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Presentation to Universitas 21 Presidents20 May 2011.

Text of UNSW Sustainability

  • 1. U21 Presidents meeting
    • UNSW Sustainability
  • UNSW Sustainability
  • Implementing the U21 Statement on Sustainability

20 May 2011 University of New South Wales 2. The U21 Statement on Sustainability

  • > Key elements>U21 Statement on Sustainability
    • 1.Research toward a sustainable future.
    • 2.Education for Sustainability.
    • 3.Establish the University campus as a
    • LivingLaboratory of a sustainable future.
    • 4.Emphasise citizenship & engagement.
    • 5.Build capacity through cross-networkcollaboration.

3. Research toward a sustainable future

  • >Researching sustainable solutions.

Professor Andy Pitman and Matt England Australian Climate Change Research Centre >Innovating & designing sustainable ways of living. Professor Jill Bennet. UNSW College of Fine Arts. Sustainable Design, Media and Environment. 4. Research toward a sustainable future

  • > Developing new scientific knowledge

Making a difference to our world Professors Martin Green & Stuart Wenham.Centre for Advanced Silicon Photovoltaics & Photonics> Developing newenergy sources Professor Veena Sahajwalla. Centre of Sustainable Materials Research & Technology[email_address] 5. Research toward a sustainable future

  • Centre for Sustainable Materials Research and Technology (SMaRT@UNSW)
  • Centre for Water and Waste Technology
  • City Futures Research Centre
  • Connected Waters Initiative
  • Gilbert and Tobin Centre of Public Law
  • Institute of Environmental Studies
  • Sydney Institute of Marine Science
  • UNESCO Centre for Membrane Science and Technology
  • UNSW Built Environment - City Futures Research Centre
  • UNSW Water Research Centre
  • UNSW Climate Change Research Centre
  • Institute of Environmental Studies
  • Environmental Research Initiative for Art

> UNSW centers researching sustainability issues

  • Australian Centre for Sustainable Mining Practices
  • Centre for Materials Research in EnergyConversion
  • Australian Climate Change Adaptation ResearchNetwork for Settlements and Infrastructure
  • Australian Human Rights Centre
  • Australian Institute for Population Ageing Research
  • Australian Tsunami Research Centre
  • Australian Wetlands and Rivers Centre
  • Centre for a Sustainable Built Environment
  • Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets
  • Centre for Energy Research and Policy Analysis
  • Centre for Environmental Modeling and Prediction
  • Centre for Infrastructure and Engineering Safety
  • Centre for Marine Bio-Innovation
  • Centre for Social Impact

6. Education for Sustainability

  • > Educating future generations and thought leaders.

More than 100 courses & Degree programswith sustainability as a key component. Sunswift solar car racing team. UNSW students & staff designed and built the worlds fastest solar-powered vehicle. UNSW PhD students researching sustainability. 7. Education for Sustainability

  • > Influencing current and future civil society.

Raising sustainability consciousnessin all facets of student life Promoting knowledge about sustainability. Regular climate change and sustainability forums are held at UNSW and are open to the public. 8.

  • > The University campus as aLiving Laboratory of a sustainable future.

Leading by example Demonstrating how we can all live more sustainably.Thoughtful Foodscampus co-op. Stationery re-use centre run by students 9. Leading by example

  • >Water refill stations.

A step toward reducing plastic water bottle waste.Refill not landfill. 10. > Supporting sustainable transport Morris the Yarris Leading by example

    • Reducing pollution
    • and congestion.

Electric Vehicle recharge posts.Partnership with EV services provider Better Place. Fleet vehicle used to research the impact of EVs on electricity grid. Australian first in partnership with GoGet. Affordable car hire booked online by the hour.Priority parking.>Campus car share 11. Leading by example Green cleaning specs > No chemicals where possible >Good Environmental Choice certified cleaning products Cleaning for health without harming the environment or ourselves. Green Cleaning our buildings Paper recycling makes money for UNSW 12. Build capacity through collaboration

  • >Early career researchers networks.
  • >Sharing ideas and best practices.

> Sustainability Reporting >Collaboration >Research Linkage. 13. World Premier

  • UNSW Sustainability video
  • You Tube 2 minute showcasing campus as a living laboratory

14. 15. Keep in touch

  • UNSW SustainabilityUNSW SYDNEY NSW 2052 www.unsw.edu.au/sustainability Twitter @ SustainUNSW Facebookfacebook.com/SustainUNSW
  • Aaron Magner
  • UNSW Sustainability DirectorLinkedIn linkedin.com/in/aaronmagnerTwitter@aaronmagner Slideshareslideshare.net/aaronmagner
  • Photo images: Maja Baska:www.majabaska.com