Udgam Matters March 2014

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Udgam Matters March 2014 - A retrospect of the year that was


  • 1.UDGAM MATTERS THIS ISSUE Media Buzz 2013To 2014: A Retrospect Research Reveals Glimpses Of March Sports Camp Fun Zone Shadow Art May Summer Camp Activities A Note from Editor MARCH 2014 ISSUE VOL. 10 Beware the ides of March! So said the Bard, and I understand the reason now! Board examination for the students of Std. X and XII! And result time for others! It was not less than an examination for us too! This year was as hectic as any other year, the school bubbling with activities and events. The high point was the school being fixed as a centre for the CBSE Board examination of Std. X and XII. Spread over 19 days, we conducted examination in 24 subjects. We had students from 4 other schools, not Udgam. It was an experience to observe the behaviour of these students different from that of our students yet similar in many ways. On the personal front, I am going to begin my career, all over again teaching English in class 6, something I did years back when I joined this school. I am as excited and as nervous as I was then. It is going to be a new experience for From the Principal Ms Radhika Iyer th me. I may not reach the 12 class again but I can certainly make a beginning. March is the month of results. Some students are elated while others, disappointed on seeing their marks. I have just this to say to all the students: If your result is not good, don't worry, it is not the end of the world, you will have many more opportunities. If your result is good, don't become complacent, it is not the end of the world, you will have to face many more challenges. For us, the new year starts in April. Students come in with excitement and expectation, eager to see their new class, teachers and friends. So, let us pledge to ourselves to do better than last in every aspect. After all we are one year older!

2. Media Buzz 2 UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN March 2014 3. Yellow and Orange day at Pre-primary Earth Day Celebrations Medical Camp at Pre-primary March is the last month of this academic session. Overall this has been a wonderful year which began well and ended even better. We take this opportunity to present a few random glimpses of the year that was... 2013 to 2014: A RETROSPECT The year began on a wonderful note with the Grand Success of board examinees of Class 12 and 10. Their results are par excellence and they have brought laurels to the school. The sincere efforts of the teachers, parents and students have been rewarded. Let us take a look at some important events of the year that was... Classroom discussions, poster making, quiz and activities sensitized children towards pollution and the need to save Mother Earth for future generations. Fit and fine is the main 'mantra' for everyday life, be it for adults or tiny tots. A general health check up was conducted for the students of the KG section to ascertain their well being. Orange-Yellow day was celebrated by the Pre-primary Section. The children were surrounded by these vibrant summer colours all day. Bright and beautiful was the spirit here! 3 UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN March 2014 4. Young Champions CBSE Chacha Nehru Sports Award Udgam School adopts Thaltej Municipal School Young Athletes Quiz Competition This prestigious award was won by Maana Patel of Class 9 A in Swimming Individual Championship for Under 14 girls. Along with this Maana has made us proud by winning several other awards this year. In a bid to enhance the overall quality of the school, we adopted this school which is just a few metres away from our Thaltej Campus. The exemplary work done was awarded by the Mayor in a recent ceremony. United we Stand this proverb was proved when 12 young cricketers of USFC won the winner's trophy defeating the other team in a city Cricket League in Under 10. Students participated in Day - Night Tennis Ball Cricket Tournament 2013 organized by a renowned city club and won the series in the age group of 8 12 years. Interclass quiz competition based on the epic Ramayana was conducted for class 7th. We are proud of our students who are so well informed about our great legends even in this digital age. 4 UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN March 2014 5. Derek's Faster Smarter Better Challenge Quiz Competition was held for Class 8 Towards a Greener World Visit to Park Elocution Competition Interclass quiz competition based on the epic Mahabharata was conducted for class 8th. We give due credit to the children for being so well versed with the many names and incidents of the world's largest epic. The students planted a sapling each, on the school grounds, and pledged to take care of it. They enjoyed playful encounters with earthworms too! A quiz was organised by Derek O' Brien's group in school for students of Classes 6 to 9. Our students excelled and won awards after a volley of questions pervading all fields. Children of Junior and Senior K.G. were taken to a park near the school. This gave them the practice of moving in groups and enjoying to the heart's content with friends and teachers. Students of Class 9 and 10 spoke eloquently on varied topics. They addressed the main issues that are dogging India's progress and were very convincing in their speech. 5 UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN March 2014 6. Independence Day Celebration Debate Competition Mock Elections Rakshabandhan Celebration at Jodhpur Campus Janmashtami celebration at Jodhpur Campus Interclass Debate competition was organised for class 6th. Students spoke vehemently on topics that have two distinct facets and put their points across. Students of Class 7 got a taste of voting in a democracy. They arranged campaigns for which they made posters and gave speeches; made ballot boxes and electoral mandates; cast their votes and finally had a fair evaluation. In both Udgam campuses, this important day for all Indians was proudly celebrated by the children. After flag hoisting, there was a series of programs that followed the patriotic fervour. This important day for all brothers and sisters was observed in the Jodhpur campus. Children enjoyed the event and the day of bonding. The antics of Bal Krishna were enacted by the little kids who came dressed for the special fanfare arranged in their classes. 6 UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN March 2014 7. Champs bring Pride Rangoli making Gita Champions League exam at Thaltej Campus Teacher's Day Celebrations Traffic awareness for Preprimary children Even our Class 2 students are artists in the making which was proved by their rangoli making skills as a prelude to Diwali. The way they cooperated with each other to make beautiful designs is worth praising. We are indeed proud of our students who can chant shlokas from the Bhagavad Gita as easily as playing 'Temple Run'. Needless to say Udgamites won awards for their effort. School bagged the Independence cup Inter School Chess Championship Trophy because of the outstanding efforts of our students. Along with chess as a part of their curriculum, Udgam even has a live chess room where the children are the chessmen. This was a special day for the 'gurus' - the bestower of knowledge that the whole world bows down to. Special programs were arranged to make the day special for those who make each day special for the children. 'Catch them young' is 100% true when it comes to teaching traffic rules. So, we began with the tiny ones and now they can give a lesson or two to the adults who ply their vehicles so dangerously on the roads. 7 UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN March 2014 8. Green and Brown Day at Pre-primary Drawing Competition for Classes KG to 10 Cleanliness Drive Stress on reuse with garbage in and out Various activities were arranged to commemorate the day to celebrate our National Language. English may be a way of life but the importance of Hindi is always stressed upon on our campuses. A drawing competition was held in the month of August for Class KG- 10. The entire school participated very enthusiastically and the outcome was a grand collage of colourful drawings. Importance of nature was the theme of the day and the children were involved in activities to suit the theme. They were dressed in these colours. They played with these two colours of nature. They even ate food based on the colours of Mother Earth. Students of class 9 participated enthusiastically in this 'Community Service.' They were fully equipped and went out and attacked the dirt on the roads and taught the careless litterers a lesson or two. As a part of their Science project children of Class 6 made beautiful and useful articles out of waste. They proved that even waste can be used to make useful objects and need not be thrown out everytime. 8 UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN March 2014 9. Charity Drive Dal by Dal Purple Day at Preprimary Akanksha the Super Tennis Star Navratri celebrations Dressed in jazzy outfits, the tiny tots danced to the tunes of dandiya as they pirouetted around to welcome the 9 days of Navratri celebrations. A grand Garba Nite was also arranged at Convention Hall for the Udgam staff. By donating toor dal, Udgamites helped to feed the underprivileged all over the country as a part of a Dal by Dal campaign. The collection was very good and will definitely make a difference where it matters. This was a market of the children, by the children and for the children. Students of Class 6 to 11 made crafts and cakes and sold them to make a whopping sum that was handed over to charity. Such activities foster the 'art of giving' from an early age- giving without a care! Purple clouds and purple sands, Purple robes and purple wands. Purple cake on a purple plate, Purple school with a purple gate. My teacher is purple too, So am I and so are you! Akanksha Bhan of class 8 D participated in 'The Road to Wimbledon in India' AITA National Series Tennis Tournament Under 14 held at MSLTA in the event of Girls Under 14 Doubles and girls under 14 singles and was declared as Semi Finalist in both. 9 UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN March 2014 10. Reading Week Hour of Code for all Picnic for Preprimary Painting Winners Science Exhibition by Class 6 Guided by their teachers, the students made and displayed innovative models that brought their scientific minds to the fore. An hour of coding for all students, teachers and staff was held at Udgam and the rest of the world. The event was 100% successful in our school and proves that Udgamites are very sound technically. In a bid to keep alive the age old habit of reading, this week was dedicated to encouraging children to chuck the digital world aside for sometime every day and read more. A book fair was organised too with a wide range of books for all ages. It was a very happy day for the kids and the place proved to be a perfect place to play and enjoy. The merry laughter and enjoyment was resplendent in the air as the little ones spent an entire day playing, eating and simply being kids. Students participated in a Drawing cum Slogan competition organized by WIAA- Castrol in association with Ahmedabad Education Society and won awards. 10 UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN March 2014 11. Pre-primary Grandparents' Day celebrations Quiz Champs Essay Competition Winners Quiz Pre-primary visit Madhuvan Farm The kids had a lovely time and came back with endless tales of the animals and birds that they had seen and the fun they had in the farm with their friends. Priyam Patel, Arnav Buch and Nihar Patel all of Class 9 represented Udgam School at Inter School Quiz Competition organized by and at Maharaja Agrasen Vidyalaya and stood on 2nd position defeating 3 schools. I believe that God sent us grandparents, As our legacy from above. To share the moments of our lives, As extra measures of his love. An Essay competition was held in School in order to motivate the students towards thinking about Nation Building. They evoked wonders on paper with their out of the box thoughts. An Interschool quiz competition was held at St Kabir School which our school students won. Udgamites are not only academically sound but have a deep knowledge of the outside world too. 11 UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN March 2014 12. Auditorium Workshops for parents on Special Education Needs Republic Day Celebrations Sports Day celebrations Udgam School enters its 50th year As Udgam enters its 50th year, we as Udgamites pledge to uphold the quality that our school is synonymous with and bring future accolades for our school. No two child are alike and some of us are more different that others and need that little extra to bring out the best in us. Various workshops were arranged by the School Counsellor and the Special Educators to increase awareness among parents. Grand in every way is the new school auditorium which was inaugurated recently. This state-of-art facility is going to host a multitude of school events in the coming years. Patriotism rent the air as children celebrated Republic Day with gusto. They sang and danced and performed skits to stress on the need for 'love of country' above everything else. The Primary and Middle School celebrated Sports Day with a variety of activities and sports that were well coordinated and brought out the sportsman spirit in the students. 12 UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN March 2014 13. CBSE Board centre Preprimary Annual Day The children presented a program that held each and every attendee spellbound in the Convention Hall. Colours, dance and variety was the order of the day that won so many hearts. This was the first year that Udgam School was a centre for the CBSE board exams. Children of 3 different schools came to our campus to appear for their boards. 13 UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN March 2014 14. Change of Seating Arrangement - A Wise Move Location, location, location - a phrase mostly used in real estate is also applicable and important to the classroom seating plan Before school begins anew, teachers establish a seating and learning environment unique for their classes. Teacher assigns a classroom location and selects the student's seat in a classroom. This is done as classroom layout plays a role in how students learn, concentrate and behave. Yet, students often don't see the purpose behind the allocated seats or read the logic behind it. Hence, it is important to understand what is in best interest of students' learning orchestration, rather than just circumventing it. Empirical research work on the classroom environment has shown that a well-structured classroom tends to have fewer behaviour problems and establishes a climate conducive to learning. In line, seating locations are related to academic achievement and classroom participation. The influence is also on students learning motivation, student-student and teacher-student relationships, the nature of different tasks and activities performed. Besides, prevention strategies such as having seating plan and location minimizes the chances that problems will occur. It helps to control disruptive and easily distracted students and encourage desirable behaviour and int...