Unit Eight Reflective Paper

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<p> 1. Running Head: UNIT EIGHT1Unit Eight: Reflective PaperConnectivists Perspective Lauren Fowler-Carter University of Houston Clear Lake 2. UNIT EIGHT2Unit Eight: Reflective PaperConnectivists Perspective Criticisms that have been discussed about connectivism vary depending on onesperspective of the theory. Connectivism focuses on the power of networks, suggesting thatlearning is beneficial outside of their own self-learning. A criticism suggests that connectivismand the power of the network may begin to have a connectivist start to lose and deny theimportance of the individual and the learning that occurs inside our heads (Connectivism,2006). I do believe that this criticism is a valid suggestion of an issue towards connectivism,because this seems to be a plausible scenario that would happen to a connectivist. It is possible totake advantage of the power of the network, but also in addition, learn for one self throughpersonal experiences. This criticism could also be tied into the connectivists personality,because naturally there are some personalities that feed off of others (i.e. networks, learning fromothers experiences). So I could see this type of personality potentially denying the learning thatoccurs in their own head. Critics, including Bill Kerr, believe that although technology does affect learningenvironments, existing learning theories are sufficient (Connectivism). This criticism is one thatwould depend on the persons perspective. Some people believe that the learning theories thathave already been applied for many are sufficient, but there are others that believe the opposite.Critics also suggest that as education continuously changes and new technologies develop andbecome implemented, what is not needed is a new stand-alone theory for the digital age, butmodel that integrates the different theories to guide the design of online learning materials(Connectivism). This could be an arguable statement, because even if there was a model thatintegrated the different theories, basically creating a melting pot of theories, contradictions arebound to arise within the model. 3. UNIT EIGHT 3 References(2006, November 21st). Retrieved November 27, 2011, from Connectivism: http://www.connectivism.ca/?p=75Connectivism. (n.d.). Retrieved November 27, 2011, from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Connectivism#Criticisms</p>