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  • 1. + EDP 279 By Emily Peters Universal Design

2. + What is Universal Design? A product or design that meets the needs of a wide spectrum of potential users who can all have very different characteristics How does it relate to teaching? UD can be applied to curriculum, teaching, tutoring, learning centers 3. + UDL Guidelines 3 broad foundational principals: 1. Provide multiple means of representation How we present information to the learner? 1. Provide multiple means of action and expression How to ask learners to express what they know? 1. Provide multiple means of engagement How do we motivate and engage students? MULTIPLE MEANS = OPTIONS FOR THE STUDENTS Curriculum that works for all 4. + Multiple Means of Representation 1. Provide options of perception Develop more than one lesson plan on how to teach students with different characteristics 1. Provide options of language and symbols Use different means of teaching Ex. Images, digital, movies, books ELL students may need translations 1. Provide options for comprehension and processes Have multiple ways to explain and teach students so that they are able to turn what you are saying into useful knowledge 1st guideline 5. + Multiple Means of Expression 1. Provide options for physical expression Different activities and tasks students can preform to show that they have retained the knowledge youve taught them 1. Provide options for fluency of expression Learner can express fluently what they know 1. Provide options for how learners can express progress Students express in multiple ways Ex.Writing, drawing, performing an experiment, speeches 2nd guideline 6. + Multiple Means of Engagement 1. provide options for recruiting interest Different activities, projects, tasks used to spark students interests 1. Provide options for sustaining student effort Hardest part How to keep students attention and keep them interested in the learning process 1. Provide options for self regulation Sustain effort and will to learn on their own 3rd guideline Most important of the 3 main principles 7. + 8. + Work Cited http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=rfsx3DGpv5o&feature=relmfu http://www.washington.edu/doit/Brochures/Programs/ud.ht ml http://www.washington.edu/doit/CUDE/inst_sec.html