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Passive Voice - Crime Revision

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  • 1.3A NEF UpperIntermediateCrimes

2. To fish 3. phishingthe criminal activity ofsending emails or havinga website that is intendedto trick someone intogiving away informationsuch as their bankaccount number or theircomputer password.This information is thenused to get money orgoods. 4. VideoPhishingin PlainEnglish 5. Comprehension QuestionsCrook: How does phishing work? dishonest person or a An email fools you into handing over important infocriminal How risky is doing business online? Low, as long as you deal directly with organizations you trust. Whats the problem with doing business online? Criminals impersonating (how?) these organizations and fool you a clever but dishonest way to How to avoid the scams? get money AWARENESS Be suspicious of emails asking to verify your personalinformation and with misspelling. Attention to the links of thewebsites they may impersonate the companys website. What to do if you receive a phishing? Theres no risk in receiving contact the organization you have account 6. An example of a phishing e-mail, disguised as an official e-mail from a(fictional) bank. The sender is attempting to trick the recipient intorevealing confidential information by "confirming" it at the phisherswebsite. Note the misspelling of the words received and discrepancy.Such mistakes are common in most phishing emails. Also note thatalthough the URL of the banks webpage appears to be true, it actuallylinks to a phishers webpage. 7. to go onto someones private land without their permissionWhats the pun?the crime of physically attacking someone: Trespassers He was jailed for assault. sexual/indecent assault prosecuted victims of indecent assault to charge someone with a crime and try toshow that they are guilty of it in a court oflaw: Buxton is being prosecuted for assault. 8. people/places objects Rob x Stealrobbed I was ________________robbed The bank was ___________stole He ________ his mothers car. stolenThe money was ___________ 9. Has a thief ever stolenCrimemoney from you?theftCriminalthiefVerbto steal 10. Have you ever been ?CrimerobberyCriminalrobberVerb You _______ a bank andto rob you _______ the money 11. Have you ever been ?CrimeblackmailCriminalblackmailerVerbto blackmail 12. Has your house ever been?CrimeburglaryCriminalburglarVerb the crime of gettingto burgleinto a building tosteal things 13. CrimeDrug dealingCriminalDrug dealerVerbTo sell drugs 14. CrimehijackingCriminalhijackerVerbto use violence or threats toTo hijack take control of a plane,vehicle, or ship 15. CrimekidnappingCriminalkidnapperVerbTo kidnap 16. Have you ever been?CrimemuggingCriminalmuggerVerbto mugto attack someone and rob them in a public place 17. Kill x Murder xAssassinate x Slaugther JFK was assassinated________________killed Thousands of soldiers were ________ in the war. Hundreds of innocent civilians wereslaughtered _______________. murdering He was convicted of ____________ a policeman. 18. CrimemurderCriminalmurdererget away with murderidiomatic expressionVerbto do anything you want, even thingsthat are wrong, without beingto murderpunished: She lets those kids get away withmurder. 19. CrimerapeCriminalrapistVerb to rape 20. CrimesmugglingCriminalsmugglerVerbto take something orto smuggle someone illegally from one country to another 21. CrimeterrorismCriminalterroristVerbto set off bombs 22. CrimevandalismCriminal vandalVerbto vandalize 23. Whathappensto acriminal? 24. trialcourt appear in court go to court take sb to court judge criminal / civil court 25. evidence guiltyguilty ofThe jury found her guilty of murder.He was found not guilty of the death of PC Jones.He pleaded guilty to two charges of theft. 26. Innocent or Guilty? In English you are not found INNOCENT in a court of law. You are foundGUILTYor NOT GUILTY 27. jury proof 28. verdictwitnessThe jury reached their verdict.Verdict: GUILTY or NOT GUILTY 29. TYPES: Community service A 600 fine Six months in prison A life sentence A capital punishmentpunishment (the death penalty) 30. sentencesentence somebody to somethingSanchez was sentenced to three years in prison.She received an eight-year prison sentence. 31. arrested caught 32. [transitive]to state officially that someone may be guilty of acrime charge somebodyChargewith something Gibbons has been chargedwith murder. 33. be released without charge face charges (=be accused of a crime) drop the charges (=decide to stop making charges) be cleared/acquitted of a charge (=when someone is officially not guilty at the end of a trial)Charge be convicted of a charge (=when someone is found guilty at the end of a trial) 34. investigate 35. what happens in a court case: At the beginning of the trial, the personwho is accused pleads guilty or not guiltyto the charges against them. The lawyersfor the prosecution try to prove that thedefendant is guilty, and the lawyers for thedefence try to prove that their client isinnocent. The judge and the jury examinethe evidence and listen to the testimony ofthe witnesses. 36. At the end of the trial, the judge thensums up the case, and the jury thengives their verdict. If the person is foundguilty, the judge sentences them to aperiod of time in prison, or orders themto pay a fine. If the person is found notguilty, they are released. 37. BEAT THEBURGLAR!How to preventburglars fromBREAKING INTOyour HOUSEPrevent you frombeing burgled 38. Do the quizPAGE 36 KEY page 117 39. Oliver is a burglar a thief a mugger a pickpocketOliver Twistby Charles Dickens 40. Worked as a pickpocket consultant for Roman Polanskis film Oliver TwistJames Freedman (born 1965) is a British entertainer, magician, pickpocket,entrepreneur and consultant. As an entertainer he is most well known for hisskill as a pickpocket and magician and his ability to secretly pick the pocketsof volunteers. For this reason, he is also known as The Man of Steal.Time Out magazine wrote that he is"possibly the worldsbest pickpocket". 41. 1. What is the maintrick pickpockets usewhen they steal fromsomeone?2. Why are touristsparticularly at risk frompickpockets? 42. What does he say about. ..?1 training boys2 Prague3 Roman Polanskis watch4 Fagin5 misdirection6 some keys7 the journalists wallet and pen8 a map9 Westminster tube station andBig Ben.10 Watch out! Pickpocketsabout! 43. What have you learnedto do or not to do. . .?a to protect your house.b if you are on holiday in London 44. Grammar Passive Voice Hes said / Hes believed / Hes thought 45. Passive Voice FORM:Exercise on the book be past participleisgone We use BY when it is important towas/wereseenknow who or whathas beenwatchedperformed theaction.(check verb form) 46. Passive Voice MEANING the subject is receiving the action Exercise on the book 47. Passive Voice USE emphasize who RECEIVES the action the person who PERFORMS the action is UNKNOWN or UNIMPORTANT written language Exercise on the book 48. Verb forms 49. Verb forms 50. Tense 12 Verb forms Aspect 51. Why dont we mention whoin the two sentences? Because its either unknown or unimportant. 52. We use the passive when:- were more interested in the action rather than whodid the action.- the agent who did the action is so obvious it doesntneed to be pointed out.- we want to be ambigous on purpose about who didthe action.- we want to impress a certain degree of formality,e.g. notices, signs. 53. News reportsHeadlinesScientific articlesReports in generalSigns, notices 54. People think the mans identity will neverbe established.THINKThe mans identity isthought to never be estabilished. 55. Everybody says Brazil is famous for its people. SAYBrazilis said to befamous forits peopleTeachers book page 166 56. American TRIVIA 57. Making the PUNISHEMNT fit the crime What do you think would be an appropriate punishment for. . .? 1 a woman who abandoned some kittens in a forestRead page 39 2 people caught speeding in a residential areawhichcaught carrying adid gun in the3 a man who wassentence loadedstreetJudge Cicconetti give these people?4 some teenagers who vandalized a school bus 5 noisy neighbours who play rock music very loudly atall hours 58. Read again 59. Punishment for these crimes, offences An arsonist who sets fire to a local beauty spot, for example, a forest. A 15-year-old who is caught drinking and smoking. Someone who parks illegally causing major traffic delays. A group of teenagers who paint graffiti all over walls in a small town. A couple whose dogs bark incessantly and bother the neighbours. A young person who creates a computer virus which infects thousands of computers .

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