the weathers bad? B: Well contact you an hour beforehand if the waters too choppy. Then well sign you up for another time or refund your money. Question: What does the woman imply about the tour?A Water conditions will worsen tomorrow.B Refunds are not given on the same day.C Good swimming ability is not required.D It is likely more people will cancel.Check Answer Text 17. 3. A: Ms. Winters, I just heard about my transfer. B: Yes, Lenny. Were hoping you can turn things around in Hong Kong as effectively as you have here. A: I appreciate your confidence. One problem, though. My wifes mother has just gone into the hospital. Leaving right now would be difficult. B: I see. But your skills and experience are vital for this, no one here or in Hong Kong can do what you do. A: I understand. But does it have to happen immediately? B: Maybe not. Let me get back with you. Question: What does Ms. Winters imply?A The company can transfer another employee.B Lennys transfer could be postponed.C The company will find a replacement in Hong Kong.D Lenny should consider his decision.Check AnswerText 18. A: Id like some information about your savings accounts.4. B: Well, our InvestPlus account has average 5% interest over the last 4 years. A: And what about this year? B: The latest projections are positive, but rates are dependent on market performance. A: Which means if the rate falls, Ill get next to nothing, right? B: Thats possible, but unlikely, sir. A: I think Id prefer an account with fixed rates. B: Are you sure? Your potential return would be much smaller. A: Yes, Ill pass on the InvestPlus account, thanks. Question: why does the man reject the InvestPlus account?22A Its performance has been poor recently.B Projections show the interest rate will fall.C The interest rate is subject to change.D He wants to make a short term investment. Check Answer Text 19. 5. A: I need to start looking for flights if were going to visit your parents this fall. B: Im still not sure Ill be able to get away from work. A: Look, at some point youve got to put your foot down and tell your boss youre going. Cant you even give me a rough date? B: My current project is supposed to end on September 28th. But itll probably be delayed at least a week. A: Well, Ill check for flights around October 12th. Thatll give you time to finish and arrange your schedule. B: Ok. Question: what does the woman imply?A She would rather go away in the summer.B The man should tell his boss he wants time off.C She would rather not visit the mans parents.D The man should arrange the trip himself. Check Answer Text 20. 6. A: Hi, Sven. Hows the research project going? B: To be honest, its a bit of a disaster. Nobody knows what they should be doing because our project manager hasnt made the role of each team clear. A: Thats too bad. Will it prevent you from meeting your deadline? B: We may have no choice but to extend it. Everyones trying hard, but with such a big project, we need better coordination to put things back on track. A: They should put you in charge. Youre the most organized person I know. Question: What does Sven say about the project?A He does not want to be in charge of it.B The project manager is not effective.C Some teams are making little effort.D Its goals keep changing.Check Answer Text 21. 7. A: Judy, I hear youve become interested in urban farming. B: Well, Ive got a big vegetable garden and a couple of chickens in my yard, but I wouldnt call it farming. A: Everyone seems to be jumping on the local-food bandwagon. B: Its rewarding to grow your own food. A: I guess I dont see it that way. I was forced to work on my familys farm as a kid. B: Really? So you can appreciate the effort involved. A: What I appreciate is the convenience of supermarkets. Question: What does the man imply?A Urban farms will not remain popular.B Supermarkets do not provide good service.C Growing food yourself is too much work.D People rely too heavily on supermarkets. Check AnswerText 22. 8. A: Hey, Chloe. Have you decided who youre voting for in the upcoming election? B: Not yet. Neither candidate is very appealing. Theyre just not offering any concrete solutions to the countrys problems. A: I completely agree. But you know very well its not about politics anymore. Winning elections these days depends on how much funding a candidate has for campaigning and TV ads. B: Thats true. Its no wonder young people are so disillusioned with politics. A: Right. We need some candidates wholl inspire the younger generation. Question: What is the mans opinion?A Getting elected is more about publicity than policies.B Young people should learn more about politics.C The candidates policies differ greatly.D Political ads should be banned.Check Answer Text 23. A: I just got an Email from brain McDonald. It seems my high school class is planning a9. reunion this summer. B: That sounds like fun, honey. Id like to meet your old classmates. A: Oh, I dont know. Ill be kind of busy with work and other things. And its a three-hour drive. B: But were always going down to your hometown to visit your mother. A: Thats different. Were all nearly 50 years old now, and I havent kept in touch with any of them except Brian. B: Well, maybe its about time you met them again, then. Itd be interesting to see what theyre all up to these days. A: I guess it might be fun to see some of them, but high school was not the highlight of my life, you know. I certainly dont have good memories of everybody in my class. B: Come on, youre all adults now. People change over time. Youd probably get more out of it than you think. A: Let me think about it. Question: What does the man imply? A He does not want to go to the reunion alone. B He did not enjoy his last high school reunion. C He does not remember most of his classmates. D He