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  1. 1. Education System of UK Karma Tenzin & Passang Tshering
  2. 2. Introduction Education is compulsory between age 5-16 But attending school is not compulsory (Home schooling) The School year runs from September to July (39 weeks) Most schools require students to wear school uniform
  3. 3. Primary School 5-11 year olds One teacher Close to home
  4. 4. Secondary School Age 11-16 Comprehensive No ability test Wide range of education 88% of students Mixed sex Grammar Selective Academically oriented One sex
  5. 5. Key Stages Post Education Key Stage Three Key Stage Three Key Stage Two Key Stage One Foundation Stage 11-16 mandate to 11-18 14-16 yrs 11-14yrs 7-11 yrs 5-7 yrs 3-5 yrs Basic Education
  6. 6. Types of Schools Community schools Established and fully funded by Local Authorities Foundation schools Funded by local authorities, but are own by the school governing bodies or a charitable foundation Voluntary schools Originally established by voluntary bodies, mainly churches. They are now largely funded by local authorities
  7. 7. Home Schooling Attending school is not compulsory The only demand is that every student receives an efficient full-time education suitable to this age, ability and aptitude, either by regular attendance at school or otherwise Over 50,000 students are home schooled each year, and is increasing (17%)
  8. 8. Curriculum CORE SUBJECTS English Mathematics Science Art Geography History Music Design and Technology Information and Communications Technology Physical Education Religious Education Sex and Relationship Education Careers Education Citizenship
  9. 9. Examinations SAT 11+ GCSE AS-levels A-levels
  10. 10. Fee-paying Schools Public schools Common Entrance exam Prep school Preparation for public school
  11. 11. Higher education 30% of the 18 to 19 year olds Two A-levels Grade E or above is required Oxbridge universities
  12. 12. Higher education It is provided by three types of institutions: universities, colleges and institutions of higher education and art and music colleges. All universities are autonomous institutions and they determine their own admissions policy and requirements. Non-university level post-secondary studies: technical/vocational
  13. 13. Education Budget 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 Pensions Health Care Education Defence Welfare Budget (2016) Pensions Health Care Education Defence Welfare
  14. 14. School Terms and Breaks Organization of a school year Spring Term Autumn Term Summer Term Summer Holiday (About 6 weeks) Christmas Holliday (About 2 weeks) Easter Holiday (about 2 weeks)
  15. 15. School Timing School Day School lasts from 9am until 3.20pm Lessons are 1 hour and 15 minutes long. There is a break in the morning at 11.40am which lasts 20 minutes. At break time, students usually eat a snack. Lunch Lunch is at 1.15 until 2 pm. Students stay in school and they either bring their own lunch in a lunch box OR they can buy lunch from the school canteen.
  16. 16. Teacher Development Course for primary teachers Language Development Teacher Development courses for groups Young Learners
  17. 17. Teacher Development Creative Teaching and British and culture Creative Teaching Courses for Secondary and College CLIL(Content and Language Integrated Learning) Creative Teaching and Trainer Development Teacher Development Courses for groups
  18. 18. Influences shaping Education throughout history Chapter 1 600-1800 Beginnings Chapter 2 1800-1860 Towards a state system of education Chapter 3 1860-1900 Class divisions Chapter 4 1900-1944 Taking shape Chapter 5 1944-1951 Post-war reconstruction Chapter 6 1951-1970 The wind of change Chapter 7 1970-1979 Recession and disenchantment Chapter 8 1979-1990 Thatcherism: the marketisation of education Chapter 9 1990-1997 John Major: more of the same Chapter 10 1997-2007 The Blair decade Chapter 11 2007-2010 Brown and Balls: mixed messages Chapter 12 2010 What future for education in England?
  19. 19. Takeaway Home Schooling 11+ Exam to decide future Grammar School School timings
  20. 20. Thank You Passang Tshering