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University of QarawiyyininFes,Morocco.


ABDUL AZIZ Topics:InventorNames of unknown inventorsDetails and work they didConclusionBibliographyWho is an inventor?

The first person to create a new item or different way of doing something.

They aren't people who just come up with a new idea.

They actually create a finished product or method of doing something.Unknown inventorsFatima Al Fihri Ismael Al Jazari Ibn HaythamMariam Al IjliyaYaqub Al KindiAbul Qasim Al Zahrawi

UNIVERSITY OF QARAWIYYINFounded by Fatima Al Fihri in 859 AD.

It was the world's firstacademic degree granting institution of higher education.

Recognised by Guinness book of world records to be oldest continuously operating institution for higher learning.

THE ELEPHANT CLOCKBuilt by Al Jazari (1136-1206).He is known as Father of Robotics.

He wrote The Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices describing 100 mechanical devices.

The most significant aspect of al- Jazari's machines are themechanisms, components, ideas, methods, and design features which they employ.

CAMERA OBSCURAIbn Haytham built the first pin hole camera.

Born in 965 AD he made significant contributions to the principles of optics,visual perception etc.

He used experimental evidence to check his theories, which was unusual for his time because physics before him was more like philosophy, without experiment

ASTROLABEMariam Al Astrolabiya Al- Ijliya lived in the tenth century in Aleppo, Syria.

Astrolabes were global positioning instruments that determine the position of the sun and planets, so they were used in the fields of astronomy, astrology and horoscopesYa'qub Al- Kindi was born in 801 AD, at Kufa, Baghdad.

Al Kindi was the first to identify and purify alcohol. Today, alcohol is used in hundreds of industrial processes.

He invented many methods to extract scents from flowers (essential oils) and ways to make many enchanting perfumes.PERFUMESFATHER OF SURGERYAbul Qasim Al Zahrawi was born inEl-Zahra , northwest of Cordova, Andalusia.He contributed many technological innovations, introduced 200 surgical instruments.He pioneered the preparation of medicines by sublimation and distillation.

ConclusionEven though many inventors are overlooked in the books, their everlasting contributions cannot be undermined.

It is a matter of regret that we do not enjoin them with other reputed inventors.BIBLIOGRAPHY1001 inventions by muslims.